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Approved Hero Canon Hal Jordan - Green Lantern


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Feb 22, 2018
"I've always done what I truly believed was right. At first, people called me a hero for it ... and then a villain. As the memory of what I've done — and been — fades, I hope I will be seen ... in a different light."

Green Lantern

Real Name: Hal Jordan
Codename: Green Lantern of Sector 2814
Age: 46
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Intergalactic space cop
Homeworld: Earth
Height: 6' 2"
Hair Color: Brown
Appearance: Tall in stature and athletic in build, Hal is certainly capable in his own right even without his power ring. When not in the form fitting green, black, and white uniform of the Green Lantern Corps, he's usually found wearing a t-shirt and jeans with a well worn old bomber jacket.

Personality: Even after years of being a test pilot, going on intergalactic adventures, various run-ins with evil of all sorts, and even raising a daughter, Hal Jordan still has a bit the cocky and brash attitude he's so well known for. Granted, he's more level-headed and patient than he had been in the past, especially in regards to his daughter, but he's still more likely than not to go with his gut instead of stopping and thinking. In addition to this, Hal has been known to have a quick wit and a capability to think on his feet quite well.

Abilities & Skills:
Without a Power Ring:
  • Expert Pilot
  • Expert Mechanic
  • Proficient in boxing and basic hand-to-hand techniques

With a Power Ring:
  • Flight
  • Energy Projection
  • Force Fields
  • Energy Construct Generation
  • Light Refraction
  • Universal Translator
  • Advanced Scanning Capabilities
  • Access to the vast knowledge of the Guardians of the Universe
  • Extra-dimensional storage of personal Lantern Power Battery

  • Without ring, can still be killed as easily as any other human.
  • Power Ring requires periodic recharging, and becomes useless if drained
  • Hal cares very much for his family, and will go to great lengths to save them

  • Worn bomber jacket previously owned by his father
  • Normal casual clothes
  • Green Lantern Power Ring
  • Ring Power Battery
Lantern Corps Personnel Audio File #300000046 - Lantern Hal Jordan Biographical Data:
soft shuffling, a man is heard clearing his throat, then begins speaking.
Hal Jordan: So, I guess this is where I introduce myself...My name is Hal Jordan, I'm the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and the first human to ever be inducted into the Corps. I guess the archivists here on Oa want me make a record of my life story so far, something about wanting to see my perspective. I suppose there's no harm in it, so here goes...

I was born and raised in Coast City, California on Earth. Had a pretty standard childhood at first, two amazing parents doing everything they could to raise me right. My dad was my hero growing up. He'd been a pilot in the Air Force, then became a test pilot for a company called Ferris Air...He's the reason I love flying so much, he inspired me to always keep going and reach for greater things...Man, I thought he was the greatest, I mean who wouldn't? Your dad is a military vet and a test pilot for the biggest company in the city, you end up feeling like the coolest kid on the block, and it seems like nothing could stop him.

Until it did stop him, in a very real way....

They told us it was a mechanical fluke, nothing could've prevented it...He'd just taken off in Ferris' newest plane, was going to put it through its paces one last time before we took it down to Edwards to show off to the military...I was watching from the ramp, hell, I can still remember the roar that beast made when its engine spun up. Anyways, the wheels had just cleared the tarmac when the engine erupted into a fireball...He could've punched out immediately and saved himself, but he stayed with it and kept it away from the spectators area. Plane exploded on impact, he died instantly, or so I'm told...I still have his old bomber jacket from his Air Force days, and I'm never giving it up. He died a hero, and he inspired me to pursue becoming a pilot.

Once I was out of high school, I signed on with the Air Force, and eventually managed to get through officer's school and into the pilot's seat. Ring slinging has its own rush, but it'll never the beat the feeling I had the first time I pushed a jet up past Mach 1 and went supersonic. Our rings cushion everything, keep us from liquefying ourselves when we move at the speeds we can, but in a jet...there's nothing that advanced. Just a G-suit and your own endurance as the G's slam you back into your seat and press the air from your lungs. There's nothing like it, I tell you what....Anyways, getting off topic here. I spent several years in the military, until one day an officer that had been around when my dad was in the service decided to get wise and mouth off about him. I cracked him across the jaw for it, and was subsequently discharged. Thankfully I still had friends back home, and wouldn't you know it, I got myself a job flying planes for Ferris Air, just like my old man. There was just one difference this time; Carol Ferris. When I was a kid, her dad ran things and I had a bit of a crush on her. Now, she was in charge and, well, I still had the crush. More on that later. For now, lets talk how I ended up with this ring on my finger.

