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Approved Anti-Hero Canon Dick Grayson - Red X


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Jan 19, 2019
"This isn't personal. I'm just looking for a cheque."

Dick Grayson

Real Name: Richard John Grayson
Superhero / Villain Name: Red X.
Age: 19
Species: Human.
Sex: Male.
Occupation: Member of the League of Shadows. Cover as a thief or enforcer for hire.
Homeworld: Earth. Has ancestors from Romania.
Height: 5'10.
Hair Color: Black.
Appearance: Dick is something people would refer to as 'classic fuckboi material', with puppydog eyes, tanned skin and boyish features that have transitioned nicely into manhood. His black hair is wild but kept short and he maintains a state of eternal stubble. His body is lean muscle from a life of training as an acrobat, later being trained to peak physical perfection as a Shadow. He has a small tattoo on his left shoulder blade of a robin, in memory of his parents and his mothers nickname for him.

Personality: Dick is fun loving, loyal. honest and respectful, with a light levity usually surrounding him. While he has never fully healed from losing his parents at such a young age, he doesn't let it define him and has done his best to become a man that would honor his parents. To that end, he will go out of his way to help people out in his day to day life and spends some of his time working in shelters or the like in his downtime while travelling from city to city. Something of a ladies man, Dick is an encouragable flirt and will always respond positively to flirts from anybody. He also donates a good amount of his profits from jobs to various charities, particularly those that help to house orphaned or abandoned children. Dick generally just see's the best in people.

When he puts on the mask, Dick remains much the same person, though more serious. He will never compromise his core morals, however he does at times justify his actions as it not being personal or that he needs the money. Something of a perfectionist, once Dick sets his mind to something, he won't stop until he achieves the best result possible. This applies to his promises as well, as Dick has never broken a promise. After being trained as a Shadow, Dick has become numb to killing, though he does have an aversion to killing the innocent.

Abilities & Skills: Dick was raised by two of the greatest acrobats of the era, and therefore he is quite the acrobat himself, arguably the greatest living acrobat based on sheer aptitude. His skills have only increased as he's aged, through intense training with the League of Shadows. He is extremely fast, flexible and agile for a Human, at the peak conditioning for somebody his age, with his strength also being nothing to dismiss. Dick also has very high levels of stamina, bordering on superhuman. In terms of intellect, Dick is on the upper level, able to pick up almost anything without too much difficulty. Combined with his strong will and desire to perfect things he sets his mind to, Dick has been able to apply himself well enough to become a respected person in his field as Red X and a capable assassin under the League of Shadows.

Dicks Skills include:

  • Computer Hacking: Dick was trained by the League of Shadows to be able to hack into various systems with ease.
  • Escapologist: Dick can get out of handcuffs without even blinking, thanks to his training under the League of Shadows. Its rather difficult to tie him down.
  • Master Martial Artist: Dick has been trained in, and is considered a master of, the martial arts Capoeira, Eskrima, Judo, Karate, Ninjutsu and Taekwondo.
  • Master of Stealth: Dick has trained to become a master of stealth under the League of Shadows. He is able to blend in with a crowd as easily as breathing and is capable of infiltrating high security installations.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: Dick tinkers with mechanical things in his free time, a hobby passed down to him by his father. He uses this talent to do maintenance on his mask and Eskrima sticks.
  • Multi Linguist: Dick is capable of speaking fluently in English, Romani, French, Japanese and Arabic. He can also understand Mandarin, Greek, German, Russian and some Latin.
  • Tracking: Dick has been trained by to track his targets relentlessly and as such, can hunt down just about anybody given enough time.
  • Weaponry: Dick has been trained in the use of many weapons, his favorites being the Eskrima Sticks, Katana and Shuriken.
Weaknesses: At the end of the day, Dick is just a Human and features all of their weaknesses. Dicks bleeding heart could also be considered a weakness, as he abhors innocents being hurt and is willing to endanger himself to save people who don't deserve to be hurt. Dick has also never truly dealt with the repercussions of his parents death, and prefers to deal with his PTSD by throwing himself into his work.

