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Approved Hero Brion Markov - Geo Force


Best Boi.
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Jan 19, 2019
"I will restore our throne to its rightful place, even if it costs me my life."

Brion Markov

Real Name: Brion Markov.
Superhero / Villain Name: Geo Force.
Age: 20.
Species: Meta-Human.
Sex: Male.
Occupation: A Prince of Markovia.
Homeworld: Markovia, Earth.
Height: 6 ft.
Hair Color: Auburn.
Appearance: In terms of appearance, Brion embodies the idea of Markovian perfection. He is handsome, with almost porcelain skin, intense azure eyes and flame like hair that shifts in severity depending on the light around him. His body is lean muscle, while he stands tall above many others. Due to the nature of his abilities, he is at times required to wear a specially designed suit beneath his clothing to contain any destructive side effects, which he also re-purposed to act as his 'Hero Suit', featuring an Autumn inspired color palette.

Personality: Raised as second in line to the throne, Brion's personality can be seen as the pinnacle of regality. Polite, democratic and intelligent, he is truly a credit to the royal line of Markovia. Conditioned since a young age to understand the importance of appearances, Brion understands that there is value in every single thing that he does or says. To this end, it is rare that he will be caught acting as anything but the perfect little prince. That said, he does struggle at times with a temper that stems from repressing many of his opinions and desires in public, things that he can only speak freely about to the closest of family members or friends. Above all, Markovia is what Brion is loyal to. The prince is willing to do anything he can to protect his people, which can cause him to make morally dubious decisions.
Academic Abilities/Skills: Brion was raised with a top grade education, resulting in him being quite a learned young man. Outside of the curriculum that all other students studied, Brion was also tutored vigorously in several other topics that suit his royal station. He is bi-lingual, able to speak both Romanian and English fluently, with some knowledge of French as well due to his partiality to vacaying in France. Brion was rigorously instructed in the art of politics, giving him a wealth of knowledge on political institutions and other global markets, as well as receiving a strict training in the craft of democracy. Despite not being the crown prince, Brion was still groomed to become a leader to his people. He has a grasp on the intricacies of leadership, though he prefers to focus on other facets of government to better serve the throne. Brions knowledge of military protocol and strategy is impressive for one his age.
Practical Abilities/Skills: Obviously as a Prince, Brion was trained to master skills outside of the norm. He is a talented fencer, though he views this particular skill as ceremonial more than anything. Brion was also trained in the martial art of Krav Maga, currently sitting at the Blue Belt level of skill. He is proficient with some firearms, but is far from the greatest marksman in the world. Recently, Brion secretly participated in an experiment by Doctor Helga Jace to awaken the Meta Gene living within his body, resulting in the prince gaining a power Doctor Jace referred to as 'the Geo-Force'. While in contact with the Earth, Brion gains a strength and durability beyond that of an ordinary Human. Beyond this, Brion also gained an ability called 'Geo-Pyrokinesis' which allows him a measure of control over the Earth itself, as well as both fire and lava. This allows him to manipulate the Earth around him and manipulate existing sources of flame/lava to some extent, and Brion can channel the heat of the Earth itself through his body. He can also levitate pieces of stone, rock and the like to use as projectiles. Due to the secret nature of the experiment, Brion has only scratched the surface of his abilities, preferring to rely on his increased strength and durability, as well as a sensory ability that he has that allows him to sense the presence of nearby beings as long as both he and the others are connected to the ground in some way. According to Doctor Jace, Brion has the potential to unleash Natural Disasters such as Earthquakes or Volcanic Eruptions, create blasts of intense flame and further increase his sensory ability. She also believes that his ability to levitate pieces of the Earth may not be connected to 'Geo-Pyrokinesis', but actually a form of Gravity Manipulation. In order for Brion to discover the fullest extents of his abilities, further tests are required.
Weaknesses: While Brion is a strong and durable Meta-Human, he is still prone to the weaknesses of a Human. If he is caught off guard, then he's just as easy to kill as everybody else. He also can't tank a bullet quite yet. His powers can also be viewed as weakness, since he is not quite adept at controlling them yet. For example, if he happens to lose his temper, then his body will overheat, burn his clothes away and expose him to the world in more ways than one. Considering Markovias strict apprehension towards both Meta-Humans and Aliens, the discovery of his abilities before the correct moment would destroy Brions entire existence, shattering his reputation and putting his life at extreme risk.
Belongings/Gear: Being a prince and therefore extremely wealthy, nothing is out of the reach of Brion. He also possesses a suit that is created specifically from materials that can specifically counteract his abilities, such as the extreme heats that his body emits when using said abilities. This suit covers his entire body, including his hands, feet and the upper half of his face.
Biography: Born to King Vikor Markov and Queen Ilona DeLamb-Markov, Brion came into the world mere minutes after his twin brother Gregor. This small event destined him to live the life of the second son of a royal family, unlikely to ever take the throne but expected to carry out many of the same responsibilities as the Crown Prince. Growing up he lived a happy life, playing alongside his brother and learning the ways of nobility. When his younger sister came into the world during the twins fifth year of life, killing their mother in the process, Brion didn't hold it against baby Tara unlike Gregor. Even at a young age, Brion could tell that a mere baby couldn't be held responsible for what had happened, while Gregor resented the newest addition to the family, refusing to even hold her. This would be the event that drove a wedge between the twins, something that would be the catalyst to how the boys would grow up. As they came into their teenage years, Brion proved himself to be a dedicated vassal of house Markov, while Gregor took the role of the rebel, fighting his responsibilities at every turn.

