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Gunnar an Craite


Big Poppa
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Feb 21, 2018

Gunnar an Craite


Real Name: Gunnar an Craite
Aliases: None
Age: 122
Species: Witcher
Sex: Male
Occupation: Witcher, School of the Bear
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 280
Iris Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Black

Skills and Gear

Abilities & Skills:
  • Excellent with bladed weapons & hand to hand, trained Witcher.
  • Proficient Marksman, trained Zerrikanian Archer
  • Understanding of each basic sign, proficient with Quen.
  • Can shout really, really loud.
  • Really loud.
  • Seasoned Veteran, has understanding of most monsters and combat techniques.
  • Unnaturally physically strong and heightened senses from Trial of Grasses.
  • Experienced Traveler, understanding of most places rules and cultures.
  • Can appear emotionless like most Witchers, though has a hard time suppressing his anger.
  • Extremely Volatile, terrible in public spaces if provoked.
  • Doesn't follow orders well.
  • Bossy.
  • Reckless, too daring for his own good.
  • Eats with his mouth open.
  • Terrible Breath.
  • Never Wears a shirt.
  • Apathetic about most things.
  • Uses Signs less than most Witchers, prone to being hit.
  • Ursine Silver Bladed Sword
  • Ursine Steel Bladed Sword
  • Zerrikanian Bow + Quiver of Arrows
  • Modified Ursine Armor (This dude doesn't wear shirts lmao)
  • Satchel of Witcher Bombs, enhanced by his time in Zerrikania
Biography and Personality

Gunnar is an old, tired Witcher. He has lived much longer than the average human, knowing nothing but the Path. Taken at a young age from Clan an Craite, Gunnar was swiftly forgotten. Once a prodigy of his family as a talented young boy with a bright future, the child became someone no one dare spoke of after being taken by a Witcher invoking the Law of Surprise. A terrible misfortune following his parents and his clan, but it was what was right and fair to the Witcher that had saved them from a creature that had slain many of an Craite and Skelligers alike. While it was a great honor to their clan for respecting the Law of Surprise, Gunnar's parents and immediate family mourned their son as if he was dead. For a fledgling Witcher... that was typically the reality. The child was barely eight, taken to the Witcher School of the Bear. Here Gunnar trained and underwent the Trial of Grasses, being one of the few children being brought up with him to actually survive. Much like other Witchers who mutated further than originally intended, Gunnar's skin became a sickening pale color, unnaturally white from that point forward. However he emerged a full blown Witcher, one with unnatural strength and abilities tuned perfectly to hunt monsters and to walk the Path.

The forgotten an Craite son walked the path for decades, brutalizing monsters and refusing to bow to anyone along the way. Men and Beast fell to Gunnar's hands, the Witcher simply trying to get by on his terms. In his younger years he was hot headed and cocky, taking on impossible contracts just for the story, the glory and the money. He spent decades roaming the Continent, hunting monsters and reaping riches. He was a natural at this, swiftly becoming someone who gained a reputation as a fair and honest Witcher... a hot headed and brutal one, but one people respected nonetheless.... though the mutant haters were greater in number.

As the years went on Gunnar became more impatient finding the next contract. He spent more time dealing with local politics or getting hunted down by mutant and witch hunters than getting paid so he resigned that maybe the Northern Realms wasn't meant for him. He made a difficult journey south, leaving behind all the familiar territory and the knowledge of his surroundings. Now he was in a new land, one with different monsters and different rules: Zerrikania.

The Queendom was nothing like he had ever seen before, the people operating under a Queen and with women taking up a traditionally masculine role (in comparison to the Northern Realms) in their society. For too long Gunnar had been under the rule of man, plagued by those who thought they could tell a lonesome Witcher what to do simply by being in their territory. Here Gunnar thrived, the staggering heat pleasant on his Skelligen skin and the hunt here more treacherous than ever before. Here is where Gunnar resided for several years, fighting alongside a clan he had found that had accepted him after he slain a basilisk that had roamed into town. He had a purpose and he was part of a community, the first time ever in his life.

As per Zerrikanian tradition, Gunnar tattooed his body in a way to celebrate his new culture. A massive red stripe to symbolize what Zerrikanian's worshiped the most: dragons. Now Gunnar never truly believed in the religion, he was a Witcher who had seen too many things to ever worship anything. However, for his new family he embraced the customs and became a Free Warrior, one of the few men that would fight in this society down south. Gunnar found himself a wife that understood no children could be birthed from a Witcher, fortunately for them both the woman had an offspring of her own already. A daughter, one that made Gunnar's heart swell as much as a Witcher's could. The Witcher had found himself a family and nearly settled down, enjoying the Zerrikanian heat and way of life. For fifty years Gunnar was the resident Witcher of his clan and the area, often venturing far from home to help others around him. He was happy, truly happy for the first time in his life.

In an instant it was all gone.

Slain by a Northerner Bandit group, Gunnar's clan was mercilessly killed for their supplies and their homes. He returned one night to find everything he had ever known taken from him while he was gone, defenseless to do anything to protect his people. Gunnar had been out on a Witcher contract, the man too far from home to help. At first he attacked himself, berating himself for leaving to help other clans when his own clan was the most important. His anger grew to the point that he charged his old home and killed each and every bandit that had taken his family and people away from him. Gunnar had originally been taken from a clan and turned into a Witcher, restricting him of a real home and people that cared for him. He had then found both family and others to look after... and after all the bloodshed he caused to avenge them he was left feeling empty. A husk of his former self. His wife was dead. His daughter was dead. His people were dead.

Gunnar had been defeated.

As he's gotten older and as he's lost the people closest to him he has grown more stoic, more apathetic and much more miserable. Lacking ever forming a tight connection with his Witcher School of Bear brethren or those from other Witcher Schools, he was left with common folk who hated him because of the mutant he was. He was now also marked a Zerrikanian, so now many of his Skelliga brothers and sisters looked down on a Witcher branded Zerrikanian even more so. Resigning to his fate, Gunnar an Craite continues to walk the path, not for the satisfaction of helping people nor the thrill of the hunt anymore. He simply does so because that's what he was made to do and it's the only thing that makes him feel somewhat alive. Gunnar feels like his unnaturally long life span is a curse, his abilities pointless in such an unforgiving world. He cares little for world events or speaking with others now but deep down is a grizzled old man who longs for things he has already lost. Now he walks the path back home in the Skellige Isles, slaying beasts in familiar waters until something more important comes along his way.

He no longer steps foot or speaks of Zerrikania, the pain still fresh even decades later.