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Approved Villain Canon Ares, the God of War


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Jan 19, 2019
"The creation and destruction of civilizations is left to my whims."

Ares, the God of War

Real Name: Ares.
Superhero / Villain Name: None.
Age: Ancient.
Species: Old God.
Sex: Male.
Occupation: God of War/God of Conflict.
Homeworld: Olympus.
Height: 6'10.
Hair Color: Blonde
Appearance: Like all of the Old Gods, Ares true form is one similar to that of Humanity, that of a fair skinned male with crimson eyes and blonde hair. Depending on the amount of power he has at any given time, he can appear as a handsome young man or a broken elder. His preferred form is that of a muscular behemoth in armor, his skin black and his crimson eyes glowing. This being said, like all of the Old Gods, Ares can change his form at will and therefore can appear however he wants to.

Personality: Ares is manipulative, vindictive and an completely arrogant. Above all, he despises the Amazons for thwarting his plots against Humanity so many times, in particular Hippolyta. He cares very little for anybody, not even his sibling Athena or his occasional lover Aphrodite. Appropriate to his title, Ares adores war and takes great pleasure in inciting conflict wherever he goes, wishing to cause suffering for the inferior Humans, but not wanting to wipe them out completely, lest he lose the source of his power.

As time has gone on, Ares has developed more of a love for inciting conflict, rather than actively participating in it. Because of this, he has taken to referring to himself as the God of Conflict. He is also eternally searching for somebody with the ability to surpass him and continue on his work, which is why he shows such interest in Diana's potential and hasn't just destroyed her outright.

Abilities & Skills: Among the Old Gods, Ares is among the three most powerful, together with his sister Athena and his occasional lover Aphrodite, thanks to Humanities indulgence in knowledge, their quest for love and their obsession with war. As an Olympian, Ares is immortal. He has near unlimited stamina, superhuman strength, superhuman speed and invulnerability to physical harm. He also possesses the magical abilities that his brethren have, including metamorphosis, teleportation, flight, energy projection and dimensional travelling. These abilities alone have Ares standing on the upper tier of power among the beings of the DC Universe, however, he also possesses a series of magical abilities unique to him.

- Darkness Manipulation: Ares can summon shadows in order to make himself invisible to most beings or weaponize his own inner darkness in order to combat others.
- Mind Control: Ares has the ability to control lesser beings who fall under the umbrella of provoking or engaging in conflict, meaning that he can control those behind the scenes as well as the people fighting in the trenches.
- Pyrokinesis: Ares can summon extremely powerful flames at will, hot enough to melt peoples souls, something that he rarely does.
- Telepathy: Ares can see into the minds of beings who fall under the umbrella of provoking or engaging in conflict. He can also communicate with these people at will.
- Illusion Casting: Ares can summon illusions, be it to incite conflict, transmit his own form or even to show events happening in another place.
- Size Alteration: In particularly heated conflicts, Ares has the ability to drastically alter his size.
- Molecular reconstruction: Ares can turn almost any material into a weapon or armor at will. He can also bend solid objects to his will and use these things as makeshift weapons.

Outside of the abilities granted to him by magic, Ares is arguably the greatest fighter in existence. He is a master of all known martial arts forms, as well as every single weapon that has ever existed, merging these two skills into one very effective form of fighting. He grows stronger the closer he is to a conflict or the more that violence spreads throughout the world.

Weaknesses: Like all Old Gods, Ares power is totally reliant on the amount of worship that he is receiving. This can be derived indirectly from the conflict and wars throughout the world, though Ares will grow weaker and weaker if peace lasts. This means that one day Ares could go toe to toe with Superman and experience little trouble, while another day Ares could be challenged by a mere mortal such as Batman. Ares is also completely vulnerable to anybody wearing the Amulet of Harmonia, and he can be harmed by other Old Gods or beings of a similar level in power. Ares is also susceptible to damage from weapons crafted by Hephaestus.

Belongings/Gear: Ares has created his own pocket dimension called the Areopagus, which is similar in its purpose to Olympus. Here he stores a large variety of divine weaponry and armor for his use at any time.
Biography: Like the other twelve Olympians, and a good deal of the Old Gods, Ares predates humanity. Throughout history, the God of War has been found at the center of the greatest conflicts, stoking the fires out of pure enjoyment and a desire for more power. The first time he received a genuine challenge was after the creation of the Amazons, being fought to a standstill by their Queen named Hippolyta. He has clashed with the inhabitants of Themiscayra since their inception, coming out on top more times than not.

Since becoming aware of Diana, Ares has been both infuriated and intrigued by her. Despite the fact he has had many children over time such as Deimos, Phobos and his most recent daughter named Ionna, Ares has shown far more interest in watching Diana's development from the shadows, rather than that of his offspring. This has infuriated his actual children, causing them to grow resentful towards their father. Not caring for anybody except himself, Ares has on occasion actually assisted the forces of good, though it has usually been revealed that he has nefarious intentions behind his supposedly benevolent actions.

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