On the twins eighteenth birthday, a ball was held to commemorate the day that the crown prince finally came of age. While Brion was treated to a small, private ceremony in Castle Markov in the morning, the afternoon and evening belonged to Gregor. Brion didn't take any offense, knowing that his role was not as important as his brothers, enjoying the breakfast he shared with his father, his uncle Frederick DeLamb and Tara. Gregor did not show up, not even emerging from his bedchambers until it was well into the afternoon. The Crown Prince barred Tara from attending the ball despite her status as a Markovian Princess and insisted that the event be opened up to not only the upper class, but also the middle and lower classes due to his own narcissism and desire for recognition. His wishes were adhered to and soon enough, the entire castle was swarming with guests of all kinds. Unfortunately, agents of a foreign nation swarmed in with the others, committing two atrocious acts. The first was to kidnap princess Tara from her bedchambers, murdering the guards posted outside her room. The second was detonating an explosive device within the Grand Hall during the ceremony that recognized Gregors legitimacy as the next ruler of Markovia. The explosion killed many of the guest and ended the life of King Viktor Markov, plunging the entire country into chaos as they searched for the perpetrators and also the princess. Unfortunately, neither were discovered.

In the following months, Gregor took his place as the King of Markovia, with uncle Frederick acting as regent until his twenty-first birthday. Brion meanwhile invested himself in ensuring the security of his country, increasing his knowledge of politics, democracy and the military, going so far as to begin to learn the martial art of Krav Maga and receive training in the use of various firearms. Unfortunately, the events of their eighteenth birthday had extremely adverse affects on Gregor, with the King falling into a depressive, alcoholic rut and leaving the governing of Markovia to Regent DeLamb. Despite his best efforts, Brion could not bring his brother out and a week after the twins nineteenth birthday, their uncle was internationally recognized as the official leader of Markovia, relegating Gregor to the position of a figurehead.

This was when Brion was first approached by Doctor Helga Jace, a woman who had served the throne loyally for several decades. She explained that there was a group of Markov loyalists who seen DeLamb as a pretender to the throne and potentially somebody involved with the attack on Castle Markov. Brion demanded proof and months later, Doctor Jace produced documents that had passed between both Regent DeLamb and the Queen of Bialya, several of which detailing the plans for the attack. Although Brion wished to directly confront his uncle, Doctor Jace pointed out that DeLamb had control of all the facets of Markovian Government and could probably have Brion arrested for 'treason'. Instead, she proposed that Brion align with the Markov loyalists and systematically deteriorate DeLambs grip on the country, then discover the location of Tara. After that was done, they would work together to place Brion on the throne and deal with the Queen of Bialya. Brion agreed, though insisted that Gregor be restored to the throne instead of himself.

With everything in place, Doctor Jace proposed that Brion undertake an experiment to unlock the Markov's inherent meta-gene, claiming that several of the past Kings and Queens had been secret meta-humans. Brion agreed to the process, willing to one day be hated by his people if he could eventually use his abilities to restore his families power.

In the present day, Brion has been tasked by his uncle to travel to the United States and begin negotiations to bring Markovia into the United Nations, finally leaving Brion with the freedom to act against the Regent.