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Approved Hero Batman | Terry McGinnis


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Feb 21, 2018


Terry McGinnis
Real Name: Terrence "Terry" McGinnis | Superhero / Villain Name: Batman | Age: 22 | Species: Human| Sex: M | Occupation: Bruce Wayne's Personal Assistant | Homeworld: Earth | Height: 6'1 | Hair Color: Black
"Every time I put on that suit, it’s my chance to help people who are in trouble. I guess on a personal level, it’s my chance to look like a worthwhile human being again. In my eyes… no one else’s. It’s what I want, Bruce."―Terry McGinnis


Terrence "Terry" McGinnis is the unknowing half-son of Bruce Wayne, due to the results of Amanda Waller's project Batman Beyond, born in 2021. Terry grew up with what he thought were his two biological parents, though he only shared DNA with his mother, as Waller's virus caused Terry's 'father' to provide only Bruce Wayne's DNA. Terry enjoyed a normal and happy family life until he was nine, when his parents were killed while the trio was leaving a movie theater. Unbeknownst to most, Amanda Waller staged this too—as the shadowy Argus Director was obsessed with making sure that Terry became Batman. The assassin was hired to kill Terry's parents when he was the same age Bruce had been, and in a similar manner. Terry turned to a life of delinquency after this, lacking the affluence which had provided Bruce the chance to grow up before he was thrust into the world.

Terry was adopted within a year, but still acted out and committed petty crimes and his adoptive parents returned him to the orphanage. When he was 18, Terry set out with a group of his friends to loot the elusive Wayne Manor, assuming there must be priceless valuables locked inside. Their heist coincidentally happened concurrently with an attack by the street gang 'the Jokerz' who had mustered the courage to prove themselves and kill the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Terry's friends all bolted when they spotted the Jokerz, but Terry stayed and chose to try and fight them off—having already felt bad for planning to steal from an old man. Bruce joined Terry, and together the two fought off the Jokerz. Terry took a black eye and broken nose from the fight, and Bruce brought him inside to patch up; though Bruce let Terry know he knew why Terry was on the grounds. While idly exploring, Terry stumbled onto the Batcave and quickly fled before Bruce could find him—though Bruce was alerted to the intrusion.

Later, after learning how much Gotham had fallen to crime—and how far the corruption of his business rivals extended—Bruce approached Terry with an offer to train him. Terry accepted, and Bruce took him, letting him live on the grounds and serve as Bruce's personal assistant during the day. Terry served as Batman for four years, even facing off against a return of the Joker when a bio-device attached to Tim Drake turned him into the Joker. Terry was nearly forced to kill Tim, and the ordeal nearly made him hang up the suit though he chose to continue on. At some point in 2043 Terry was transported into Earth-U, our present world.

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