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Species Weapon Approved DC-15s Sidearm Blaster

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Mar 3, 2018

DC-15s Sidearm Blaster

Affiliation :

Weight :

Ammunition Capacity :

Range :

Rate of Fire :

Galactic Republic

1 kg


Optimum - 30 m
Maximum - 100 m


This is a weapon profile directly ported from canon technology with minor alterations edited for player balance. General small arms for the Republic's clone troopers.

Advanced Tech:

Additional IMG references

The DC-15s sidearm blaster is the unsung hero of many clone commandos. While many of their ilk prefer the high powered DC-17 hand blaster, there are those who simply swear by the simplicity and reliability of the 15s. It has difficulty punching through anything except lightly armoured units and B1-series droids. Though it has good accuracy when firing patiently, many battlefields simply do not afford such perfect scenarios. Indeed many are hard pressed to find reason to keep the gun when a better alternative is offered.

However it has one feature that gives it an undeniable advantage: unlike the other DC-series blasters the 15s sidearm blaster possesses a recharging energy cell with a long service life. Though it recharges as at a rate of one bolt per second it makes it useful in situations with scarce ammunition. The energy cell also makes a good tool for survival purposes: when the cell is stripped out of the pistol and a loose piece of wire is connected to its connector port, the resulting flow of energy is large enough to start a small fire. In emergency scenarios, holding down the trigger while the pistol's safety is on for more than thirty seconds overloads the energy cell, turning the pistol into a small ion grenade- however troopers are not advised to perform this maneuver due to its inconsistent damage radius and lethality; it also leaves the soldier without a weapon in certain scenarios. The blaster can be fired as fast as the trigger can be pulled with acceptable accuracy but due to its limited ammunition capacity can leave the soldier dry for precious few seconds. Like many DC-series blasters it has a stun setting, albeit with a pitiful range of 15 meters.
Not open for further replies.