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Azriel Renan [Ex-Jedi, Professional Nuisance]


Join Date
Feb 26, 2018

Civilian Identification Card

NAME: Azriel Renan
ALIAS(ES): 'The Blonde Bombshell'
AGE: 24
AFFILIATION: Previous Jedi in Training, Pro Slicer.
Position: Independent

HEIGHT: 1.91m
WEIGHT: 165 lbs
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue


Azriel is a rather pretty looking gentleman if he didn't say so himself despite his line of work and the fact that he is constantly hiding out from sight from any prying eyes. Despite the fact that he is described by the clients that he meets as a 'pretty boy', Azriel often doesn't care about his own appearance, wearing rather rugged but practical clothing for the jobs that he works on, wearing clothes that let him blend in completely. Afterall, even ex-Jedi had a reason to be fearful despite the Empire's dissolving and crumbling.

.....Personality and Skills

As an integral part of survival, even in a post-Empire world, Azriel is a man that usually sticks to himself and tries to keep a low profile, even with his illegal activities as his main sort of income. While Azriel spent most of his childhood, living in fear and constantly running from the the grasp of the Empire and the other dangers that came in the form of bounty hunters and regular scum that tried to kill you for any reason whatsoever. As such, Azriel has become a rather flighty person, constantly moving from place to place in fear of anyone possibly tracking him down, despite the Empire dissolving.

Azriel is a heavy smoker and drinks occasionally as his form of self-coping and is a frequent attender of any bar or nighclub whenever he is for his jobs, despite his fear of getting caught or recognised. Afterall, he has to get his fix of alcohol from somewhere! Azriel is someone that works extremely well under pressure due to his complete willingness to plan for any and every situation feasible when out on a job. While most previous Jedi era's did not favour any blaster weapons, Azriel loves his blaster with his main weapon and developing it with his latent force sensory abilities, it certainly helps him with his shooting.

Despite being an ex-Jedi and on the run from most people that want Jedi dead, Azriel still keeps himself in touch with the force and works to develop his connection with the force as his previous Master taught him to. Azriel is particularly powerful in sensory aspects of the force, particularly shatterpoint and force sense however, he is weaker in other force abilities, particularly the more offensive ones however, he has been able to use abilities such as Force Cloak and Alter Image as it was particularly effective in his line of work.

Despite Azriel's favoured weapon being a blaster, that does not mean that Azriel cannot hold his own in a fight with another Saber user. Azriel found that he preferred the fighting style of a 1 handed blade, his lightsaber being a light green colour with a simplistic hilt. Azriel is well versed in the Form 5 of Lightsaber combat, Shein & Djem So, preferring the style of combat that uses the other combat user's weaknesses against them. As such, Azriel always defends until he sees the best opportunity with Shatterpoint or a gap in his enemy's defense.


Azriel could say that he had a relatively easy childhood when he was a young boy. Born to 2 ship engineer's, Azriel never knew of fear or worry when he was younger, being brought up by his parents in a loving household like he was an ordinary child. Like most children are meant to be however, if you are a force sensitive, you never really get that moment of peace. When he was around the age of 4, he started to display a latent talent with the force, starting to be able to move small objects with the force. Even if it was a small usage of the force, that did not stop the Empire from tightening it's talons at the use of the power they craved so desperately.

However, his savior was found from an older man who introduced himself to his parents as a previous master of the Jedi Order and highlighted the risk that Azriel was under if he was a force sensitive and what would happen if he remained in his parents care and the Empire came knocking. With a heavy heart, Azriel was given to the care of the Old Jedi, quickly escaping in the Jedi's starship and escaping off world and running far away from the Empire that pursued them. That was the start of Azriel's run from the Empire that everyone truly feared and his first steps into the world of the Jedi.

Azriel's training was anything but soft, his Master deciding that the route of tough training and constantly moving and learning was the best route in the current climate so Azriel trained each day and night, constantly learning and training. While this lifestyle was sore and painful, Azriel did ultimately shine in his training and did enjoy the moving from planet to planet but that was his youth naivety and he truly believed that he was invincible. Oh how wrong he was.

Nearing the close of the war, just before the Battle of Endor, Azriel and his Master were helping a small rebel base on Kashykk however, while both Azriel and his Master thought that they would not have to worry about Inquisitors chasing him at this point. How truly wrong they were. When Azriel and his Master were fighting back a small platoon of Stormtroopers, they appeared, 2 inquisitors ready to deal with them. Azriel and his Master were able to defeat the Inquisitors, but that Victory came with the sacrifice of his Master in order for Azriel to strike the final blow on his opponent. Azriel felt the Master's aura, seeping into the force and ready to become one with it but that thought just terrified Azriel more. That was the day Azriel that Azriel decided that he could not continue with the Jedi traditions and disappear.

Since then, the last known appearance of Azriel was the Battle of Endor, briefly helping the Rebel forces with their battle but after that he promptly disappeared, becoming a small infamous smuggler and slicer, trying to distance himself from the Jedi and Dark Side at whatever costs.