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Keldabe Arms Pulse Cannon

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Jan 1, 2019

Intent: To create a Mandalorian manufactured pulse cannon to augment the anti-light vehicle and heavy infantry of Mandalorian Protectors and Mandalorian Clans infantry.

Production: Limited production runs tri-yearly.

Affiliation: Mandalorians.

Materials: Duranium (frame), Dallorian Alloy (barrel)
Mass: 7.5 kilograms without scope
Length: 1000mm
Action: Select-Fire (Semi-Automatic, 2-Round Burst, Full Auto)
Weapon Type: Pulse Cannon
Effective Range (Hypersonic): 1000 meters
Maximum Range (Hypersonic): 1500 meters
Feed System: 50-round power pack, 500-round gas cartridge
Sights: Top mounted mounting rail can take any compatible optic.
Modularity: Yes. Ammunition types, bipods, stock, grips, cheek rest and other weapon add-ons.

  • Fast Projectile Speed: Each bolt or pulse of fusion plasma is incredibly fast, making avoiding or in the case of force users, blocking/deflecting the bolt difficult.
  • Fast Fire Rate: The weapon fires extremely fast, making it easy to engage large groups of targets.
  • Armor-Piercing: Each bolt/pulse of fusion plasma is extremely hot. Hot enough to melt flesh and bones, as well as armor and natural carapace.
  • Heating Issues: Even with an integrated barrel cryo cooling lattice and a Dallorian alloy barrel, the weapon can get extremely hot. At this point, the weapon begins an emergency coolant flush and cannot fire for up to a minute as it begins to cool down. In the middle of a firefight, that can be a death sentence. The weapon carries enough spare coolant for a total of three flushes.
  • Overkill: There is no wound with this weapon, most wounds inflicted are critical, and anything else will likely result in a kill. Not very useful if you'd like to leave people alive.
  • Volatile: Should the weapon take any damage, it would be wise not to use it any further, as the gas is volatile and could detonate. Likewise, reloading the gas cartridge requires care.
Keldabe Arms' began the design process for their pulse cannon shortly after relocating their facilities to Roche. Given the GA's vast quantity of well disciplined, well armed and well armored troops, the pulse cannon was developed specifically to even those odds for the Mandalorians. Given its destructive power, the pulse cannon can also engage lightly armored vehicles. This makes it a very effective support weapon, augmenting the capabilities of whatever squad chooses to field it.

However, the weapon's far from perfect, and has noted heating issues. Keldabe Arms has tried to solve this with a Dallorian alloy barrel and a cryo cooling lattice, but even these proved to be inadequate to completely alleviate the issue. To prevent the barrel from melting, the weapon locks down firing controls and performs a coolant flush when it reaches critical temperature. Each weapon has enough coolant stored to perform three flushes. After that, the weapon will simply shut down for the safety of the operator.

Another issue is the volatility of the gas. As was discovered during testing, overheating issues on rare occasions did cause the gas cartridge to detonate, almost flash vaporizing the Verpine Ordnance Testing droid that was operating it. Another test demonstrated how damage to the weapon can severely destabilize the gas focusing and pressurization system, which could also cause the volatile gas to detonate if operation continued.

Despite these flaws, the weapon sees considerable use among the forces of the Mandalorians, given its considerable destructive potential.
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