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Approved Hero Indie Emmeline Sterling - Andraste


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Dec 19, 2018

Emmeline Sterling

Real Name: Emmeline Grace Sterling

Superhero / Villain Name: Andraste


Species: Human/Tuatha de Dannan

Sex: Female

Occupation: Masters Student, Assistant to Oliver Queen

Homeworld: Earth, the United Kingdom

Height: 5'08''

Hair Color: Auburn

Appearance: Emmeline has the graceful features of her mother. Her brilliant hazel eyes are typically filled with a warmth that matches her smile. She has an athletic, shapely body developed after years of sports and dance lessons. Her ivory skin is marred by a healthy handful of freckles. She typically dresses in an Oxford style unless she's relaxing, in which case, she dresses in a very Beatles/Woodstock inspired array of clothing.
Abilities & Skills:

  • *Magic:
    Similar to Merlin and other magic users, Emmeline can draw from her own energy and the energy of sources around her (such as gemstones and the elements) to cast spells. Most spells that accomplish specific means require a verbal spell, but, she can transmutate matter, summon elements, mesmerize others, thought-cast, cast illusions, create energy projectiles and shields, astral projection, travel through dimensions, and teleport without complex spells. The weaknesses of magic are fairly proliferate. Her magic relies on her strength. The greater the spell, the more costly to her strength. The older she becomes, the stronger she will become, but as it stands cast a teleportation spell for herself can leave her only slightly tired if it is within a few hundred miles, but teleporting across a continent can leave her winded and in dire need of a nap. Teleporting others can cost her twice the energy. Similarly, if she uses objects to fuel her spells, those objects and elements will run out of energy and leave her forced to use her own. She, like most sorcerers, pays homage to deities who can choose assist her in her magicks when Emmeline does not have the power for the task. The gods she pays homage to Andraste, Ceridwyn, and Rhiannon who together make up a triumvirate of war, magic, and death. The three goddess gifted Boudicca (the first, respectively) with her magic, granting her strengths beyond that of the normal Tuatha de Dannan, and imbued her bloodline with it.
    * Telekinesis [Magic]: Emmeline can move objects with her mind, create energy shields, and fly via telekinesis. ▷ Her current strength maxes at 250lbs. The more she practices and the longer she has her powers, the stronger she will get. Her max strength is at that of a semi-truck. Her telekinesis is reliant on her focus.
    *Telepathy [Magic]: Emmeline can communicate telepathically with others, but she cannot control minds, only read them.
    Psychic Memory [Magic] Emmeline can access the memory of her past Druid and warrior ancestors to seek out their knowledge and known spells. The ability occurs as an almost trance-like state, putting her complete conscious on the back burner and allowing her ancestor's memory to take hold of her physical body.
    ▷ She can only channel one ancestor at a time. If she remains in a memory too long, she can find herself influenced by them, with something as simple as their dislike for tea that might last a few days, to a change in temperament.
    ▷ The memories, once accessed, are forgotten upon Emmeline ceasing to channel the ancestor. However, she cannot just memorize spells. Like any form of information or data, she has to work to memorize them.
    ▷ Regardless of the spell she might suddenly know the mechanics of, she cannot cast a spell she does not have the strength or lent energy to fuel it with.
    *Truth Sense [Bearer of Fragarach]: As a descendant of Boudicca and the bearer of Fragarach, Emmeline can tell when she is being lied to.
    *Augury/Sight [Bearer of Fragarach]: While unable to truly see the future, Emmeline can sense what steps or actions might lead her to certain outcomes. She might sense that one street may take her to a dangerous area, or that by picking a certain number on a lotto card she could earn an extra five dollars. In a fight she might know that by striking high she would be more successful. She thinks she just is "lucky" while in reality she can sense the strands of the future her actions would lead her to. Eventually she will develop the ability to see more of these strands and explore them more indepth.
    *Tuatha Physicality: Emmeline is stronger, faster, and more resilient than the average human. She can run at about 35 mph. Her reflexes allow her to take on multiple opponents at once with ease. Her senses are far more honed than an average human as well, Emmeline can see in pitch blackness, smell a specific perfume a mile away, and hear whispers from a quarter mile away if she knows what to listen for. She can lift just under 350 lbs using just her upper body strength, and can leg press just under 600lbs. Her magically imbued body does not tire as quickly as a human, and she can go several days without tiring. Additionally, she heals quicker than a human, a broken bone for her would take a few days to heal. Her physiology also allows her to take more damage than an average human. She isn't invulnerable but she can withstand blunt force and weapons more than a mere mortal's flesh would. It takes considerable force for her skin to be broken and more so to break her bones.
    *Agelessness: Due to her Tuatha de Dannan physicality, Emmeline will appear to stop aging once she reaches physical maturity. While not immortal, many Tuatha have lived well over a thousand years.
    *Martial Skills: Emmeline trained in horseback riding, archery, gymnastics, Krav Maga, Kendo, and Judo while in boarding school. Her fighting skills have become more enhanced since her awakening.
    *Battle Instincts: Her battle instincts and agility are as well honed as a professional solider or warrior's would be, and she is gifted with a warrior's instinct by the goddesses. She knows battle techniques, strategies, and knowledge from across the ages. This is enhanced by her augury/sight ability.

