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  1. Jason Vaiken

    Aurielle Tyraxis

    Aurielle Tyraxis Allegiance: Indie Title (if any): Depressed Freighter Pilot and Business Owner Homeworld: Kuat Sex: Female Species: Kuati Human Age: 28 Force Sensitive: No Aurielle Tyraxis was an Imperial Pilot for around five years before the collapse of the Empire. Born into a Kuati...
  2. Jason Vaiken

    Imperial Remnant Aurielle Tyraxis

    Aurielle Tyraxis Allegiance: New Imperials Title (if any): Chief of Staff to Konstantine Arkyadvich Homeworld: Zeltros Sex: Female Species: Zeltron Age: 22 Force Sensitive: No Aurielle Tyraxis' earliest memory was when Emperor Konstantine Arkyadvich found her at the young age of six. He...
  3. Jason Vaiken

    Galactic Alliance Atina Kryze

    Atina Kryze Allegiance: Galactic Alliance Title (if any): Chief of State Nickname(if any): Sex: Female Species: Human (Mandalorian) Age: 65, (that is a portrait of her when she was younger) Force Sensitive: No Born into Clan Kryze on Mandalore sixty-five years ago, Atina was the daughter...
  4. Jason Vaiken

    Quidditch Trials: The Last Year

    Lia is worried- for the past three years, she has put together elite competitive school teams. Yet, this year is not looking promising. She's led the lot through a few drills and except for last years chasers- Cedrella Black and Aurelia Greengrass, it has not bode well for Slytherin. She knows...
  5. Jason Vaiken

    God Nike, Goddess of Victory

    [div class=image][/div] [div class=header]. . Nike Goddess of Victory [/div][div class=bodder]Deity Name: Nike, Victoria | Alias: Winged Goddess of Victory | Species: Goddess-Titaness| Region: Greco-Roman | Occupation: Goddess of Victory; Goddess of Strength, Goddess of Speed, and...
  6. Jason Vaiken

    ODST 1st Sarge Edwin Anderson

    Edwin Anderson NAME: Edwin Anderson ALIAS: Whiskey Blue-7 AGE: 35 DOB: 10/8/2502 HOMEWORLD: Imber GENDER: Male BRANCH: UNSC Navy ODST RANK: E-8 (1stSarge) HEIGHT: 6'4" WEIGHT: 190lbs HAIR: Brown EYES: Brown Appearance "Why does First Sarge look like he's perpetually tired?" First Sarge...
  7. Jason Vaiken

    Jason's Testing Facility

    Edwin Anderson NAME: Edwin Anderson ALIAS: Whiskey Blue-7 AGE: 35 DOB: 10/8/2502 HOMEWORLD: Imber GENDER: Male BRANCH: UNSC Navy ODST RANK: E-8 (PO2) HEIGHT: 6'4" WEIGHT: 190lbs HAIR: (What is this?) EYES: Blue Appearance "Why does First Sarge look like he's perpetually tired?" First...
  8. Jason Vaiken

    Operation Johnny Walker

    Operation JOHNNY WALKER The Mission ─ 13 Aug, 2537 ─ ─ Leonis Minoris, UNSC space ─ With the fall of some of the last outer colonies, the Covenant forces have pushed into inner colonial space. One of the first areas of engagement has been in the Leonis system where Covenant forces have...
  9. Jason Vaiken

    Ask To Kill a Prophet

    Fireteam DRAGON June 16, 2537 UNSC Fafnir, Inbound to Covenant Held Space Viktoria-A296 stretches like a cat as she watches the remaining members of Fireteam DRAGON file in for the briefing. Vik's helmet is off and her newly repainted armor (forest green with assorted brown patches) and she...
  10. Jason Vaiken

    SPARTAN Viktoria-A296

    UNSC Personnel Service Jacket NAME: Viktoria-A296 ALIAS: Dragon 2 AGE: REDACTED DOB: REDACTED HOMEWORLD: Eridanus II GENDER: Female BRANCH: UNSC NAVY RANK: E-6 Petty Officer First Class HEIGHT: 6'10" WEIGHT: 230 lbs HAIR: Blonde EYES: Blue Appearance "Let's get it done...
  11. Jason Vaiken

    Battle Group Whiskey

    For the past 12 years, the Unifed Earth Government (UEG) and the Covenant have been locked in a state of war. Things are not going well for the UEG, in the past 12 years, the United Nation Space Command (UNSC)- the military arm of the UEG has been defeated both in space and on land. The Outer...
  12. Jason Vaiken

    Welcome Back Soiree

    Lia Tyradell is standing in front of a mirror primping and preening as she ensures that her make up is perfect. This, the first weekend since their arrival to Hogwarts and with 3 meters of homework to complete. Lia as an expert in prioritisation has decided to continue her tradition of throwing...
  13. Jason Vaiken

    Timeine Reset

    Yeah, we're just going to do a reset. Feel free to post or repost your old characters in the appropriate threads. Also jump on the dedicated discord! https://discord.gg/DbKGmcz Necessary Documents: Characters Summary of Setting Any questions message me on Discord or PM me on site.
  14. Jason Vaiken

    Open A Halloween Feast

    Halloween, a great time for all the students of Hogwarts, feasting, dancing, and tons of merriment for all. Especially in the aftermath of that disaster that started term. The Ministry was forced to admit that Grindelwald is indeed a threat to British Security. Whilst nothing substantive has...
  15. Jason Vaiken

    Open The Master of Death: A Ride with the Dead

    Lia is bored, she's been sitting on this platform for the last thirty minutes, waiting, for what's her face to show up. She's a Yank, they are of course a very strange people. But, one would think not to keep your only lifeline to the school annoyed at you. Tapping her foot and struggling to...
  16. Jason Vaiken

    Ask A Concerto and Diplomacy

    Mirdala Kryze has decided to invite Senator Alycia Nyx to the Coruscant Concert Hall to catch the Chasin City Orchestra from her homeworld of Commenor. Commenor is a wealthy world and any trade she can secure between Mandalore and Commenor will do them much good. It will also be good for her to...
  17. Jason Vaiken

    Ask [FLASHBACK] A Cure for Overpopulation and Discontent

    7 Years Prior Cadet Alinoria Palliser has been working overtime these past few years. It began when she wrote a paper exploring the use of a biochemical weapon to answer the Mon Calamari Question and how to pacify or subjugate a species that has a "special" place in the New Republic's heart...
  18. Jason Vaiken

    Character Sign Up Sheets for HPRP

    Reserved for NPCs.
  19. Jason Vaiken

    Slytherin Amelia Tyradell

    Amelia “Lia” Tyradell Seventh Year Student Lia Tyradell Theme NAME: Lia - Preferred Amelia - Hated AGE: 17, born 1916 BLOOD STATUS: Veela-Hybrid HOMETOWN: Tyradell Manor, Wiltshire, England, Great Britain HEIGHT: 1.68 m WEIGHT: 54.5 kg HAIR COLOR: Silver-Gold EYE...
  20. Jason Vaiken

    Harry Potter Role Play Interest Check

    Hello everyone! So I was sitting around after catching the last two movies and decided to pitch a staple. Another Harry Potter Roleplay that involves a bunch of us pretending we're wizards and witches. So now for the logistical information. We will all start as Year 6-7s, which means 16 and 17...