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Convergence of Comets, the NationStates RP

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Black Noise

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Apr 19, 2018
Fire streaks across the skies, covering the world in a brilliant display of lights. For a millennia, millions across this world have lived in darkness and hopelessness. Their nations involved in petty squabbles that never gained anything and only ever cost lives, they had little to look forward to. But now, with the Convergence of Comets that illuminate the skies brighter than the midst of the day, their lives have changed.

Every nation and every culture had legends, myths and prophecies that spoke of this day. The return of magic. Magicians and Sorcerers, previously capable only of parlor tricks and minor precognitive visions would now be able to conjure power beyond their wildest dreams. Dying races would see their numbers swell immensely as birthrates rise higher than ever before. Even the poor in the most remote of places would find new abilities and powers to allow them to rise above their station.

But with this great change, the Comets also herald the call of a great war. Old grudges will be rekindled, dying feuds will spark with life anew, and the rivers will run red with blood as imperialism sweeps the globe. At the end of the day, the only say in who ends up on top is you, and your nation.

Nation RP yay! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. This is a fantasy nation RP where every player leads their own personal nation and people to glory. There will be very little restrictions on nations, species, and cultures etc. during creation, so feel free to go as crazy into this as you’d like. We will be using a modified FMU system, originally designed by The Kyzer and modified by me. For The Kyzer’s sake, I’m going to state that any problems or failures attributed to this modded system is entirely his my fault. So if you have an issue, yell at me.

Kyzer's BLACKNOISE’s Super Friendy Guide To Nation Military and Economy!

So here’s the deal, in order to facilitate the nicey nice playground for us all to make our special snowflake nations in, we need a couple ground rules so that no one nation will start with a massive leg up over everyone else. Everyone is not going to start with a nuclear fucking deterrent of an ability or military unit, because we’d certainly use them to wipe the playmat clean almost immediately.

Now it is important to note that this system will be applied slightly differently at the START of the game, and change slightly during play. But we’ll get to that later. Let’s start with the basics first.

The Basic Mechanics

To begin with, the entire system is going to revolve around what Kyzer has called Faction Military Units, or FMUs for short. Now these ‘FMUs’ will apply to more than just military units, but renaming FMU to just FU(faction units) is bad optics. However, these remain essentially currency everyone will use to acquire military and economic power (i.e. armed land forces, trade resources, sorcerer schools, ships, etc). Regions generate FMUs. Some generate more than the rest. Certain regions generate even more. That's simple enough, right?!


So lets get into the actual specifics of the mechanics!

The General Hard & Fast Rules of Faction Military Unit Values and Uses

#1 - Only Regions created by players at the start for their nations, or regions created by me AFTER we start will generate FMUs. There is no way to create more FMUs except by conquering new regions without creating massive over complication. And I hate over complication.

#2 - All regions generate 1,000 FMUs unless specified otherwise by me. STARTING Nations generate 1,500 FMUs regardless of actual region size or internal population.

#3 - FMUs can be applied any way you want at the start of the game for your nation, and can be applied any way you want to new regions you conquer. If you want to change how you’ve allocated your FMUs during play, you must take a ‘round’ to do so.

#4 - FMU values may change for certain things based on how powerful or useful they are,

#5 - At all times, a nation must dedicate 1/4th of their military FMUs to internal nation defense and policing. Failure to do so will have adverse effects on your nation. If you put less than a 1/4th in your nation will suffer political and social unrest. If you put no FMUs on defense, your nation is considered defenseless and will be instantly captured by any invasion force sent in.

#6 - The two places where you can put your FMUs is in Economy and Military. HOWEVER, these are not the only two things that can COST FMUs to obtain or possess. If your culture has a Byzantine Bureaucracy, maintains a Warrior Culture, or has other special shit(cultural or racial) these things may inherently REDUCE the amount of FMUs you have at the start AND the amount you gain from conquering new regions! THINK HARD if you want your special snowflake nation to be comprised 100% of special snowflakes

The General Hard and Fast Rules on How You Can Apply Your FMUs.

FMU application happens in two areas primarily, though these are not the only things that can cost FMUs. These two areas are ECONOMY and MILITARY. We will outline Economy first then take a break before slamming headfirst into military.

Economy is broken up into three sections. Natural Resources, Industrial Resources, and Trade.

