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Imperial Remnant Drev Tyrus | 'The Marked'


The Bud Light Knight
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Apr 18, 2018

Drev Tyrus
“The Marked”

"Your fate was sealed long ago Jedi Scum..."

Drev Tyrus

NAME: Drev Tyrus
AGE: 31
AFFILIATION: Imperial Remnant
Title: 'The Marked'
Force Sensitive: Yes

HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 147 lbs
EYE COLOR: Yellowed Red

Drev Tyrus is an Imperial Remnant Jedi Hunter searching for scum to inflict justice on for their crimes against his Empire Ancestors. Having been trained from a young age into his adult years, Drev lives for the thrill of the hunt and toys with his prey when given the opportunity. While he has the potential to unleash powerful force attacks on his victims, he prefers the clean cut of a lightsaber when possible and will actively seek out a chance to display his power to others.



“As my ancestors before me, I will carry out the work of the Great Emperor and deliver justice to a lawless galaxy..”

Drev held a small metal coin in his fist, clenching to it harder with every word he muttered to himself. The token displayed a forgotten family crest, a personalized memento forged by his grandfather many cycles ago emblazoned with the insignia of a once powerful Empire in the background. The symbol looked over the family, providing guidance and clarity for how a safe galaxy could be achieved. The man muttered a few more words to himself before clenching the coin to his chest for a moment, placing it into his pocket once the ritual was completed.

Growing as an only child in a world that had long since forgotten about you wasn't easy for Drev. His family moved with smugglers who would deal out weapons to anything with a pulse as long as it had the right amount of credits. Being surrounded by this environment, it is easy to see why Drev started training as a huntsman from a young age. The boy's father told him stories of the old world's before the fall of the Empire and the years of darkness that followed after. He was filled with stories of the traitorous Jedi and their crimes against the galaxy. Riled with hatred, the boy was taught how to build his energy until he was a powerful force weapon. When he wasn't practicing or sparing with his father, Drev's mother taught him their family history and showed him how their legacy would continue forward. The Tyrus's were a long line of Jedi Hunters; Like his father, and his fathers before him, Drev was set to avenge the once powerful Empire that had fallen many years ago.

Images of the man's childhood flashed in his mind- a thousand memories replayed every second. He remembered his first kill at barely 15, being given his family title from at 18, and the last images of his parents as he started his ship unknowing that it would be the last time he would ever return home. This had been the first stop on the path to many more, it was finally time for Drev to carry out his mission and there was no turning back.

Suddenly it all came to a screeching halt and Drev was faced with the reality that he was in. He surveyed the room and reached for his datapad to plot his next route. A presence was near but the man tried to keep up the illusion that he was too invested in his display to notice. He could feel the vibrations in the room, it was time to strike. No sooner did Drev turn, he was quickly greated with the large vibroblade of a dimwitted soldier seeking revenge. It was a valiant effort- even admirable- but it was a lost cause. As the blade moved past Drev's face, missing by mere inches, his attacker began the sounds of a struggle he knew all too well. "My..my, you certainly know how to make an entrance...What's the matter? At a loss of words?" Drev muttered as he watched the man clasp at his throat gasping for air. There was no point in playing with him, it was a miracle he even grew the courage to fight after the rest of his comrades had just been slain at the singe of Drev's blade. Squeezing his fist tightly together, he sealed the man's fate and released his body to the floor after the deed had been done.

Reaching to the floor, Drev rolled the body of a robed man onto it's back, observing the stab wound puncturing through the chest. A clean kill. The man grabbed the lightsaber from the corpse, attaching it at his waist. As he walked towards the exit, Drev couldn't help but think that this was one of many trophies to come...

End Transmission.