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Battle Group Whiskey

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Jason Vaiken

Imagine Wagons
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Feb 26, 2018

For the past 12 years, the Unifed Earth Government (UEG) and the Covenant have been locked in a state of war. Things are not going well for the UEG, in the past 12 years, the United Nation Space Command (UNSC)- the military arm of the UEG has been defeated both in space and on land. The Outer Colonies have fallen and the Covenant have begun to threaten the Inner Colonies. The sheer difference in technology and with the vast resources of their Empire to call upon, the Covenant have simply worn down the UNSC. Billions of humans are dead and hundreds of ships have been lost. Battle Group Whiskey is a heavy cruiser squadron serving under the command of Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb. Led by Rear Admiral Janos Kovács, Battle Group Whiskey has earned a name for itself as a competent fighting force.

Hey guys, now that the little tiny blurb to set the scene is done let's talk business. We'll be focusing in on the Epoch-class Heavy Carrier UNSC Intent. It has a complement of 1,300 sailors, 800 Marines, 36 Dropships, and 24 Space Fighters. The Armaments consist of 1 56A2F9 light MAC, 2 Mark 15 Breakwater naval coilguns, 12 M66 Sentry autocannons, 20 M4020 Bident missile pods, 70 M58 Archer missile pods, 12 M870 Rampart point defense guns, and 20 M810 Helix point defense guns. We also will have a Spartan III Fireteam called Whiskey Green.

What I Want to See with this Roleplay.

So for the whole Halo RP thing for those interested. One of my favourite games in a while stresses that rarely are wars won through the actions of a single person. Typically they are won through the combined efforts of hundreds or thousands of brave individuals willing to sacrifice everything.

The events of the Halo Games will happen. Which will contribute to the end of the war. But this does not dilute the efforts of WHISKEY. While Whiskey might not be at Reach, we will be fighting elsewhere to ensure the continued survival of humanity.

Our actions matter because we are contributing to the grand scheme of success. We might not vaporize a Covenant Fleet, but we can beat off a Covenant Battlegroup attempting to reinforce (for example) the warfleet attacking Reach. The fact that, while, the Fall of Reach will be more widely reported does not mean that our heroic actions are any less important. We might have spared Reach for another day by defeating this battlegroup. The stories of Battle Group WHISKEY will run concurent with the Halo Games. But it will be up to us to tell stories that matter with consequences that ensure the continued survival and eventual victory of humanity.

Any questions, comments, ask me on Discord or below.

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