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Private Betwixt the Sun and Stars


Nexus Writer
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Dec 19, 2018
It was dawn when the trumpets rang out at the gates of Starfall. The notes were well known, but rare to the city-folk, for they marked the arrival of royalty and royalty did not arrive in Starfall too terribly often. The commoners would be sure to note as the party of horses neared, however, that the royals loved Starfall the most out of their patron cities, to be sure. They watched as the banners of House Martell waved over the cobblestones streets, their beautiful Lady astride beneath them.

Amira, favorite daughter and heiress of the great house of Nymeros-Martell, was absolutely bored out of her mind. The journey had been thrilling, she did so enjoy the travel. The dunes of western Dorne were a gorgeous sea of red and golden and her stallion Sarati practically flew across the sand. Amira had been a hard mistress to follow, as her guardsmen spent much of the journey racing to catch up with her. But, alas, they were on the last stretch of their journey and Amira had been confined to the convoy where her advisor, Terin, reminded her of proper court etiquette. It was the dullest lecture, and though Terin attempted to keep her interest, he failed abysmally.


Amira blinked and guilty glanced at Terin's patient face, his black eyes narrowed with exasperation. She sighed. "Terin, I know how to properly greet the Lord of Starfall. The same way I did every other Lord on this procession." she huffed, flicking Sarati's reigns irritably. Sarati snorted in response, her ears flicking in agreement.

"Ah, but Lord Vorian Dayne is one of yoir greatest bannerman. You must treat him-"

"With the utmost respect, I know, I know."
Amira muttered, shaking her head. In the sun, the city streets radiated heat. By now they were a mere minute's ride from the palace. She glanced at Terin, "I will behave."

The gates to the castle were open when their party arrived. Amira dismounted, brushing aside a dark curl that had escaped its braid as she turned her gaze on the small gathering before her. [/COLOR]

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