Natural Resources are given at the start of your nation and you may pick them in your region! But you may not pick natural resources in the regions surrounding you. These are your precious metals, special plants, and special animals. Unless you make your shit extra special, these cost 50 FMUs per natural resource. You may make multiple copies of a natural resource in your iron if the resources has both domestic and military applications. Unless you specify otherwise, every nation has access to the following Natural Resources: Iron, Food, and Basic Livestock. Don’t worry about spending FMUs on these unless you want special ones.

Industrial Resources are what your people make specifically for exporting or using. These are broken up into two simple categories. Domestic and Military. Domestic resources cost 10 FMUs each, Military resources cost 100 FMUs each. These require a natural resource to produce. Natural Resources used for military industrial purposes are consumed in their production, I.E. you may not use the same copy of iron for pots and swords. Natural resources used for domestic purposes are not consumed and may be used in multiple things.

Lastly, there is trade. Trade is an efficient way to gain FMUs without sacrificing much, but if your trade routes aren’t protected properly then you will drastically lose FMUs every round. Importing a resource costs 1.5x the FMU base cost, and exporting a resource adds 2x the base FMU cost. Trade convoys must be protected with at military units valuing at least 10% of the total FMU cost of the resources being transported.

I.E. if jonny mc zerg rush exports his zerg military powder and zerg domestic powder to hans the hand, then his convoy must be protected by at least 11 FMU of military units, otherwise he’s liable to just lose it based on the percentage of lawlessness in the world. The more lawlessness, the more FMUs will be needed to defend a convoy.

Simple enough.

Now, on to MILITARY.

Military units are divided into four categories, as follows: Infantry, Calvary, Magicians, and Siege weaponry. These are not as cut and dry in costs because i’m going to let you special snowflakes decide how powerful you want your military units to be. Below will be a ROUGH AF estimate of what things will cost and an example of why they cost that, please keep in mind if you make something special in some way it may end up costing more.

Infantry - 1 FMU per 100 men. Simple. These are typically lightly armored soldiers and archers. It is up to you to specific in your battles how many missile units you possess vs infantry. An example of changing costs would be in that if all of your infantry are elites, then 1 FMU may get you ten men. If all of your units are skeletons with milk for rations and xylophones for weapons then 1 FMU may get you 1000.

Calvary - If it rides, then it’s calvary. Doesn’t matter what sits beneath that tight ass, even if it’s another man. If it rides, it’s calvary. Calvary costs 1 FMU per 10 men. Heavier calvary may cost even more, lighter calvary may cost less.

Magicians - These are scholars who learned how to conjure fire with their minds. It is often not their sheer power that shapes battlefields, but rather their versatility, they cost 1 FMU per magician. If your magicians are as powerful as siege weapons, I.E. Hans the Hand has magicians whose fireballs are so big and powerful that he doesn’t need trebuchets, then his magicians may cost 10 FMUs per magician.

Siege weaponry - The deciding machinery of sieges and the subject of the greatest medieval military memes of all time. Chad trebuchets vs virgin catapults. These things, ranging from Siege towers to magical cannons, will cost 5 FMUs per piece of equipment. For special stronger siege weaponry, these require special approval.


Special Faction Conditions & Modifications

Well we established some rules that are fairly simple to follow, so our next step is to fucking break them! WOO!

Let’s be honest, we are all making special snowflake nations with special snowflake things inside of them. Not everything you might make will be covered above, but because we ARE building this from the ground up together, we’re going to take these things together as they come. You might come up with an entirely new classification of military shit to dedicate FMUs to, and that’s fine. As long as you’re willing to work with me and never, ever question my authority then we will get along fine(i kid).

Seriously, if you have a question, ask it. If you’re not sure about something, ask about it. If you need help developing something, ASK ME ABOUT IT. I am here to help, and I look forward to what we make together.

FAQ : Will there be a map? Yes, once the game starts a map will be made.

Do I get to know who is around me? Yes, but you will not get to know what resources they contain til after game starts. You also will need to spy out your neighbors to see what shit they got first as well.

Am I a god? No. No you’re not, Prudence.

What is Lawlessness in this game? Lawlessness is a measure of how much unease and tension there is in the world. The more nations are conquered, the less you dedicate to home defense, the more battles are fought, the more lawlessness increases as people are displaced from their homelands and left to banditry. The more lawlessness there is, the more chaotic the world becomes, and special ‘fun’ events will begin to occur.
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