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Starship Galactic Alliance Agave-class Scout Corvette


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Jul 5, 2019
Agave-Class Scout Corvette

Vehicle Type: Corvette

Affiliation: Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet

Length: 190 meters

MGLT: 80

Hyperdrive rating: 1 (Back-up: Rating 12)

Weaponry: 2 Turbolaser Cannons, 2 twin laser cannon turrets.

Capacity: 5 passengers

Supplies: 3 months' supplies

FMU cost: 150

The Agave-class Scout Ship is a highly specialized warship. Its hull and shielding are strictly average for a corvette, whereas its weaponry is somewhat underwhelming for a capital ship of this scale, though the small frame and placement of the laser cannons in turrets give them a broad enough field of fire to make it a viable picket ship in combat.

Where it shines, however, is operating either alone or in small groups of identical ships. The Agave is built with sensor-absorbing materials, and is shaped in such a way as to avoid reflecting active sensors back onto their source. What this means is that so long as the ship is at long range, isn't burning thrusters at full, using weapons or hyperdrives, it fades away from sensor systems. This is not an active stealth system, and visual inspections will still find the ship normally, which means this function isn't perfect, and only operates at long range. Suffering hull damage also breaks up the ship's profile and causes this technology to stop operating.

This passive stealth technology is paired with strong sensor systems, a fast hyperdrive and crews trained for hyperspace microjumps to result in a ship thoroughly optimized to detect threats, study them, and then report back to the fleet.


The Agave is a Scout Ship, and meant to shine only in that role. It functions unlike a normal corvette in the following ways:

Under-armed: The Agave is underpowered in weaponry. It takes two of them to pool up firepower equivalent to a single normal corvette.

Passive Stealth: At long range the Agave does not show up on regular sensors. The Agave can move slowly and maintain its stealth, but if it fires thrusters to full, fires weapons, uses its hyperdrive or receives hull damage this technology stops functioning.
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