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Captain Emily Ryan


The Lordiest of Ferrets
Join Date
Feb 21, 2018

Emily Ryan

Allegiance: Federation Starfleet
Rank: Captain
Nickname: Em

Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 29

Emily Ryan was born in New York, United States of America, Earth on July 15th of the year 2360 (four years before the start of the events of The Next Generation). At the age of sixteen she joined Starfleet Academy, and graduated as an Ensign after the standard four years of service in 2380.

Between 2380 and 2389, while Emily steadily climbed through the ranks of Starfleet to eventually reach the rank of Commander, relations between the Klingon Empire and the Federation became strained and eventually led to the Klingons declaring war on the Federation in 2386, when Emily was a Lieutenant.

In three years of war, Emily did not experience frontline combat until June of 2389, while serving as the executive officer aboard the refit Sovereign-class starship USS Dauntless under Captain Derek Sutter. The Dauntless was patrolling the space of Federation colony world Komaki, which was rich with dilithium, when the planet's space was invaded by a Klingon fleet consisting of multiple battleships and a prototype Jach'Eng-class suicide ship meant to fire a powerful subspace weapon which would create a shockwave meant to obliterate any ships near it, including the ship that fired it.

As the Dauntless was the only Federation ship in Komaki space, the crew was forced to hold the line. In a move of desperation, Captain Sutter beamed into the Jach'Eng ship, unaware of what it could do, with a strike team to attempt to force the Klingon crew of the ship into honorable combat, wagering that doing so would have the Klingons leave if they lost, while Emily took command of the Dauntless and attempted to survive the attacks of the Klingon ships. Sutter's gamble ultimately cost him his life, but not before the Klingons, in their hubris, informed him of the ship's purpose. However, Sutter's team managed to activate the suicide ship's subspace weapon prematurely after this, taking most of the invading fleet with it. This allowed Emily and the Dauntless crew to properly engage the rest of the Klingon fleet around Komaki, leading to a decisive victory. This event was hailed by Starfleet and the Federation as a whole as "The Miracle at Komaki", with the crew of the Dauntless being called heroes for their bravery and Emily being promoted to Captain; this promotion shortly before her twenty-ninth birthday caused Emily to narrowly beat out the record set by Tryla Scott as becoming the youngest Captain in Starfleet history.

In the months since, Emily has retained command of the Dauntless as it was repaired and refitted, but has not been sent back out to the frontlines, instead being assigned to handle diplomatic situations on the fringes of Federation space, ostensibly as a way for her to get used to various new assigned officers in her crew.