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Alyse Ja'hal


The Bud Light Knight
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Apr 18, 2018

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29 y/o

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Left for herself at the age of 13, Alyse found herself living off the land of an engulfing cityscape that never gave the weak a chance. She realized quickly that the only way to stay alive was to do what was necessary to make money. At her young age, there weren't many things Alyse had a knack for, but stealing was certainly one of few talents. They started off as quick petty theft missions, just something to get her a bite to eat; But as Alyse grew up, she began to understand how easily people could be manipulated into simply giving you what you wanted, rather than forcibly taking it. Slight of hand and a quick mouth took Alyse far, talking her way past guards, imitating diplomats to raid safe-rooms for jewelry, all part of a days work. Sooner than later, that days work catches back up to you. Alyse found herself with a bag thrown over her head, bound and weaponless in the back of a transport crate with 4 other individuals of similar "talents". They all had one thing in common, they had robbed from a local mob boss who was wise to their act recently and had been being tracked down ever since.

The mobsters game was simple. One captive was allowed to live, at the cost of joining the crew afterwards of course; The others die. They were locked in a basement structure, dimly lit and riddled with gore. This wasn't the first game that had been played here. Alyse surveyed the small arena as the 4 other captives began to swarm one another, using whatever makeshift weapon they could. One man threw a large chunk of concrete onto another's unsuspecting skull. "One down" he muttered to himself as he turned to look at Alyse, his next target. Using quick wits, Alyse quickly armed herself with a wooden post with a few shards of metal driven into the end. The memory after that gets blurry; Alyse remembers killing the man and looking around, realizing she was the last one standing. However, he wasn't the last person she had killed there. Instead, three bodies laid side-by-side, each bloodied and battered on the floor. Alyse was coated in their demise and her own freedom.

Once she left the arena, the mob boss immediately realized the threat she posed. It was unspoken, but Alyse knew her time there wouldn't last long. A few weeks passed and she fulfilled the petty assignments she had been given until suddenly, an assignment led her to a dead end. Alyse found herself kicking down a doorway into an empty warehouse. The moment she entered and let her guard down, hired guns found their own way in and began firing on her. To her advantage, the guns weren't quite as good of a shot as the boss had thought.

There was no going back and Alyse had to run, so she did. She got as far away from the planet as she could, hitching rides and smuggling her way through the system.

Recently, the last known information about Alyse is that, in recent years, she has taken up a new role as a Professional Contract Killer; Offering her service to anyone willing to pay the right price. There's no morals that credits can't change.



Alyse prefers a "space punk" appearance, keeping it all her own with whatever she can find to diversify from the crowd. She typically wears an pair of colored engineer pants wrapped with a combat belt and a few pouches. Oftentimes sporting a crop-cut top and lit up lens goggles. One large cut on her face is distinguished due to it's location near her eye. A metallic tattoo covers her left arm, imitating an augmentation, but is just a design. When prepared for combat, she will typically equip herself with a drifter armor, a neon glow light helmet with a visor, and a pair of re-enforced combat boots.

Static Gear:
Drifter Armor

Duel RK-3 Blaster Pistols
Small Vibroblade

Dynamic Gear: (Will be altered if supplied by a contract given from another character)

None at this time.


Alyse is very charismatic, witty, and quick to a joke. While her personality can help her get out of trouble, it can just as easily get her back into it. Due to traumatic experiences as a child, Alyse has a tendency to get lost in thought or lose herself into borderline sociopathic rage. As she has gotten older, she has been able to control her anger better but still has minor moments of "black out" and can be incredibly hostile during that time. When coming out of a rage, Alyse has a hard time remembering quite what happened during the brief time before it, giving hazy recollections of her thoughts. Little known to the outside world, when Alyse loses herself in one of her moments of rage, internally she is often reflecting on her past or hallucinating memories.

Mental stability aside, Alyse is otherwise pretty cool under pressure and remains pretty dormant unless tested by someone else. She has her moments of regret and sorrow, but usually keeps her thoughts bottled up, sometimes revealing them in her own personal data-logs. While rare, there are times where Alyse will violate her own code of "There's no morals that credits can't change." and will not complete certain jobs. These exceptions are far and few, likely to only ever be seen by a small handful of people in her lifetime.


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