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Canon Hero Jessica "Spider-Woman" Drew {WIP}


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Dec 13, 2018
"Listen up, Bitchcakes... I'm Jessica Drew."


Real Name: Jessica Miriam Drew "Jess"
Superhero / Villain Name: Spider-Woman
Age: 80 (Born in the 1930's, but appears to be in her mid 30's.)
Species: Altered-Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Hero (Villain, formerly)
Home world: Earth
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Defining Features: Though Jessica's natural hair color is auburn, she prefers to keep it dyed jet-black, but now it is her natural hair.
FC: Meghan Ory

Personality: {Woven into Bio already, mostly canon personality}
Abilities & Skills:
Spider-Woman possesses several superhuman powers derived from the genetic experiment that granted her spider-like abilities, ultimately stemming from her status as a totemic avatar.

Nick Fury's intel classified her as Power Level 8.

Her powers include:

Superhuman Strength: Spider-Woman's muscular density and strength have been extraordinarily enhanced and enable her to lift about 7 tons.

Superhuman Speed: Spider-Woman is capable of running and moving at speeds much greater than even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Stamina: Spider-Woman's musculature generates less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair her.

Superhuman Durability: Spider-Woman's body is somewhat tougher and more resistant to injury than an ordinary human's, although she is far from invulnerable. She is capable of withstanding impact forces that would severely injure or kill an ordinary human with only mild to moderate discomfort.

Superhuman Agility: Spider-Woman's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits.

Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Woman's natural reaction time and reflexes are enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits.

Superhuman Flexibility: Spider-Woman's body is extraordinarily limber and her tendons and connective tissues are twice as flexible as the average human being's, despite the augmented musculature and its enhanced strength.

Superhuman Hearing: Spider-Woman's hearing is superhumanly acute and enables her to detect sound at virtually any frequency, and she's been known to detect, sort out, and correctly identify sounds through thick steel doors, and across considerable distances.

Contaminant Immunity: Spider-Woman's metabolism rapidly creates powerful immunities to all forms of toxins, poisons and drugs, after an initial exposure that usually makes her dizzy. Her body is totally immune to radiation.

Wall-Crawling: Spider-Woman's limbs can adhere to surfaces via electrostatic attraction. Spider-Woman can hold and carry a considerable amount of extra weight while sticking to walls without falling off; it's safe to assume that the weight she can carry is dozens of times her own, and the limits of how long she can do this before fatigue sets in are still unknown.

Venom Blasts: Her body possesses an inordinate amount of bio-electricity that she has learned to channel and discharge through her hands, in controlled bursts of what she calls "Venom Blasts". These energy projections vary in power; they mostly affect the nervous system in humans. Spider-Woman can regulate them, from simply a stun, to potent enough to kill an average-sized man in the same way that a lightning bolt could kill him.

Regenerative Healing Factor: She possesses a regenerative healing factor because during a battle with Wolverine, she was stabbed by his claws in the shoulder, but made a complete recovery in a matter of minutes.

Extended Longevity: Her regenerative healing factor also extend to her longer lifespans and slowed aging.

Pheromone Secretion: Her metabolism generates certain types of pheromones that can create fear, elicit attraction and/or repulsion on others, depending on unknown factors which might include gender and mood. This ability appears to be dormant at the moment.

Self-Propelled Glide: Jessica has the ability to glide through the air, which most people confuse with flight, despite her constantly stating she can't fly, only glide.

Master Martial Artist: Jessica is a highly experienced fighter trained in armed and unarmed combat under the Taskmaster. Her tactics integrate different methods utilized in Karate, Boxing, Capoeira, Judo and swordfighting.

Skilled Spy: She is also extensively trained in espionage, covert operations and stealth.

Skilled Acrobat: She is a superb athlete and an Olympic-level gymnast.

Multilingual: Due to her Hydra espionage training, she is fluent in several languages, including Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and German.

Skilled Investigator: Jessica is a seasoned private detective.

Strength level
7 tons

Weaknesses: Every interesting character has flaws, list them big and small here.
Belongings/Gear: Please provide links to the tech forum if it is a piece of armor, a weapon, a ship, a ground vehicle, or other miscellaneous tech that would require a writeup.

