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Terms and rules

By creating an account, and further by using our (the Roleplay Nexus, henceforth referred to as 'Nexus', 'RPN', 'RP Nexus', 'we', 'us', 'our') service (be it posting, browsing, etc) you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Service as detailed in this thread, and that you are 18 years old of age (or older). Furthermore should you choose to roleplay on Nexus you are agreeing to follow all guidelines and rules spelled out in the Roleplay Rules thread. All content that you create belongs to you and is subject to certain protections from plagiarism & theft. These protections do not allow you to dictate who can respond to, interact with, or use public utilities, events, or locations that you create through the RP. Likewise it does not allow you to dictate who can react to or interact with OOC material that you produce so long as they abide by the ToS while doing so. By posting within the RP section of this site you are granting the site Staff of Nexus to paraphrase or quote the content that you create for site services, including but not limited to story summaries, advertisements, and announcements.

1. Respect

a) Slurs and Discrimination In order to cultivate a positive environment, Nexus does not allow discriminatory slurs, regardless of intent. However, non-discriminatory instances of profanity are allowed. Circumventing the word censor in an attempt to use discriminatory language is prohibited and will be met by a warning for first offenses, followed by punitive points & potential bans for continued instances. In the same vein, discrimination is not allowed in any form. Nexus defines discrimination as creating a hostile or toxic environment with regard to a member's personal identity, which includes but is not limited to: race, sexuality, cultural background, etc. Because of the sensitive nature of dealing with discrimination cases these will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by staff. Some slurs may not be included in the censor list at present. If you know of a discriminatory slur that is not covered feel free to message any one of the Admins and we will review it for addition to the censor. Additionally, if a user is found to have circumvented the filter, the post will be deleted and the user will be warned.

b) Harassment

Harassment in any form is disallowed by Nexus rules. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, targeting, engaging, discussing, or otherwise interacting with a member or group of members in a negative way. When staff is informed of an instance of harassment an Admin / Mod will evaluate the situation, and should the accusation hold water the harassing member will be given a verbal warning and told to cease (note: should the initial harassment be of serious enough nature punitive points or bans may be handed out at admin discretion, though this is uncommon and reserved for particularly offensive cases). Should the harassing member continue to interact with the member(s) the Staff reserves the right to hand out further punitive measures to prevent the behavior from continuing.

Furthermore, targeting a user with hostile/toxic behavior is harassment. We expect users to maintain a positive environment in the forums, and if a user cannot partake in a conversation or topic constructively then staff reserves the right to close the aforementioned conversation / topic. Trolling in lighthearted / non toxic means is allowed so long as it doesn't become out of hand. Should the 'trolled' member come express that it has gone too far and the 'trolling' member continues Staff may step in depending on the situation.

2. Prohibited Content

a) Erotic Content

As Nexus is an 18+ site, Erotic Roleplay (ERP), which is defined as any roleplay that depicts pornographic or sexually explicit content, is allowed. However, in an attempt to foster a positive member environment, Staff expects members to be courteous and use best judgement in this area. Should a fellow member participating in the thread express discomfort or reservations with engaging in ERP it is expected that all members will cooperate and skip the scene — or take it to PMs / a separate thread should they insist on carrying it out (so long as all participating members are still comfortable with it). Should an RP partner refuse to halt ERP scenes, or take them elsewhere, uncomfortable members are free to report offending posts for Staff review. Additionally, when engaging in 'ERP' please keep everything legal (in regards to US Laws). This means: no ERP with characters that are under the age of 18 (as this is considered child pornography in the United States), as well as no depictions of rape or general pedophilia. Offenses in this regard will be treated to a verbal warning followed by punitive points.