  • Magical Attacks: Emmeline is susceptible to magic attacks, and must defend herself against them. Additionally, magical weapons will hurt her far easier than a mortal one would.
  • Rescinded Gifts: The goddesses who gave Boudicca greater powers than that of the average Tuatha can remove the blessing from her bloodline should Emmeline turn her back on her legacy or become corrupt. Were this to happen, all of Emmeline's abilities except for her Augury, Truth Sense, and Tuatha Physicality would be removed.
  • Magical Strength: Emmeline can only cast spells that she has strength for. To overexert herself can result in illness and in extreme cases, comatose or possibly death. She cannot, for example, raise the dead. She would die in the process.
  • Physical: Emmeline may heal fast, but she is not invulnerable. Extreme blunt force can hurt her, and she can grow ill from over exertion of magic. If Superman were to attack her, those injuries could take weeks to heal.
  • Mental: Should Emmeline be attacked telepathically by another more experienced telepath, she could be harmed through that avenue as well.
  • Daphne du Croix: Emmeline cares deeply for Daphne, and though she is currently unaware of her friend's vendetta or abilities, she would find herself truly conflicted over the news.
  • Family Issues: Emmeline has an extremely complex relationship with her father, but she still loves him and he could be used against her.

  • Fragarach: Emmeline is the bearer of the Tuatha blade Fragarach, the Answerer, the Blade of Wind. The blade can compel the truth out of even the toughest foes. It is unbreakable and can be summoned by her from anywhere. The blade has been known to summon windstorms and gales when fueled by the magic of it's bearer. As the rightful heir to Fragarach, Emmeline has been gifted with augury and truth sense.
  • Heiress to Sterling Industries: Emmeline will inherit Sterling Industries from her father
  • Titles: Emmeline will inherit the title of Countess of Mar when her father passes.

Personality: Write your character's personality here.

It was a spring day when the first born child of Lord Henry and Lady Viviane Sterling came into world. Emmeline was not what her father had expected, he dreamt of a son who could carry on the family name. Even so, Emmeline was well loved as a child. She spent many days with her mother working in the Sterling and Sotheby Society, a program devoted to preserving the archeology and anthropological cultures of the British Isles. It was her mother’s project, and amidst the stacks and cases of artifacts and books Emmeline’s love of history and anthropology was sparked. Her childhood was the stereotypical rosy affair for any noble family. She spent many summers with her friend Daphne, another aristocrat with a stuffy father. It was a good childhood. But it was not to last. Her mother passed when Emmeline was six in a freak accident while on an anthropological expedition at Stonehenge. Emmeline was despondent, her father was distraught. Darker days fell on the Sterling household. Her father withdrew and grew strict and cold, his expectations for familial greatness falling upon Emmeline’s young shoulders. Lord Henry never remarried and Emmeline found herself growing up far too quickly as she took on the task of raising herself and vying for her father’s affection against the greatest of opponents—The House of Lords and Sterling Industries. Her father chose the responsibilities of lord and executive over his family.

