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Combat Joel Windsor


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May 6, 2018
Joel Windsor

Character Theme

NAME: Joel Windsor
AGE: 37
HEIGHT: 6'3"
BUILD: Athletic
HAIR: Dirty Blonde
EYE COLOUR: Green Hazel
OCCUPATION: Mercenary (Former Special Forces)
CLASS: Vanguard

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Born in 2147 in London on Earth, Joel Windsor was heir to a large family wealth in society. Descended from the now abolished monarchy of what was the United Kingdom, the Windsor family still had vast coffers and a public image to maintain. Unfortunately, none of these appealed to the young boy growing up. Treated with a cold but soft neglect by his parents, Joel never was close with any of his family aside from his older brother, Harry. At the age of 10, however, Joel lost his older brother when the young man was killed by Turians during the Occupation of Shanxi after the Aliiance garrison on the planet was surrendered. After that, the younger Windsor brother kept to himself quietly, shunning the rest of his family.

Once he turned 18, he immediately enlisted in the Alliance Military where his superiors took note of his biotics. Given the proper implants and training, he quickly was molded into a powerful Vanguard and fast-tracked into the Alliance Special Forces program. By the age of 29, however, he was promptly booted out of the program after several altercations with peers and superiors revealed his violent and hotheaded nature. By this time, he was only 6-months short of making N7, and saw it as insult to strip him of his status. He requested immediate discharge and left Alliance space once granted his papers.

With his powerful biotics and honed skills, he found his way onto Omega, working first as a bounty hunter and then a mercenary with the Eclipse. He rose quickly through their ranks, becoming an enforcer within a year and a half before splitting away due to disputes with his "superiors", who were only such by title alone. He became an independent mercenary for a long time and earned a name for himself, traveling in a small freighter known as The Unheavenly Creature, and gaining a reputation almost as great as that of Zaeed Massani. By the age of 36, he felt as though he'd seen everything the galaxy had to offer, and was content to lounge in his apartment on Omega quietly. However, once he heard about the Odyssey Expidition, he couldn't help but sign right up. What next but to see a new galaxy no one has been to before?


Tall, scarred, and tattooed up and down, Joel Windsor is not someone who looks like they can be fucked with. While most of his body marking are covered up, his most notable features are a tongue stud and two scars staggered on each side of his nose, which often reopen when he gets into fistfights. His eyes are particularly expressive, and in spite of this (or perhaps because of it), he is exceptionally good at poker.
Static Gear:
Dynamic Gear: (Will be altered if supplied by a contract given from another character)


Joel grew up as a quiet boy, being shy from neglect and often feeling treated as a burden. In his late teens through to his early-30s, he was a hotheaded braggart who'd punch someone for looking at him wrong or doubting him. At his age now, though, he has somewhat leveled out. He mainly takes to bodyguard work now, having strong protective instincts and having an aversion towards suicidal heroics. In spite of this, he was described as "brave beyond his station" during his time in Alliance SpecForce. He was also heavily influenced by old American Western holovids as a kid growing up, instilling him with a sense of vigilante justice and vengefulness.

He has many vices, amongst them are drugs and alcohol which he indulges in casually. His hardest habit to break (and he still fails to this day) is smoking, but he manages to keep it down to a pack a week unless he's in a social setting, where he will often chain-smoke. Aside from these traits, he's an almost textbook "Knight in Sour Armour" trope, being a good person at his core but plagued with a dismal sense of cynicism in his outlook.

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