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Doctor Fate
Lord of Order
Real Name: Nabu, Kent Nelson | Superhero / Villain Name: Doctor Fate, Lord Order | Age: Immortal, 104 | Species: Lord of Order, Human | Sex: Godlike | Occupation: Asshole Helmet | Homeworld: Cosmos| Height: Variable | Hair Color: Variable (current, white)
"I did not ask for permission to use this body, I need not. My work is more important than any of your disposable lives. You will never have a choice in this matter, your mind's defenses are like paper to a Lord of Order."―Nabu


Moments after the creation of the universe, when cosmic energy saturated the newborn reality, two orders formed from the latent energy—the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos. These beings were individual sentient manifestations of power, incorpial in existence but capable of immense magical power. One of the Lords of Order, Nabu, traveled to Earth centuries ago in order to serve as its protector and watcher, as well as that of the surrounding area.

Nabu enjoyed godlike treatment among the ancient Egyptians, where he resided. The Lords of Order exist without a physical presence, and it is difficult for them to manifest physically with no aid, but Nabu brough all of his magical abilities to bear, and bound himself to a golden helmet the Egyptians crafted for him. The helmet would allow Nabu to physically manifest himself over a host, who wore the helmet, giving him a strong physical presence. The trade-off being that while the helmet has no host, Nabu is still bound to it, as is his magic, and he cannot communicate with the other Lords of Order. While the helmet is worn, the host is given no option in the body's goings on. The host's mind is relegated to an internal 'watching' perspective, where they can communicate with Nabu, and observe the outside, but have no control over the body, and no ability to speak externally.

The first ancients to wear Nabu's helmet were bound to him for centuries, and were unaware, prior to donning the helmet, that it would leave them helpless in their own body. Nabu ruled Egypt through these early hosts, acting like a direct God, above the Pharaoh. The Lords of Chaos sought to dethrone Nabu, and claim Earth as their own, but were unable to make headway with any attack. Their strategy shifted, and they began manifesting in Egypt through the use of familiars, in order to whisper to the Egyptians about what happened when Nabu took control of their body. Continued war, fueled by the Lords of Chaos, and the subterfuge set up by their agents in Egypt, all worked to bring an end to Nabu's reign. His powers were stretched thin, and in that moment of weakness he was attacked by his own people. His host was aged and frail, and the attack wounded it beyond mend. They trapped him in a pyramid, toppling the structure atop he and his wounded host. Nabu's host died, and he was trapped for millenia beneath the rubble.

In the 1930s, Kent Nelson and his father were exploring the newly discovered ruins of the Temple of Talab. Kent was only a middle school student at the time, and had accompanied his dad, a career archeologist, to the dig. During their exploration of the collapsed pyramid's treasure room, they uncovered the buried remains of Nabu's Helmet. The host that once wore it had long since died, and his remains disintegrated, but the helmet remained unscathed, protected by Nabu's magic. Millennia of isolation had mustered hatred in Nabu, and in turn boundless unused energy. When Sven Nelson drew near the helmet, Nabu latched onto his mind and forced the man to don his helmet. Unfortunately, Nabu lashed out too hard against Sven's mind, and the man was killed in the process. Sven's body remained functional, but the death of Sven's soul made animating the body harder, as Nabu had to work against nature. In response, Nabu mustered more of his magic to force his helmet onto young Kent Nelson, without harming Kent in the process. Once on, Nabu aged Kent to adulthood, and bestowed him with all of Nabu's knowledge.

Nabu left the pyramid to find a very different world, one far less easily ruled by shows of display, but one still very much in need of order. He exerted his same strategy to Kent as he had the Egyptians before, but found that Kent lacked the faith and fervor that his previous hosts had, and after decades of being forced to watch Nabu use his body, Kent sank to the darkest depths of depression. Kent's deteriorating mind had profound effects on his body, and it became more difficult for Nabu to control his body, and the ancient being was forced to negotiate a shared custody of their body. For decades on, Kent and Nabu maintained a symbiotic relationship—Nabu allowing Kent to take control of the body, and live his life for limited times, and in turn Kent didn't oppose Nabu's work. However, after Kent met Inza Cramer, he grew less willing to let Nabu retake control. Kent and Inza grew close, and were eventually married, though Nabu's presence presented a constant strain for the relationship. After several years, Nabu seized control of Kent permanently—aware that Kent had been planning to betray him. Nabu posed sole control over Kent's body for another 40 years, but eventually a tortured Kent Nelson was able to break through and get the helmet off, with the help of Inza.

Kent Nelson was finally free of the helmet, and for the first time in decades Nabu had no power over him. However, due to their prolonged contact, Nabu and Nelson developed a psychic bond, and were capable of communicating even over great distances. For the next seven years Inza and Kent lived the life together that they had sought for so long, but Inza had aged far harder than Kent, without the rejuvenating energy of Nabu. Kent attempted to do all he could to heal her, short of letting Nabu—though the Lord of Order offered—and Inza died. Grief consumed Kent, and he was essentially a shell of himself. Several years after Inza's passing Kent found out that he was ill with a degenerative disease, one that could possibly be treated but would otherwise be terminal. Kent chose to let the disease kill him, and wouldn't let the doctors or Nabu cure him. Nabu had had been thinking himself in the long con of reuniting with Kent, psychically luring Kent to don his helmet, but Kent's looming death meant there would be no chance to wait for Kent to come around.

Nabu took matters into his own hands, and lashed out at a nearby groundskeeper's mind with all the magic he could muster without contact. Much like Sven Nelson, the woman's mind was ruined beyond repair by the sudden hijack, but Nabu sustained her body long enough to get to Kent Nelson, and ambush him with the helmet. Once again in control of Kent's body, Nabu didn't restore the Kent with the pseudo control he'd enjoyed under their deal. Kent's mind was set in stasis, capable only of watching Nabu's actions and communicating with him. Nabu is now on a quest to restore Order to the universe, and make up for the time he spent away from his task.

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