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Approved Hero Helena MacIntyre - Blue Lantern of Sector 2814


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Feb 21, 2018


Blue Lantern
Helena MacIntyre
Real Name: Helena MacIntyre | Superhero Name: Blue Lantern | Age: 505 years old (physically 25) | Species: Human | Sex: Female | Occupation: Blue Lantern of Sector 2814 | Homeworld: Earth | Height: 6’0” | Hair Color: Red
"Worry not. Faith shall see us through."―Helena MacIntyre, before assisting members of the Green Lantern Corps in stopping a populated planet from being destroyed by a supernova.


Helena MacIntyre was born in 1514 in the Scottish Highlands to a small branch of Clan MacIntyre, and was originally named Eilidh (the Scottish Gaelic version of "Helen") before eventually Latinizing her name as Helena.

From an early age, Helena was trained as a hunter of the supernatural, which at the time plagued various parts of Scotland. By the time she was sixteen, the teaching of a German cleric named Martin Luther had spread to Scotland, and Helena was swayed by his denouncement of the idea of Papal primacy and the practice of buying indulgences, among other things. This caused friction with her family, which did not accept her arguments, and Helena left them to pursue a life of hunting on her own by age 20.

It was at this point that the real turning point in Helena's life came: Low on funds, and pressed to keep herself alive and healthy in the pursuit of her mission from God as a hunter, Helena wound up saving a young Scottish noble named Adam Matheson from a vampire, and after explaining to him who she was and what she did, she was able to persuade the young noble to fund her exploits in exchange for her word that he would remain safe.

With a renewed vigor, Helena had a sword crafted from silver and consecrated with holy power to better combat the likes of demons, vampires, and werewolves, and up until the age of twenty-five she made good on her oath to Matheson. But after her 25th birthday, it appeared that the good Lord’s full intentions for her life were revealed after she was killed during a fight, only to find herself resurrected…

In 21st Century Gotham City.

With no idea where she was and struggling to comprehend what she had seen was the publication date on a newspaper, Helena struggled to make sense of her situation for several days before finally breaking down in a secluded spot and tearfully begging God to help her, the first time in years that she had become so desperate for answers. And so an answer came.

As Helena felt herself succumbing to despair, she found herself bathed in a blue light coming from behind her. Ceasing her crying and turning to see what was going on, she found what resembled a handheld lantern emitting that blue light, before out of it floated a strange blue ring that placed itself upon her finger. After a momentary vision of herself at peace in what appeared to be the Garden of Eden, and before Helena knew what was going on, she was suddenly rocketing up into the sky and through outer space itself, the ring placed on her right hand and the blue lantern held by her left. The ring seemed to speak to her, identifying her by name before informing her of her ability to both feel and spread great hope. As her faster-than-light trip ended, and Helena found herself on another planet-- more lush and beautiful than Earth, like an alien Garden of Eden-- the ring welcomed her to Odym, the world that she had seen in her vision and the home of the Blue Lantern Corps.

Helena spent three days being questioned and told of the existence of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Blue Light of Hope by Ganthet, a small blue humanoid who said he was once a “Guardian of the Universe”. While admittedly Helena struggled to understand some of the things told to her, she quickly came to believe that her coming back to life nearly five centuries after her death was God’s will for her; that she was to wield this Blue Light of Hope for the good of not simply her fellow man, but for all the universe, to help give all those in it peace and happiness. After these three days, Helena accepted her fate and was formally accepted into the Blue Lantern Corps, as the Corps’ representative of Sector 2814 and of humanity.

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