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Galactic Alliance Atina Kryze

Jason Vaiken

Imagine Wagons
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Feb 26, 2018

Atina Kryze

Galactic Alliance
Title (if any): Chief of State
Nickname(if any):
Species: Human (Mandalorian)
65, (that is a portrait of her when she was younger)
Force Sensitive: No

Born into Clan Kryze on Mandalore sixty-five years ago, Atina was the daughter of a retainer and a senior diplomat of the Mandalorian delegation to the Galactic Alliance Senate. Thus, after doing the normal Mandalorian customs she was sent to schools on Coruscant where she mixed with the children of the elite. She never felt like she truly belonged, Mandalore was a developed world yes, but compared to the vast estates and holdings these children came from she always had to take blows making fun of her for it. At the age of 18, she was accepted into the Anaxes Citadel Academy where she was trained as a naval officer. She served with distinction until the age of 40 in which she retired and embarked on a political career. She served as the Senator of Mandalore for seven years before she managed to rise to the top of the Agrarian Party, a very small party that through her diplomacy, guile, and charisma managed to grow into a large big tent movement and orchestrated the collapse of the previous administration and was propelled into the premiership.

Her first few years, she passed popular legislation, the expansion of the military, expanding the courts into the Outer Rim, funding the Judicial Corps, equalizing the tax burden, and cutting down the bureaucracy. All of this was filled with broad approval, another thing she worked on was ensuring that the Jedi remained happy. She ensured that they got money for their temples, outposts, and funding for their starship fleet all in order to ensure that the Order can be as strong as they can be. She also makes sure to coordinate with them and see that their needs are met. Some Chief of States have had adversarial relationships with the Jedi and she's done her best to work with them when needed especially in restoring order and confidence in the Outer Rim.

Now she is facing the twilight of her term, these past few years have been hard on her after a series of legislative reversals and the coalition she formed being barely held together- she knows her time is up. In other words, she's watching her life's work fall apart around her and doesn't know how to fix it. While her Agrarian Party remains the largest two distinct wings have emerged. The Left Wing desires to continue on her platform of economic equality, social equity, and nationalization (things she has eased up on in order to get military bills passed) and the Right (Center-Left) Wing which desires to slow down the pace of reforms. Both are led by her proteges and she has done her best to steer a middle path. However, their greatest threat is political exhaustion and apathy. The Agrarian Party has simply been in power for too long. The opposition is galvanised as demonstrated by defeats in by-elections, blood is in the water, and, while the vast majority of people appreciate what she and her party have done for the Alliance people feel it is time for fresh ideas.

Officially she is retiring in order to spend time with her family, write her memoirs, and manage her family's holdings on Mandalore. Unofficially, as political insiders have said- if she did not step down voluntarily by the end of the year. There would be a motion of no confidence within the party and she will leave in disgrace. Swallowing her pride- she has tendered her resignation and announced her retirement.

Let us hope that things go well.