Primary School: Emmeline’s entrance into school began a rigorous ordeal for the young girl. Kensington School for Higher Learning was the premier academy in England for the children of the children of the old guard gentry and nouveau riche with the prerequisite amount of scholarship students to maintain the school’s public image. Students at Kensington were trained and taught with the expectation of entering in professions and accomplishments that would bring renown to the already quite impressive list of alumni, the Lord Henry Sterling being among them. While there, Emmeline was dropped into the sea of academia. Despite the rigors of the education, Emmeline did find herself making a friend with one of the scholarship students: Beth, better known as Bex, Thompson. Bex was decidedly not an approved influence on the young Emmeline’s life. Her father disapproved of the scrappy girl from the middle class suburbs of England. But, despite her father’s misgivings, Emmeline spent many a day studying with Bex and taking part in adventures in the city. Bex was the first friend to visit Emmeline’s home since the death of her mother. It was Bex who introduced Emmeline to Dr. Who, the Beatles, and roller skating. It was with Bex that Emmeline found herself enjoying her time outside Sterling Manor and the entrapment of the walls of her father’s house seat at Glen Yare Castle. In her eighth year at Kensington, Emmeline found herself in a row with her father. She had spent most of her reform years attempting to appease her father’s demands and impress him, but it had become an impossible task. When she mentioned joining a public football league with Bex and working with the Sterling and Sotheby Society instead of Sterling Industries over the summer, her father practically imploded. Emmeline, furious, went to school that morning spitting fire. She wanted out of the confinement her father had sought to impose on her. Bex caught her walking on the way to school, having eschewed the assistance of the family driver. It was Bex who suggested they run off for the day, wildly proposing escaping England and journeying for freedom. Of course, they both knew that wasn’t possible, but Emmeline was more than happy to mar her perfect record and ditch school for a day.

teens: Emmeline was sent away to boarding school in France at the age of thirteen.
Finishing School: That night she returned home to a storm. Her father promptly transferred her to DuBeaux Finishing School in Champagne, France. Despite the obvious conformity and continued rigors of the course work, Emmeline surprisingly enjoyed her time at DuBeaux—the classes on manners and charm excluded. She joined equestrian, practiced in martial arts, and was free (mostly,) of her father’s suffocating disapproval. She pursued her passions, content in knowing that her father’s expectations could wait for a while. At seventeen she was accepted into Oxford College.

adult: Collegiate: Upon graduating from DuBeaux Emmeline attended Oxford, majoring in Business and Anthropology for her bachelors. She graduated with her bachelors in record time and was accepted into the prestigious Masters program at Star City University - the leading program for Anthropology in America and as far from her father as she could get. After a major row, he agreed to allow her to attend SCU with the condition of her also pursuing a masters in business and agreed to an internship with Oliver Queen.
Descendant of Boudicca: It was nearing Christmas, Star City was alive with lights and carolers, the streets had already been dusted with snow. Emmeline was buried in books, researching for her thesis, when the knock came at the door of the archives. Despite remembering how every horror movie started with a moment like this, she made her way through the empty archives to the door. The hallways was empty, a lone package on the floor the only sign any one had been there. Emmeline had opened the package, ignoring the nagging feeling of that had settled in her gut. She was surprised at finding a curling gold torque in the shape of an ouroboros sitting amidst the tissue paper. The moment she touched it, her vision flashed white and blurred, images flashing faster than her mind could compute. She saw war, death, faces of women she didn’t know, and yet felt as though she did. Her heart was thudding as one face appeared she did recognize, that of her mother, Viviane, and her skin was alive with blue woad and energy flew from her hands— Magic. Emmeline had seen magic. She woke on the floor of her apartment, her head throbbing, a feeling of knowing settling over her. Knowing…what? Beneath the tissue paper a small journal lay bound in leather. Head aching, Emmeline opened the book, hoping for answers. What she found sent her life spinning down an entirely different road than she could ever have imagined. The book was a chronicle and grimoire in one, shimmering with magic. Within it were the entries and spells of the women she had seen, and more importantly, an explanation. She was descended from Boudicca, the warrior queen of the Iceni and a denizen of the Tuatha de Dannan, a race of superior beings. Boudicca had fallen in love with a human, Prasutagus, and left the Tuatha to live beside him. She had been gifted by the greater goddesses of the Tuatha with powers beyond those of her people. While all Tuatha are strong and fast, Boudicca had become something more, sent to defend the humans who worshipped her kind. It was the responsibility and inheritance of Boudicca’s bloodline, begun ages ago when the warrior queen faced down the violence and cruelty of Rome. Now, it was Emmeline’s mantle to bear. It was the last page of the chronicle that left Emmeline dazed. April 3rd, 1997. It was the day before her mother’s death. There was only one word; “Tuatha”
Currently: Currently Emmeline continues studying at SCU while also working as the constantly harried assistant to Oliver Queen, dabbling in business and cultural articles for local papers while she has the time. She has had her powers only three months, and as such has been working to control and hone them while studying grimoires and other sources.