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Approved Villain Anti-Hero Doctor Paulette Irving - Pamela Lillian Isley - Poison Ivy


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Jan 19, 2019

Poison Ivy

Real Name: Pamela Lillian Isley. She lives under the alias of Doctor Paulette Irving.

Superhero / Villain Name: Poison Ivy, Mother Nature.

Age: 26

Species: Meta Human.

Sex: Female.

Occupation: None, currently.

Homeworld: Seattle, Earth.

Height: 5 ft 4.

Hair Color: Scarlet.

Appearance: Pamela is startlingly beautiful, despite her inhuman features. With her bold scarlet hair, glowing emerald eyes and pale, mint green skin, she is certainly a sight to behold. Her physique is as alluring as her facial structure, the entirety of her being having been designed to attract Humans. For relatively brief periods of time, Pamela is able to suppress her extrahuman attributes, usually taking on the appearance of a fair skinned beauty. In terms of dress, Pamela has two separate extremes. When under the guise of Paulette Irving, she dresses conservatively and professionally. When acting as herself, less is best. Clothing is, after all, a Human invention. And she is beyond Humanity.

Abilities & Skills:
  • Toxikinesis: A side effect of the experiments undertaken on her, Pamela's immune system is able to formulate antidotes to toxins, bacteria and viruses almost immediately after exposure. She can use this passive ability to help others, by extracting a sample of her blood after exposure and injecting it into those afflicted with side effects. She is also capable of using her immune system as a way to boost the immune system of other Humans, to varying degrees of change. On the flip side, Pamela is also able to unleash various toxins and poisons, which can be spread through contact with her skin, lips, nails and bodily fluids. Similarly to the ever changing face of planet Earth, Pamela's toxins are in a constant flux, meaning that the antidote to one of her poisons will be useless against another.
  • Chlorokinesis: Perhaps the most useful of the abilities granted to her through the experiments, Pamela has the ability to manipulate plant life. The upper limits of her abilities are unknown, but some of the things she can do include summoning vines from the ground to ensnare her targets, underground travel via giant 'seed pods' that encase her, the manipulation of roots to destabilize the ground beneath the surface of the planet and its concrete jungles, and the expedition of the growth of various flora for her uses. Pamela can also excrete spores from her being that can be used to manipulate living beings, with this ability being mainly used by Pamela to send her targets into a state of hypnosis.
  • Cosmetic Manipulation: Pamela is capable of altering her appearance on a cosmetic level, able to change the color of her skin as well as dulling her hair and eye color.
  • Mystical Potential: Unbeknownst to Pamela, her abilities stem from a connection to the Green, a mystical force that is connected to the very core of planet Earth itself. If she were to discover this connection, she may be able to unlock more abilities beyond those she already possesses.
  • University Level Education: Pamela studied at Seattle University in the field of Bio-geochemistry. After her 'death', she re-emerged as Paulette Irving and became known as a leading expert in the field. She has an intimate knowledge of the planet Earth and uses this to her advantage in tandem with her powers.
  • Botanist: Having always had an interest in plants, mostly as a hobby, Pamela's interest has evolved into an obsession since her return. She is arguably one of the most knowledgeable people in the world in this field and uses this knowledge to her advantage at every turn, usually as a substitute for her abilities when acting as Paulette Irving.
  • Seductress: Pamela never used her looks for personal gain until after her 'death'. Since returning, she has become a mistress of seduction, able to press the right buttons to enthrall her targets, with or without her spores.
  • Healing Factor: Pamela has a higher healing factor than Humans, thought it is not unlimited. This healing factor is enhanced when she is exposed to sunlight or when she is surrounded by her 'babies'.
  • Solar Energy Reliance: Much like the plants that she shares so much in common with, Pamela relies on solar energy for her survival. Darkness is the enemy and if she is left without exposure to solar energy for too long, Ivy will wilt and eventually die.
  • Gaia Complex: Pamela has a similar mental state to somebody with a God complex, except that it is centered around plant life and the Earth having superiority above all else. Because of this, she believes that all of her actions are justified as Humanity are a virus that was unleashed on the planet and she is the fever unleashed to fight them.
  • Human Constitution: Despite all of her extraordinary abilities, Ivy is at the end of the day, a Human and can be killed in many of the ways a Human can be killed.
  • Bank Account: Paulette Irving has access to a considerable amount of funds, though this account is not unlimited and used sparingly.
  • Scientific Contacts: Paulette has contact with various names in her field, and Pamela uses these to her advantage when necessary.
Personality: Ivy has two personalities that she embodies in various circumstances. The first is the mask known as Paulette Irving. A well known and decorated scientist in the field of Bio-geochemistry and a supporter of the Gaia hypothesis, Paulette is a hard edged woman who is dedicated to her work. Professional and analytical, Paulette was created in order to play the games that Humanity engage in daily and make a difference in the world in a more public forum. She is the public persona that Ivy takes on when she is required to interact with Humans to meet her desired ends.