Biography: Early Life
When Jessica Drew was about a year old, her parents moved from England to a small cottage in the outskirts of Wundagore Mountain in Transia. Her father, Jonathan Drew, geneticist and research partner to the man who would later become the High Evolutionary, found large amounts of uranium in their property, which gave them the financial resources to build a research facility to keep working on their controversial studies of evolution, genetics and cell regeneration.

In the course of the next three years, life was good, until little Jessica became ill, poisoned by her long-time exposure to the Uranium that was so prevalent in their land. Jonathan, being an expert on the regenerative and immunological properties of arachnids' blood, injected Jessica with an untested serum made with the blood of several uncommon species of spiders, in the hopes of stopping the tissue damage and immunizing the girl from the Uranium radiation in her blood. Then, he sealed her in a genetic accelerator created by Herbert Wyndham a.k.a. the High Evolutionary to speed the process, but it only seemed to work at a very slow rate. In stasis for decades, her aging greatly slowed, until the treatments finally finished in recent years. Now a full grown woman with little life experience, Jessica found herself unwelcome among the New Men of Wundagore, who sensed the difference of her hybrid nature.


Jessica eventually set off on her own, leaving the Citadel of Science and found work as a barmaid in a nearby village. She also experienced her first romance, which tragically ended when an innocent prank panicked the young woman and she accidentally triggered a bioelectric blast that killed her boyfriend. Accused of witchcraft and murder, Jessica fled from an enraged mob into the clutches of Otto Vermis. The wealthy Vermis offered sanctuary to Jessica as a high-ranking leader in Hydra, an international terrorist movement. Vermis trained Jessica in the use of her powers and taught her espionage, martial arts, and various killing techniques. Hydra wanted to mold Jessica into the perfect assassin. Her mind already in a state of shock after the death of her boyfriend, Jessica lost all memory of her life before meeting Vermis, even her name. Mentallo used his powers to convince her that Hydra was an organization that fights the encroaching powers of corporations.

However, she rebelled on a basic level against them, going so far as to deviate from their conformity by making her first costume red instead of green. In her first and only field assignment for Hydra, Jessica refused to assassinate S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury. Rebelling against Hydra, Jessica defeated Vermis in a battle to the death. Before he died, Vermis tricked Jessica into believing that she was originally an artificially evolved spider instead of a mutated human.


Distraught by what she learned, Jessica wandered Europe until a clash with Hydra in London brought her into contact with the Thing and Modred the Mystic. Modred magically revealed the truth of Jessica's true origins, and she lived briefly in London.[20] She was approached by the mysterious sorcerer named Magnus. Magnus tutored her in the ways of civilization and informed her that her father was murdered, leading her on a hunt for his killer. Jessica traveled to the United States with Magnus. She and Magnus met up with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jerry Hunt (who started a romantic relationship with her), and the trio settled down in Los Angeles. During her first few months in L.A., Jessica ran afoul of immortal sorceress Morgan le Fay in her Spider-Woman guise and foiled her plans to acquire the Darkhold (a tome of dark magic). With Hunt's help, she identified her father's murderer who died immediately after confessing.

Eventually, she parted ways with both Jerry and Magnus, and struggled for a long time to find a sense of belonging and purpose in the world. Jessica met her first female friend, actress Lindsay McCabe, at a pop-psychologist's therapy group. The two became fast friends over their defiant departure from the group. While she looked for a steady job, Jessica began working as a bounty hunter as Spider-Woman. She worked alongside attorney Scotty McDowell until they parted ways over their different goals and methods.

Jessica accepted Lindsay's offer to be her roommate in San Francisco, and the two women started over in the City by the Bay. A period of personal success began in this time, beginning with Jessica's establishment as a private investigator. She quickly built a successful business and also fell in love with her landlord, David Ishima. Spider-Woman gained a reputation as the "Dark Angel of San Francisco", and even established ties with SFPD via Lieutenant Sabrina "Bree" Morrel.

Citizenship: British, American
Born in: England
Marital Status: Single
Occupations: Adventurer, Private Investigator, Espionage Agent, Secretary, Teacher
Known Relatives: Jonathan Drew (father, deceased), Miriam Drew (mother, deceased), Ariadne (Biological Daughter, Alive)

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