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Approved Villain Indie Daphne du Croix - Heretic


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Dec 19, 2018

Daphne du Croix

Real Name: Daphne Elaine du Croix
Superhero / Villain Name: Heretic
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Heiress, Vice President of "Innovative Science and Medicine" at Sterling Industries
Homeworld: France, Earth
Height: 5'8''
Hair Color: Brunette
Appearance: Daphne is the beautiful embodiment of the elite aristocracy of France. She is graceful and willowy, but there is a dangerous edge of hardness to her when angered.
Abilities & Skills:
  • Genius Intellect: Daphne is exceedingly intelligent, having an immense array of knowledge in medicine and science, as well as history and the occult She is on par with the likes of Ray Palmer. She chooses to use her intelligence and knowledge to merge magic and science.
  • Magical Ability: Due to her family's heritage of witch-craft, Daphne is well educated in the occult and magic. She is capable of casting charms and spells to accomplish certain feats. Most of her magic requires casting a verbal spell to accomplish her goal, whether from a grimoire or a composition of her own making. However, she can cast the following without a verbal spell simply by the force of her will:
    Molecular Reconstruction: She can alter objects from one form into another, but the larger the object the more difficult to reconstruct.
    Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with her mind
    Healing: She can heal herself or others of wounds, however larger wounds take longer and more energy to heal. She cannot bring anyone back from the dead.
    Teleportation: She can teleport herself on the mortal plane.
    Elemental Control: Daphne has rudimentary control over elements, typically but this ability can only be used within a mile radius of herself.
    Flight: Daphne is able to walk on air, levitate or even fly.
    Force Field: She can cast a forcefield around herself or others within a ten foot radius of herself capable of withstanding blows from super strong individuals, however they cannot hold up to multiple blows of extreme blunt force from the likes of Superman.
    Astral Projection: Daphne can project herself onto the astral plane to observe the world around her.

  • Tech Savvy: Alongside her genius level intellect comes the ability to manipulate and understand technology. Daphne works to hybridize technology with magic.
  • Multilingual: Daphne speaks fluent Latin, French, German, Spanish, English, and is capable in Chinese and Japanese (mainly for business)
  • Human Anatomy: Daphne is human and has human weakness. She can heal herself with magic from injury, but only if she has enough strength to do so. Magic can tax her, the larger the spell the more energy it takes. Too large a spell, and she can combust into flames.
  • Emmeline: Daphne cares deeply for her boss's daughter Emmeline, and feels they share a sisterly bond - she knows of Emmeline's magic and heritage, but Emmeline does not know of hers.
  • Magical Item Collection: Daphne collects magical items, such as the Amulet of Isis, the Staff of Aaron, etc.
  • Historical Item Collection: Daphne collects historical items of religious significance. Many relate to her family's history of wise women and magic users.
  • Shareholder, Sterling Industries: Daphne has major shares in the company.
  • Marquess du Canillac title and lands
  • Comtesse du Saint-Sorlin title and lands, after her father.
  • Palace of Poitiers: As the title of Duke of Aquitaine has since died off, being a patrilineal title, the Canillac family (the female descendants of Eleanor, whose title is carried through the female line) have taken possession of the ancient castle since the fall of the Plantagenents.
  • Vignoble d'ete Dore vineyard
Personality: Witty, Daphne is able to charm the socks off anyone, but she can turn on a dime and intimidate even the toughest of foes with her steely gaze. Daphne is a business savvy, intelligent, and occasionally brutal individual.

Daphne Rose du Croix was the first born daughter of Isabelle and Renee du Croix. Her family was one of great prestige in France, but more importantly, it was one of great history. Her father's family had blood as blue as the Bourbon family, his pedigree as pure as any monarch. His family had supported King Francois against Henry the VIII, his ancestors had fought as knights and ruled as lords since the age of the Normans. Now, in the modern age, Renee's du Croix Comte title, while hereditary, means little to society and her mother's noblesse uterine title of Marquess a remnant of a dying age. The family's pedigree and prestige is now grounded in ancient wealth and modern investment. And she, Daphne, was the next to keep their legacy.

As a young child she spent many summers at her "aunt" Granuaile's (her mother's best friend since boarding school), and befriended her daughter Emmeline, taking her on as a little sister of sorts. The two girls were inseparable until Daphne was shipped off to boarding school.

Daphne found her childhood spent between boarding schools and the sprawling estate of her mother's. It was there that she learned of her mother's heritage as a descendant of Eleanore Poitiers, that is, the great Eleanor of Aquitaine. She had the blood of queens within her. But more importantly, she had the blood of witches within her.

Isabelle revealed Daphne's powers the summer she turned thirteen, just before her magic would emerge. Their title was not just passed through the female line, so too was their magic. Eleanor had been a witch, as had her mother, grandmother, and beyond, stretching back into the far reaches of history. This magic continued down the line, and continued through Daphne. It was then that Daphne began her instruction in the arcane arts.

Upon returning to school, Daphne found herself extremely interested in her family's geneology. She discovered her father's ties to the Cathars, the religious fantatcism of his family, and the political heritage of her mothers. During this time she developed a love of history and began collecting her first historical and magical artifacts.
Her life could not be devoted to history, though. Her father was a presigious doctor with several fellowships in Europe and her mother ran a multitude of charities. Inbetween managing their fortune, they sought to "improve society" as they saw fit. And so, Daphne was sent to the most prestigious schools and found herself excelling in mathematics and science. She followed in their footsteps, her education taking her abroad to America.

She met Lex Luthor when she was entering college. The two hit it off, both driven and passionate, both steely and prepared to compete for the best in life. They were idealists who wanted to change the world, and their families more than supported the young relationship. While in America, she grew close to her cousin Emmeline, who was also attending school overseas.

It did not last, of course. Her mother died sophomore year of college. Daphne returned to France for the funeral and found herself growing cold. Her mother, it turned out, had died because of a superpowered individual attacking the train her mother had taken that day. Daphne saw the footage. She could see the telltale signs of magic her mother used. To the untrained eye, it was miraculous that no one else was harmed by the monsters fiery abilities. Daphne saw her mother's magic protect all those people, but it couldn't save herself...it was too much.

Modern medicine was unable to heal her mother from the damage. She died in agony before Daphne could make it back to France.

After that, Daphne threw herself into studying magic and science. Perhaps she could merge them, heal others like her mother, and end such powered indivuals as the man who had killed her.

Upon graduating with her masters at the young age of 23, Daphne joined her adoptive uncle's company to continue her research and work. She has since returned to America with plans to end the blight of super-powered menaces.
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