While ERP is allowed in a mutually agreed setting, pornographic images are strictly prohibited on this site and corresponding discord.

b) Affiliation / Advertisement

If you are affiliated with another site / organization and believe that your goods/services/community is something that the members of Nexus would be interested in you may inquire about advertising / gaining affiliation with Nexus via the Staff. PM an administrator with your request and said Administrator will convey the request to the rest of the staff team. After deliberating on your request the staff will return an answer to you regarding your affiliation/advertisement request. Should you attempt to advertise/affiliate without permission, or after receiving rejection regarding your affiliation request, you may be subject to punitive points or bans.

c) Spam

Spam is defined as any sort of continued disruptive/unproductive/off-topic content. It can take a lot of forms, though it is usually easy to identify. Span can include, but is not limited to: repeated sequential posts in the main page 'status message' box, repeated back to back ooc or IC posts, or repeated off topic messages on discord. It is difficult to describe a clear definition of spam, and as such spam will receive two (2) warnings before punitive points are awarded.

d) Plagiarism

Content that is plagiarizing, as defined by Merriam Webster as "to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own" is strictly prohibited. This extends to content both on site and offsite. If clear evidence of plagiarism is reported the staff will issue a warning, followed by punitive action should the behavior continue.

Borrowing stylistic elements in an artful and original way is allowed, so long as it does not cross the line of plagiarism. If you have questions about whether content is plagiarising before you post PM an RP admin or Mod.

3. Account & Punitive Measures

a) Multiple Accounts

Having multiple accounts at Nexus is prohibited. Should we have sufficient reason to believe that you are operating more than one account (be it IP logs, reports, etc) we will give the original account a 24hr ban and permanently ban the sock-puppet account. Further offenses will result in a permanent ban.

Special cases are allowed, such as members returning from a long absence looking to come in with a fresh start, or members looking to get away from a negative image that they have on the site, though this will be reviewed case-by-case and may not be approved. Members attempting to repeat this process multiple times will be refused.

b) Disciplinary Actions, Appeals & Evasion

Warnings will be issued to players in most cases upon their first violation of the ToS or RP rules. Repeated offenses will result in punitive points, or infractions, against your account which is a method for keeping track of a member's record pertaining to disciplinary history. Bans will be issued to member who repeatedly violate the ToS or RP rules.

On your third infraction you will receive a 24hr ban. On your fifth infraction you will receive a 48 hour ban. On your seventh infraction you will receive a 7 day ban. Further infractions will result in either 30 day bans or a permanent ban.

This guideline is the general progression of bans for players and is not necessarily the map that will be followed when disciplining members. For particularly offensive violations bans may be earned more quickly or more severely, while for members who have shown significant effort to change their behavior bans may be handed out more leniently; this is at the discretion of the Owners. All permanent bans require agreement between the Owners, and members who feel that they were targeted / permanently banned without proper proceedings may ask to see a copy of the proceedings with names / avatars blurred.

Member who feel they are facing disciplinary action without having violated the rules / ToS may submit an appeal detailing the situation to any Admin. The appeal will be looked over by staff and evaluated on its merit. Any attempts to circumvent bans / disciplinary actions using (but not limited to) sock puppet accounts or any other means will face an immediate permanent ban.

4. Protections

Only rules detailed in the ToS & RP Rules may be used to discipline / govern members. Administrators & Moderators are explicitly barred from enforcing unspoken, unwritten, or 'general knowledge' rules. Policies may go unspoken, but none of these may result in punitive or disciplinary action without having been added to the ToS or rules prior to the offense. Likewise, no rules may be retroactively added to the ToS or the RP Rules in order to apply towards a prior post / event. Newly added rules & regulations apply only towards future events.

If you feel that a staff member is acting in a biased or unfair manner towards you a grievance may be filed with an admin. The grievance will be thoroughly reviewed, including all evidence provided, and a decision will be communicated to you regarding the staff's stance on your complaint.

*Note, if the staff of Nexus have reason to believe that you have taken measures to hack or otherwise disrupt the service of our forum, or other forums you may be a part of, or that you have attempted to negatively interfere in the personal life of a forum member, we have the right to suspend your protections as listed above. Negatively interfering in the life of a fellow-member includes using conversation, or activity, from Nexus to be used as ground for punitive action against said member, or members, on another forum.*