The other personality is Pamela Isley, Ivy's true self. Pamela is seductive, manipulative and relentless, caring little for Human life and greatly for the Earth itself. She acts on the belief that Humanity are evil at the core, tearing down the beautiful planet that has provided for them since their very inception without care. Everything she does is in order to return the planet to it's rightful inhabitants, being the creatures of Nature and herself. Ivy is not evil, at least not outright. While her tactics may be cruel and inhumane, she does always act in the best interests of the Earth at the end of the day. While she cares little for Human life, she does have a soft spot for those who have been broken down by Human society and the few Humans who are actually working to preserve the Earth.


Pamela Lillian Isley was born in Seattle, where she lived a short life before dying at the age of 21. During life, she excelled at school, and later University. All signs pointed at her becoming a successful housewife with a loving husband, two beautiful children and a variety of house pets. However, she made a mistake. Going into her final year of study, Pam found herself strapped for cash, as most students do and began to explore avenues to find financial stability. This was when she was approached by her professor, a man named Jason Woodrue, who convinced her to take part in a variety of paid survey's and social experiments that he described as harmless. When Pam arrived at the location Woodrue had directed her to, she was knocked unconscious.

For days, Pam was submitted to torturous experiments involving the injection of toxins and poisons into her blood stream, direct skin contact exposure to dangerous flora and the replacement of her organs with unknown substitutes. Her blood was also extracted and used in some kind of ritual. After 96 hours of excruciating pain, Pamela finally succumbed to the torture and died.

Nobody, not even Ivy herself, is entirely sure how she came back, but the night after her death, Ivy rose from a makeshift grave on the outskirts of Seattle a new woman. Her skin had become green, yet was softer than it had ever been and Ivy found that she felt the best she had felt in her life. With revenge the first thing on her mind, Ivy returned to Woodrue's makeshift laboratory and ensured that the man suffered an excruciating demise that lasted just as long as Pamela's had. By the time she was done with him, the professor was little more than compost.

Deciding to allow Pamela Isley to remain dead, Ivy adopted a new identity as Paulette Irving and began to experiment with her newfound abilities. Utilizing her ability to control others, she slowly but surely manipulated and killed her way to a notable standing in her field, using her newfound influence to gain resources she could use to slowly give the Earth back to nature, believing that all Humans were a plague on the Earth. After some thorough research, Ivy discovered that she could potentially use some of the large corporations and businesses in the world to further her agenda and decided that her first target would be Wayne Enterprises. With the head of the company being located in Gotham City, a place reviled for its population of larger than life criminals and monsters, Ivy devised a plot. She would use the identity of Paulette Irving to get her foot in the door of the company, while her true self took control of the criminal underworld in the city, assaulting the city on two fronts. Gotham City would be her staging point for a war on Humanity, a war that would result in the restoration of natures supremacy.

While Paulette Irving has yet to make her debut in Gotham City, a woman known as Poison Ivy has had some surface interactions with the criminals of the rotting city. A string of murders involving unknown poisons have been reported to the GCPD, as well as the mysterious disappearances of several well built fathers and brothers.