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Cassandra "Cassie" McClaren


The Lordiest of Ferrets
Join Date
Feb 21, 2018


ID# 483/G4-07R

Warrant Officer
Astronavigation and Engineering Specialist


5'5" / 167.64CM
112LBS / 51KG

“My grandma always told me there were monsters out amongst the stars. Maybe she was right.” -Cassandra "Cassie" McClaren, 2193

“Cassandra tends to describe herself as ‘plucky’ and ‘determined’, and the profile formulated by Weyland-Yutani’s psychological experts over the years corroborates this description. When told she cannot-- or rather, should not-- do something without what she considers to be a good reason, Cassandra more often than not goes and does the thing she was told not to do. Specifically, she was warned by her family from a young age to not go into space as it is dangerous, and this motivated Cassie to defy her family and become a spaceship engineer and astronavigator, presumably to prove to her family that she can handle herself in such conditions.

A curious trauma that Miss McClaren has gone through since childhood are strange, recurring dreams of nightmarish figures looming in shadow. The sensation of being smothered and suffocated. She has even dreamed about being these monsters, as she calls them, and apparently killing people. Her doctors have given her Prazosin to suppress these nightmares, but I've managed to convince her to avoid continuing this medication in order to further study her.

While sociable, Cassandra attempts to avoid large crowds and is often silent within groups, due to what she claims are bouts of “excessive emotion”. The truth is that she appears to be a low-level telepath and can sense the emotional states of others; the more extreme emotions are near her (typically negative), the more she is affected by them, generally by way of physical sickness. We don't know how many more like her there are amongst the human race, but she is among the first of her kind to be documented, and it is this researcher’s belief that she can thus ████████████████████ and be a valuable asset in the process.”

-Xander McElroy, Weyland-Yutani psychological evaluator.

“‘As a slim, petite young woman with a classical beauty to her, Cassandra McClaren has regularly been compared in some form or another to a dainty storybook princess, with people often expressing surprise that one who looks so delicate and beautiful knows her way around heavy power tools. Warrant Officer McClaren takes these remarks in stride with a stunning smile and twinkling eyes, laughing them off with a hypnotic grace that--’ Oh for fuck’s sake, Terry, next time, when making a physical assessment, don't start crushing on the person you’re assessing while you're writing. Rewrite this. More clinical, less starry-eyed praise, God damn it.”

-Dr. Chen Frost, recorded on Gateway Station, 2193

Cassandra “Cassie” McClaren was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, United Americas in 2168. From a young age she dreamed of traveling the stars and seeing other places as a crewmember of a spaceship. While her parents were neutral on the matter, her grandparents, whom she visited each year, were always adamant that space was incredibly dangerous and that she was better off at home. They were particularly troubled by recurring nightmares Cassie had as a child about strange, otherworldly creatures, which were dismissed by psychologists as simple dreams, or otherwise labeled as signs of mental illness. Also dismissed were Cassie’s claims of, according to her, sensing the feelings of those who were not close to her, at random times. Despite this, Cassie continued to dream of life as an explorer, and throughout her childhood worked toward her goal of one day traveling the stars on a spaceship, and received a personal grant from Weyland-Yutani at fourteen. Cassie’s family thought this was odd, but the young girl didn't seem to care, throwing herself into her studies to join the crew of a spaceship and taking full advantage of her new funds to do so.

At 18, after obtaining degrees in engineering and astronavigation from New York Aeronautics University on Earth, Cassie was employed by Weyland-Yutani Corporation on the commercial starship USCSS Conrad for six months before transferring to the USCSS Nellie as an astronavigator. She has served in this position for the past four years, and has helped to chart new worlds for the United American government to colonize and terraform throughout her time on both ships. The first of those planets she discovered, designated LV-728 (or “Elysium”, as named by Cassie herself) in the Outer Rim, has recently gone dark for reasons unknown, and Cassie, alone out of everyone who had been on the Conrad at that time, has been assigned by her employers to return to Elysium alongside a contingent of Colonial Marines to find out why, while her strangely vivid dreams grow even worse.

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