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  1. Zoilus

    Imperial Remnant Ferrian Drivix

    Ferrian Drivix Name: Ferrian Drivix Age: 47 Species: Human Homeworld: Saleucami Height: 6'1" Hair Color: Iron grey Sex: Male Force Sensitive: No Rank: Moff & General Faction: Imperial Remnant Biography: After the Clone Wars, the former Separatist worlds of the Outer Rim found...
  2. Zoilus

    Ask Wherever There's Opportunity

    Izsor Kalrain sat in the secluded Nar Shaddaa hanger, nursing a hangover from the night before and waiting for someone, anyone, that would be worth a damn. Sure, he'd just come off a more than lucrative run from Republic space, but work for the Hutts was never done (unless you happened to be...
  3. Zoilus

    Ask The False Flag Flies Higher

    Caelid Olophon sat in his assigned quarters aboard the IRS Damocles, meditating. This was his first assignment with the Imperial military after graduating the Academy (and after a few ill-advised diplomatic ventures), so he had to make sure everything went right. The best way to do that was, of...
  4. Zoilus

    Galactic Alliance Trandin Zarvona

    Trandin Zarvona Name: Trandin Zarvona Age: 26 Species: Zeltron Homeworld: Zetros Height: 5'11" Hair Color: Blue Sex: Male Force Sensitive: No Rank: Senior Field Lead Faction: New Republic Biography: Trandin was born on Zeltros, a planet of luxury and plenty, to a well-established...
  5. Zoilus

    Sith Izsor Kalrain

    Izsor Kalrain Name: Izsor Kalrain Age: 27 Species: Kaleesh Homeworld: Kalee Height: 6'1" Hair Color: - Sex: Male Force Sensitive: No Rank: Enforcer Faction: Hutt Cartel Biography: Since the Clone Wars, Kalee has been a planet in crisis. Abandoned by the Republic and defeated as a...
  6. Zoilus

    Galactic Alliance Master Acova

    Master Acova Name: Master Acova (Zrorda'cov'agas) Age: 56 Species: Chiss Homeworld: Coruscant Height: 5'11" Hair Color: Dark Blue Sex: Female Force Sensitive: Yes Rank: Grand Master Faction: Republic Biography: The Chiss, for all of their history on the galactic stage, have long...
  7. Zoilus

    Galactic Alliance Armas Libella

    Armas Libella Name: Armas Libella Age: 37 Species: Half-Bothan Homeworld: Farfalla Height: 6'2'' Hair Color: Blonde Sex: Male Force Sensitive: No Rank: Senator Faction: Republic Biography: Armas Libella was born in into the highest orders of society on planet Farfalla, home of the...
  8. Zoilus

    Approved The Lost and the Damned

    Goal: The goal here is the acquisition of the old Jedi's Order's lost cache of Sith holocrons for the New Sith. Players / Characters Involved: Caelid Olophon/Zoilus, Locations: Coruscant-the old Jedi Temple, reclaimed archives and Imperial buildings. Timeline: A team is put together by Caelid...
  9. Zoilus

    Galactic Alliance Cyprian Ducane

    Cyprian Dukane Name: Cyprian Dukane Age: 26 Species: Human Homeworld: Axum Height: 5'11" Hair Color: Brown Sex: Male Force Sensitive: No Rank: Lieutenant Faction: Republic Biography: The officer called Cyprian Dukane, from his detailed and impeccable paperwork, appears to be a...
  10. Zoilus

    Imperial Remnant Caelid Olophon

    Caelid Olophon Name: Caelid Olophon Age: 21 Species: Umbaran-Human Homeworld: Eriadu Height: 6'6" Hair Color: Dark blond Sex: Male Force Sensitive: Yes Rank: Sith Faction: Sith/Empire Biography: As the Galactic Empire disintegrated, one of its most powerful (and secret)...