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Ensign Felix Carter


Join Date
Feb 26, 2018

Felix Carter

Allegiance: Star Fleet Federation & Terran Empire
Title (if any): Ensign
Nickname(if any): "The Demon of the Ship"
Sex: Male
Species: Terran
Age: 21
Role: Ops Officer

Felix is a rather unique case for a young Starfleet Ensign as he is probably the only person in Starfleet that is from another Universe. A universe not so much different from this one with some minor changes of course, things that aren't really that noticeable to most. Things such as the Human Race being the superior species and enslaving every other species, Starfleet not existing and instead, the Terran Empire was a leading force in the Universe, it's iron grip tightened around the Universe and anything that did not conform to this, they were quickly wiped out like getting rids of ants. As such, everyone in the Terran Empire lived in fear, even its higher officers.

Ever since Felix was a young boy, he was always on a spaceship, travelling through the stars and seeing the beauty that space offered. However, that was a long time ago and Felix has since almost had that dream completely stamped out by his Father. His Mother was not any better, with Felix not knowing her as she was soon transferred onto a different ship, which was done though his Father's considerable influence so that he did not have any intervention from her and he could mold him exactly the way he liked... and that goal was to teach Felix how to be ruthless as he could be.

For a long as he could remember, Felix's father groomed Felix to take over from him when he was older, with the goal of being so cut-throat that he would eventually would try to become the Emperor of the Terran Empire. As such, his Father was always brutal with him, believing that if Felix was weak and stupid, that he would have no chance of making it in this brutal and harsh universe. As such, Felix really only ever saw his Father as a brutal force, someone who pushed him and took pleasure beating these lessons into him. However, as a result of this, Felix became an efficient and excellent officer under his father's tutelage, joining the Terran Empire Space Force and eventually working his way up to Lieutenant and being assigned to his own starship, ISS Dauntless

Felix worked well onboard his ship along with it's crew however, that all came to a stop when they were ambushed by rebels that opposed the Terran Empire fired upon the Dauntess as Felix was beaming back onto the ship. This event caused a beaming malfunction which meant that he subsequently beamed into another Universe. The Universe of StarFleet. Of course, Felix was confused when he first arrived, believing that he had just had a small problem beaming however, after further investigation, he realised that he was on the USS Dauntless in a completely different universe. It had appeared as though he had swapped with the other Felix who was beaming at the same time. Transporters were known to have so many interesting kinks and issues that could occur however, beaming through universes was something that he had never heard of. Well, he couldn't really tell anyone that he was not from this universe, so he has hidden his true identity and he has submitted to his demotion. However, it is clear to others that he has changed since the battle of Komaki, they just don't know the full extent of how different he truly is.