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Slytherin Grayson Aconyte


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Jan 19, 2019

Grayson Aconyte

Seventh Year Student
Grayson Aconyte

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NAME: Grayson Aconyte.

AGE: 17, born 1916.


HOMETOWN: The Aconyte Estate, Outside Christchurch, New Zealand. Resides at Hogwarts.

HEIGHT: 5 ft 10.

WEIGHT: 79 kg.


EYE COLOR: Dark Grey.

WAND: Aspen Wood,11 and ¾ inches, Dragon Heartstring, rigid.


Character Information


“You're just an insolent child. A pitiful heir to the Aconyte name. Just a disappointment, and a defective one at that.”

Grayson is the only child to Richard and Annette and heir apparent to the legacy of the pureblooded Aconyte family located in New Zealand. With roots dating back to 16th century England before moving to New Zealand shortly after its colonization, the Aconytes are a family known for their production of extremely capable duelists and their family tree includes several Aurors throughout time. Among the wealthiest of the Wizarding Families in the Australasian region of the world, they have remained loyal to the Ministry of Magic for as long as anybody can remember. Considered to be somewhat reclusive, their views on Muggles and Halfbloods have been recorded as being positive, with most family heads believing that everybody should be given a chance to achieve greatness. Richard and Annette attended Hogwarts together, later marrying after a lengthy courtship later in their lives with Richard being a respected duelist and Auror, while Annette worked within the Ministry. Eventually the two returned to New Zealand after Richards father passed after a fatal heart attack. As Richard continued his work as an Auror, working largely within the region, Annette prepared for her first child to enter the world.

Graysons very early life was filled with happiness, raised largely by his mother with infrequent visits by his father. By the time Grayson was on the cusp of adolescence, Richard had suffered from an injury to the chest that required his immediate retirement, though he eventually recovered. Annette had spent the years gently grooming her son for his time at Hogwarts, showing her young son how to recognize some herbs, a favorite of hers and one of her only O grades at Hogwarts alongside Potions . After his father became a permanent fixture in his life, Grayson's grooming shifted to become more vigorous, with his father eager to mold his son into a worthy successor to the Aconyte name.

When he was separated from his parents to attend his first year at Hogwarts, Grayson was a bubbling, excitable boy. Sorted into Slytherin, he made some passing friendships, however he focused largely on his studies due to inheriting his fathers ambition for his own future. While he did not necessarily agree with the views that Slytherin students should rally against Muggleborns and Halfbloods, Grayson also found that he didn't entirely care when he spotted one of his House mates harassing one in a hallway. His sympathy was quite overshadowed by his desire to live up to his families reputation. A month into his second year at Hogwarts, Grayson received word that his mother had been murdered in a motor vehicle accident caused by an intoxicated muggle. Returning home for a very short time, Grayson found that his father had been greatly affected by Annettes death and began to take out his grief on his son. Vigorous encouragement for his son to become the best had transformed into a demand instead, with Grayson barely able to properly his mothers death due to Richard sending him back to Hogwarts the very day after Annettes funeral.

Over the next few years, Grayson grew to become detached to those around him at the school, pouring himself into his studies and blatantly ignoring social interaction. This turned him into a pariah among his year group, with the gossips pinning him to either drop out or fall to darkness. By the time he reached his fifth year, Grayson was a far cry from the bubbly and excitable boy he'd been when he had arrived at Hogwarts. Isolated almost entirely from the student body aside from passing interactions that were far and few in between, he had also grown distant from his father. Each time the young Wizard returned from Hogwarts for the holidays, Grayson was reprimanded, criticized and eventually outright abused by his father, who consistently defamed his son for being a second rate student, despite impressive grades. Around this time, Grayson found himself beginning to harbor hatred in his heart for his own father, and by extension the ministry itself, as he was constantly being harassed by his patriarch about living up to the standards of the organization. He had also grown wary of the muggleborn students, having never forgotten that it was a muggle who'd killed his mother. Back at Hogwarts, Grayson had become a fierce duelist and recognized as among the best of his age group, as well as developing a keen interest in Wizard History. However, he had also been warned to reign in his particularly aggressive dueling style after injuring a classmate during one such duel.

While he remains a quiet young man, Graysons ambition to become one of the best has transformed into an apparent obsession to grow more powerful than his father. During his recent visit home, Grayson developed a strong connection with another young Wizard, something that soon grew to become more than friendship. After Richard discovered this, he was reviled for his heir and forbid their further interaction, labeling his son as "Just a disappointment, and a defective one at that." The two got into a verbal disagreement which quickly turned physical and finally, magical. Though something highly illegal in the Wizarding World, the two of them had engaged in a very brief duel, in which Grayson had been injured. Suffering degradation from his father after being disarmed, Grayson was finally pushed to the edge of his emotional state, shutting down and dissociating almost entirely. His return to Hogwarts finds Grayson lacking interest in anything but his quest. Even the muggles and halfbloods don't draw a reaction from him anymore, his unresolved emotions from Annettes death now forced down behind his new goal.

Withdrawn, nearly silent and apathetic to most things around him, Grayson knows that he doesn't just want to become more powerful than his father.

He's going to kill him.


“... Yeah.”

Grayson is well spoken, when he actually talks, though his tone is eerily hollow for one of his age. Despite some very particular conditioning from his mother to always adhere to the courtesies of interaction, the young wizard has become utterly blunt and even foul mouthed at times. Despite being in Slytherin, circumstances have changed Grayson into a complete loner who couldn't care less about the other members of his House. Anger is not something that Grayson will usually display unless in the presence of his father, or ministry colleagues, though this is usually a quiet anger to compliment his near silent persona. He is one of those people that has no friends, but almost everybody knows who he is solely for his disposition and partially, his family reputation. Grayson doesn't care about friends, believing that they won't be able to help him and he is almost completely self reliant, aside from when he is searching for greater knowledge or seeking advice from a professor on how to further improve his impressive dueling skills. There was a time when Grayson was happier, willing to engage in some tempered social interaction but that person is long gone. Going into his seventh year, he is practically a husk of what once was. One of the only emotions he actually feels is a sense of self loathing after the aggressive reaction from his father about discovering Graysons short lived romance.


Ancient Runes: A.

Astronomy: P.

Care of Magical Creatures: A.

Charms: O.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: O.

Herbology: O.

History of Magic: E.

Potions: O.

Transfiguration: O.

Apparition Status: Passed.

Corporeal Patronus: Achieved, Wolf form.

Animagus: Yes, Large Black Wolf with Silver Eyes.

Special Abilities: None.