Belongings/Gear: Dick owns several notable pieces of equipment that he uses in his time as Red X and he has access to a substantial bank account, courtesy of the League of Shadows.

  • Red X Suit: Made of a lightweight and sturdy material, the suit is optimized for flexibility and agility. While it provides some protection against knives, and a little against blunt force, the suit is not bulletproof and so Dick tends to rely on his acrobatic skillset in combat. The suit is comprised of a black bodysuit, dark grey gloves and boots with a matching grey belt. He also wears a white skull themed mask with dark black lines around the slightly tinted lenses, which has night vision and infrared vision. There is an asymmetrical red x over the center of the chest of the bodysuit and another one over the center of the mask. The mask is equipped with both night and heat vision, as well as a voice modulator. It can also filter out smoke and some forms of toxins, and it has a built in communication device. The gloves provide increased grip and can sharpen the ends of the fingertips into talons. The gloves also have what appear to be decoration red x's on the backs of his hands, which can be weaponized at a moments notice, either as throwing weapons or to combat melee weapons. His belt houses a series of utilities including a grappling hook, smoke pellets, lockpicks and a USB that he usually carries with personalized virus on it that helps him with hacking into databases.
  • Weaponary: Dick owns a pair of personalized Eskrima sticks made of a lightweight metal. They are equipped with a dual function, being either default or bladed. He also possesses a healthy stock of shuriken, darts, throwing knives. Lastly, he owns a katana granted to him after the completion of his training.
Dick also owns a ceremonial gi unique to the League of Shadows.

Biography: In this world where Dick Grayson never met Bruce Wayne, a child was born to John and Mary Grayson. Raised to become the third member of the Flying Graysons, Dick soon became the golden child of Haley's Circus. He grew up wanting for nothing, loving the constant shift that came with the life of being a part of a circus crew and was always excited to come to a new city or country that he'd never been to before. This sense of wonder remained just as strong when Haley's Circus came to Gotham for the first time in Dicks life when he turned nine. Unfortunately, this was when his parents were murdered during a horrifying incident, that was initially believed to be an accident.

Instead of being sent into the system like every other recently orphaned child, Dick was saved from that life through the intervention of a member of the League of Assassins. This Shadow believed that the orphan would be the perfect candidate to be brought into the fold, due to Dick's acrobatic prowess at such a young age and his vulnerable state. Playing on the boys sense of loss, the Shadow trained Dick with the promise of one day avenging his family. Over the years, Dick was tutored in many things including combat, infiltration and deception, taking to these things quickly with an innate determination to succeed in all of them. However, when he eventually came face to face with the man who orchestrated the death of the Flying Graysons, a gangster named Tony Zucco, Dick chose not to kill the man based on the fact that Zucco had a family. Instead, Dick left the man with a warning and an order to improve his life, step away from the criminal element, and make himself into a worthy father for his children. This would be Zucco's only chance.

After completing his training, Dick was given a very specific task. Given the moniker of 'Red X', the last Flying Grayson was to infiltrate the criminal underworld by building a reputation for himself as a thief and enforcer for hire, to get in good with the big names in crime in order to give reports on the various organizations across the world. Red X would be presented as a drifter, going from place to place as if he was just another mercenary that couldn't be tied down. The illusion would be that he was being sought out to work for certain people, when in fact he was the one seeking out his 'employers' in order to get information on them. Though he's never been told what the purpose for his assignment is. Is the purpose for Red X purely one centered around gathering Intel, or is there a more sinister motive behind it?

Additional: This is intended to be this Universes version of Dick Grayson, not an Alt Uni version. He's aged up a little bit, but otherwise I think he fits in well with the established Heroes and Bruce being at an age where he likely wouldn't have met Dick anyway.
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