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Approved Indie Alexandra "Lexa" Luthor


The Lordiest of Ferrets
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Feb 21, 2018


Lexa Luthor
Real Name: Alexandra Alexandrevna Vlatimirovich | Superhero Name: N/A | Age: 16 | Species: Human | Sex: Female | Occupation: Princess, Inventor, Entrepreneur | Homeworld: Earth | Height: 5'4" | Hair Color: Brown
"I am a Luthor. We cower to no-one."―Lexa Luthor.


Princess Alexandra Alexandrevna Vlatimirovich of Vlatava, also known publicly as Alexandra “Lexa” Luthor outside of Vlatava, was born on February 19th, 2004 in Metropolis, Delaware, to Princess Iliana of the House of Vlatimirovich, and businessman and industrialist Alexander Luthor of the United States. Holding dual-citizenship in America and Vlatava, Lexa has spent much of her time growing up going back and forth between both countries as the relationship between her parents is a strained one. The first time she actually met her father in person was when she was six years old, but even by then it was obvious that she had inherited her father’s vast intellect, having created her first rudimentary AI at that time and showed it to her father for his approval. It was at this point that Lexa began splitting her time between America and Vlatava, receiving the best private education money could buy and excelling in all her studies. By age ten, she was shown to be capable of filling in for her father at LexCorp board meetings, and by age twelve she was working with Luthor Technologies to innovate on the idea of clean energy got use in transportation.

At age fifteen, utilizing the “allowance” given to her by her father over the course of her lifetime, Lexa purchased an empty plot of land in Metropolis and used that land to construct her own nightclub, which she called “The Lexar”, and has also been considering ventures into the entertainment industry by way of modeling and possibly acting, but also working with Luthor Technologies to construct a theme park filled with artificially-constructed animals of her own creation in place of real ones, which she calls “SafariWorld”.

But what Lexa has kept hidden from everyone, even from her own father, are her plans to become a new hero for Metropolis after being inspired by the exploits of Lex’s archenemy, Superman, and use the most advanced technology on Earth to do so...

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