I'd been working at Ferris for a while when it happened. I'd just left the main hangar after checking the progress on my plane's maintenance when there was a bright green flash and suddenly I was zipping across the desert with this glowing chunk of metal on my finger. When I arrived at the crash site, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was real, bona fide spaceman and his smashed up ship. He told me his name was Abin Sur, and that he was dying. He told me of the Corps, of their duty to protect all life in the universe, their Oath, and that I was to be his successor. His last request was that I didn't let his remains or ship be found by the earths governments. So I put on the ring, said the Oath into the Lantern, and used the ring's power to bury him and his ship under a mountain. And so it was for a year or two, I ran around Earth saving people when I wasn't strapped into a jet back at Ferris. Then one day the ring lit up with a distress call, and pulled me into a trip to the next Sector over, 2813. There I met Lantern Tomar-Re, and after helping deal with invaders plaguing his home, he told me of Oa and the training I could undergo there. And that's how I found out about the Guardians and just how big the Corps was. Suddenly it wasn't just Earth I was being a hero for, it was for an entire Sector, hundreds of planets. Thaal Sinestro and Kilowog oversaw my training, and I'm still friends with close friends with the big guy. Sinestro on the other hand...well I'm sure the archives this recording is heading to have plenty on that bastard and his betrayal.

It was after Sinestro's exile from the Corps and betrayal of its members that things got...messy for me. See, our rings used to have an impurity to them. The Guardians were always vague about it, only noting that it rendered the rings weakened, if not outright powerless, against anything with the color yellow. Well as it turns out, that "impurity" comes from the living embodiment of Fear itself, a monstrous parasite called Parallax, that had been imprisoned within the Corps' Central Power Battery. To make a really long story a bit shorter, when Sinestro was finally caught and hauled to Oa for trial, it was deemed necessary to execute him for the greater good. Sneaky bastard managed to severe his essence from his body and slip into the Central Battery to escape death. Once in there, he shut it down, and so I went in after him. Of course I took care of the problem and restored power to the Corps...but I was also infected by Parallax at the same time. It was smart and stayed hidden for quite a while, biding its time, whittling away at my resistance. I carried on as a Lantern for years with no real effects, but then Mogul and Hank Henshaw arrived. Suddenly Coast City, the place I'd called home all my life, was gone in a flash of fire and death. The incredible willpower I'd been singled out for by Abin's ring all that time ago finally broke, and Parallax made its move. It possessed me, and used me to lay waste to the Corps, the Guardians, and Oa itself. And I didn't stop there. I went on to terrorize the universe for years....I'm not proud of what I did then, and know some part of me went with it willingly, but I am deeply regretful of all that happened while I had that thing possessing me. Thankfully Ganthet managed to survive and inducted Kyle Rayner as a new Lantern, and he served as the only Lantern for a time. Eventually, the fiasco with the Sun-Eater happened, and in what I thought was going to be my last act in this world, I forced Parallax to burn us both out to reignite the sun and stop the creature from hurting anyone ever again.

Oh how wrong I was.

My soul ended up binding to an entity known as the Spectre, a Spirit of Vengeance. I...still don't remember all that I did as the Spectre, but I do remember trying to use my time as its host to redeem myself in anyway I could, with variable success. After I don't know how long, the Spectre realized the nature of Parallax and that it was still bonded to me. With the help of Gathet and some recently resurrected Lanterns, the Spectre separated me from Parallax and I was guided back to my preserved body. It took some doing, but I got the Guardians and the newly reformed Corps to trust me enough to rejoin them, and that's how I've spent the last nearly twenty years, trying to make up for what I'd done. One of the things that's kept me going all this time is my daughter...Yeah, I've got a daughter. Not long after I came back from my time as the Spectre, I got reacquainted with Carol Ferris, who'd managed to rebuild her father's company after the city's destruction. We...well, you know, and little Carlie came into the world soon after. I admit at first I wasn't too onboard with the idea of being a father. Not only did the Corps keep me busy, but...I didn't think I was ready or deserving of it, not after what I'd done. But I came around, and now absolutely adore her. She's grown up into a brilliant young woman, and though the idea scares me, she's wanting to join the Corps and I can't help but think she'd make a great Lantern. I guess that'll be my next challenge to face, and I can't wait for it.

End of Recording, File Complete.