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Approved Hero Canon Diana Prince - Wonder Woman


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Dec 19, 2018

Diana Prince

Real Name: Diana Prince

Superhero / Villain Name: Wonder Woman

Age: Appears roughly 26 human years; age unknown

Species: Amazon

Sex: Female

Occupation: Princess (?) Her secret identity as Diana Prince works as an ancient art restorer.

Homeworld: Earth; Themyscira

Height: 6'0''

Hair Color: Black

Appearance: Diana was sculpted from clay and blessed by the Greek gods. She is as beautiful as any goddess, with luxurious waves of black hair, piercing blue eyes, and an athletic yet amply curved body. She has an infectious smile and a natural grace the likes of which many mortals cannot dream of having.
Abilities & Skills:

  • Divine Empowerment: Directly after being sculpted from clay, several Olympian gods granted attributes to Diana.
    • Superhuman Strength: Granted by Demeter (Goddess of the Earth). Diana is literally as strong as the Earth because of her link to the planet granted to her. She is even said to be "Stronger than Hercules". Wonder Woman has shown she is strong enough to hold herself or even beat those like Superman and able to physically outmatch other beings such as Supergirl.
    • Superhuman Durability: Granted by Demeter (Goddess of the Earth). Diana possesses a high resistance to damage and magical attacks. Her resistance to injury is not quite as great as any of the above mentioned metahumans. However, due to her vast threshold for pain and her amazon ability to heal at a superhuman rate, this easily makes up for the difference. She has considerable resistance to human weaponries, though this is not absolute; Bullets can cause minor to moderate injury, but never life threatening.
    • Flight: Granted by Hermes (the Messenger God). Wonder Woman is capable of unassisted flight by gliding on air currents.
    • Superhuman Speed: Granted by Hermes (the Messenger God). She is able to think, react, and move at superhuman speeds. She can easily keep up with the Flash if he is at regular cruising speed (but not at top speed). In flight, she can reach up to Mach 3 unaided..
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Granted by Hermes (the Messenger God). Wonder Woman's reflexes are far beyond the limitations of the finest human athletes. She has been able to react to a barrage of gunfire from multiple opponents at once unharmed. Batman noted that her reflexes are superior to that of Superman.
    • Superhuman Agility: Wonder Womans's agility is far beyond that of even an Olympic level athlete, as is her balance and coordination.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Wonder Woman can last a great deal of time in any fight and with virtually anyone. She has held her own in combat with foes as powerful as a Doomsday clone. She doesn't tire out, as her body produces no lactic acids in her muscles.
    • Accelerated Healing: Granted by Demeter (Goddess of Earth). Like the Earth, Diana is constantly renewing herself, allowing her to quickly heal mild to moderate injuries at an amazing rate. Her normal regenerative abilities allow her to recover from injury within seconds to minutes. She possesses an incredible immunity from poisons, toxins, as well as disease.
      • Agelessness: Her healing grants her an apparent agelessness when not on Themyscira, where time runs differently. Though not technically immortal, Diana is extremely long-lived.
    • Empathy: Granted by Athena (Goddess of Wisdom). "The Sight of Athena" apparently grants her increased insight. For example, Diana can often detects others' emotions, and is immune to illusions that she usually is not even aware of what illusions individuals are attempting to project.
    • Charisma: Diana is an extremely charismatic individual.
    • Animal Empathy: Granted by Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt). Ability to communicate with all forms of animals (including dinosaurs) and her presence alone can bring a raging beast to a calm standstill. She is also able to directly command wild animals when needed.
    • Enhanced Senses: Granted by Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt). Eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.
    • Dimensional Teleportation: On occasion, Wonder Woman can literally leave the planet through meditation. This most typically is done to converse with the Greek Gods on occasion.
  • Abilities
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Diana is the finest warrior ever born among the Amazons of Themyscira. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat, proficient with nearly every weapon ever made (especially the bow and the javelin) and the exotic martial arts styles of the Amazons.
    • Wisdom of Athena: Granted by Athena (Goddess of Wisdom). Diana possesses great wisdom and intelligence.
      • Multilingualism: Diana has exhibited heightened proficiency with languages, being able to speak her native Themysciran, Ancient and Modern Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Hindi. Plus, through precise muscle control, she can mimic other people's voices for short conversations (on the telephone). It is more difficult, for her to mimic a mans voice than another woman's voice.
      • Master Tactician and Strategist: Granted by Athena (Goddess of Wisdom). Diana is an accomplished strategist and tactician, trained in the arts of leadership, persuasion and diplomacy, and possesses a great deal of courage as well. She is a gifted leader.
      • Occultism: Diana possesses knowledge and understanding of magic. She has used her magical knowledge to use an alchemical spell to create a portal.
      • Diplomacy: Diana is quite skilled at handling diplomatic situations.
    • Indomitable Will: Diana's will is nigh unbreakable. She will not bend for torture or bribery.
    • Aviation: Expert pilot of jets and helicopters.
    • Weaponry:

  • Lazarus Pit Magic: Diana, like many subjected to the Lazarus pit, can experience insanity for a time, rendering her dangerous to others.
  • Piercing Weapons: Piercing weapons can harm her, though not permanently.
  • God Weapons: Weapons crafted by and for gods can harm her, and many may be quite capable of killing her.
  • Blunt Force: While Diana is quite resistant to blunt force and bludgeoning, she too can be knocked unconscious by a powerful enough blow to the head, and her bones may break with enough superhuman force exerted.
  • Family: Diana's family is a touchy subject for her. She cares deeply for her people and would take steps to defend them in case of invasion.
  • Moral High Ground: Though a warrior by training, Diana is a philosopher at heart. She attempts to take the moral high ground in situations, but this can be a weakness against a cutthroat foe. Just must manage this desire with the nature of her opponent, and balance the two.

