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Recent content by Zoilus

  1. Zoilus

    Open Welcome to Outreach!

    Cyprian would have to blind, deaf, and dumb not to notice what was happening between the Legate and the Ambassador: not a promising start to any kind of negotiations, even the rather limited ones he'd been cleared for. He took the Legate's hand and gave it a vigorous shake, and then followed...
  2. Zoilus

    Ask Wynn's Invitation

    So many words, such indignant fury, but she still didn't understand. She'd been used by her masters as a weapon with no regard to any greater ideology but the pleasure of this world's slaver-aristocracy, and no difference in culture justified that. He would not be lectured into silence by a...
  3. Zoilus

    Event The 2nd Jedi Convocation on Coruscant

    It was a good thing he hadn't expected a speech from her on the spot, because frankly, there would have been no way for her to give it. All the years of work it took to become a Jedi Master, the work and debate of being on the Council, none of that had actually prepared her to have leadership of...
  4. Zoilus

    Open Welcome to Outreach!

    Lt. Cyprian Dukane had arrived at the Outreach soiree as fashionably late as he dared, especially since one of his dear friends in the Admiralty had pulled so many strings to get him leave to do this. Made some Colonel give up his diplomatic spot, and now, looking around, Cyprian understood why...
  5. Zoilus

    Sign-Ups Moff Sign Up

    Application Character Name: Ferrian Drivix Character Profile Link: https://www.starwarsrpforum.com/index.php?threads/ferrian-drivix.435/ Desired Rank: Moff & General
  6. Zoilus

    Imperial Remnant Ferrian Drivix

    Ferrian Drivix Name: Ferrian Drivix Age: 47 Species: Human Homeworld: Saleucami Height: 6'1" Hair Color: Iron grey Sex: Male Force Sensitive: No Rank: Moff & General Faction: Imperial Remnant Biography: After the Clone Wars, the former Separatist worlds of the Outer Rim found...
  7. Zoilus

    Galactic Alliance Deashe Devoter

    Ok, great! I'm approving her for the Jedi!
  8. Zoilus

    Ask Wherever There's Opportunity

    Izsor Kalrain sat in the secluded Nar Shaddaa hanger, nursing a hangover from the night before and waiting for someone, anyone, that would be worth a damn. Sure, he'd just come off a more than lucrative run from Republic space, but work for the Hutts was never done (unless you happened to be...
  9. Zoilus

    Senate / RIS Introductions

    @Crusader I think we could do something like that, yeah. My idea for it would to link the pirates directly to an II operation to undermine the Republic's rule of law, though. Not direct Imperial sponsorship, but involvement? Yes. Or perhaps we could make the vigilantes sort of Imperial...
  10. Zoilus

    Event The 2nd Jedi Convocation on Coruscant

    The Grandmaster gave his Councilors a tired look. "I'm glad to see you both again, of course, proving that even the most experienced of us always have more to learn. Indra, save the speeches for the Council, hmm? And Acova," he put a hand on her shoulder, "patience is your friend." Kinadi moved...
  11. Zoilus

    Ask The False Flag Flies Higher

    Caelid Olophon sat in his assigned quarters aboard the IRS Damocles, meditating. This was his first assignment with the Imperial military after graduating the Academy (and after a few ill-advised diplomatic ventures), so he had to make sure everything went right. The best way to do that was, of...
  12. Zoilus

    Open Relaxing at the point of Meltdown

    Cockbone? If only she knew! This think had either been chipped off some bantha ribs after a barbecue, or had been slapped together in some far off factory for less-than-discerning collectors. He took the damn thing off and slid it into his pack so he wouldn't be tempted to bother with it again...
  13. Zoilus

    Open Welcome to Outreach!

    Force save me, Caelid thought. He'd frankly never been quite so impressed with a fellow scholar, maintaining such a level of intellectual clarity in this...erotic haze of a station. His tutors back in the Academy would be beyond disappointed (one or two would try to kill him, he was certain)...
  14. Zoilus

    Ask Wynn's Invitation

    Armas watched the parade of gifts with no small amount of amusement. He'd always assumed that such ostentation was the sole prerogative of the Senate, but it seemed Edem was yet another planet of excess. They'd fit in well, when the time came, if only the blasted Jedi could keep from putting...
  15. Zoilus

    Sign-Ups Republic Army Sign Up

    Character Name: Trandin Zarvona Character Profile Link: https://www.starwarsrpforum.com/index.php?threads/trandin-zarvona.400/ Desired Rank: Senior Field Lead