  • Bracelets of Submission: Modeled after the shackles the Amazons were once enslaved with. The gauntlets were formed from the remains of Zeus's legendary Aegis shield, and were re-forged for her use by Hephaestus. Diana's superhuman reflexes enable her to use the gauntlets to easily deflect projectiles (such as bullets) and powerful energy blasts . She is even fast enough to protect herself from multi-vector attacks. At close-range the gauntlets block blades, weapons and punches. They are even able to deflect Darkseid's energy attacks. When crossed, the gauntlets generate a remnant of the Aegis itself, forming an impenetrable barrier just in front of them which allows Diana to protect herself and those behind her from area attacks. They are also capable of channeling Zeus' holy lightning when struck together.
  • Tiara: Wonder Woman often uses her Tiara as a weapon, as it is razor-edged and can cut through most substances.
  • Gold Armor: For use in large battles, Wonder Woman has a golden body armor with chest plate, pteruges, greaves, an open visor helmet, and large, non-functional wings on her back.
  • Lasso of Truth: The Lasso of Truth is her signature weapon. Most who are captured in it are forced to answer any questions she asks and are unable to lie. It cannot be broken, snapped or cut. She can also control it to a certain degree using telepathy. It can also be used to erase memories, heal the mentally ill (in some cases), and implant commands that must then be obeyed.

Personality: Diana is, at her core, a compassionate and sure person. She has a natural flowing warmth that can bring even the hardest of souls around to liking her. However, when in battle she is a cunning and fierce opponent, openly brave and exceedingly dangerous. She is a woman whose facets of emotion are as a arrayed as that of a diamond.


Her life began in Paradise. Diana was hewn from the clay of Themyscira, crafted by the hands of Queen Hippolyta. Hers was the last soul of the Amazons to be given life. She was blessed by the gods that day, given skills and abilities of the ancient heroes for her great future. But that future was a long ways away. In the palace of Queen Hippolyta, Diana grew up. She was a gentle child, full joy and curiosity. The Amazons knew her as their Princess, and she knew nothing else.

As a child, Diana grew adept at languages and learning the thesis' of the great philosophers. She was an intelligent child, and her mother intended her to be raised a scholar. But her heart was that of an Amazon, and Diana desired to be a warrior. Her mother forbade the training, but her aunt Antiope decided to teach the young girl in secret. After all, she knew what Diana's future was to be. Diana trained hard and fast. She soon excelled in all aspects of warfare, but she could not test her mettle in public. Yet her secret did not stay secret long. Her mother discovered the trainings and flew into a rage, but Antiope stood firm. Diana needed the skills. Her mother eventually conceded, and Diana joined her sisters training.

Diana lived many centuries on the Isle of the Amazons, where time ran differently than the world of man. She did not know how many summers passed when Steve Trevor came to the island. She only knew that he was the first man in millennia to step foot on their sands. The moment Queen Hippolyta saw the man, she knew Diana's time to leave their island had come. The goddess Antevort had seen the day Diana would become a demigod, she had the seen the strands of time that might lead to her days as the goddess of war, and she knew at the beginning of it all was the man Steve Trevor. The goddess had told the great queen when her daughter was born that she would be a hero for mankind, and that a time would come when she would leave Themyscira to defend the world.

When Steve Trevor told the Amazons of the Great War brewing in the world, Diana knew she must help him. Was that not the task of the Amazons? Should they not stop the spread of chaos in the world? Her mother knew the time had come, and the futility of ignoring a goddess. Diana was allowed to take up the armament of the Amazons and leave her island home. Hippolyta knew her daughter may visit, but this never again would be her home. It was a sad day, but it was the day that began the next adventure of Diana's life.

She and Steve Trevor grew close. They fought against Germany and the cruelty of man. She had never known such terror, such avarice and pain. Her opinion in humanity began to waver. The war continued and Diana drew closer to Steve. In the end she lost him to the war, and she lost a part of herself. Diana drifted through the decades, often returning home to watch the world's time pass by. What was she, with a piece of herself, a piece of her love, gone? Diana found herself falling into a deep depression, forgoing her nature to heal and to save.

It was her mother who essentially kicked her out of her depression, by kicking Diana off of Themyscira. "The world needs you." Hippolyta had said. She knew an age where heroes were needed was to come again. Diana needed to be among them. Diana, shocked, found herself on the Isle of Manhattan wondering what path to follow with her life.

It was the mugging that reminded her what it was she fought for. A young woman nearly lost her life that night, until Diana showed up. The man found himself tied up and in jail, the woman was saved and returned home to her family, and Diana had found herself again.

She chose to keep her identity secret for now. She had seen what man might do with great power, and did not wish to be exploited. During the day she works in the world of art, an expert of ancient historical pieces, and at night she takes up the mantle of Wonder Woman once more.