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Kira Elan


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Feb 21, 2018


Kira Elan

Name: Kira Elan| Age: 23 | Species: Human | Sex: Female | Occupation: Jedi Knight | Homeworld: Corellia| Height: 5'6 | Hair Color: Brown
"Jedi Knights are only a means to the end of seeing order stretch over the Galaxy."


Though she had a past similar to that of most other Jedi, Kira never seemed to adapt to it like the others did. For her entire youth, studying at the temple, she felt isolated. Kira tried to latch onto other younglings and padawans, forming tight and intense relationships, but they were always broken off—either by the other student, or a Master—due to a Jedi's lack of attachments.

She was warned several times for forming such relationships, and so eventually Kira kept the ones she had low profile, or abstained from it. Still, in her heart she longed for closeness, and when she was without a tight knit relationship she felt truly alone. When she was taken as a padawan, her master was a distant type of Jedi. He harshly corrected her mistakes, but far off emotionally. When she was Knighted, the two of them seldom spoke again.

As a Jedi Knight, she often prefers to patrol the outer regions of the Republic alone—or with a small military contingent, choosing to embrace the loneliness and grow close to her troops. Still, she longed for the closeness of someone else that understood her, another Jedi. As she operated more on the outer fringes of Republic space, the more Kira was exposed to the dark side and its practitioners. During one exploration of an old dark side temple, a Sith sorcerer convinced her to summon a vision of the future, where she saw the Republic burning and the galaxy in turmoil. Though she fled quickly, the Sith's words stuck with her, in the back of her mind, drawing her interest towards darkness.

While she had returned to Coruscant for a meeting regarding her missions in the Outer Rim, she overheard the case before her—of a Padawan abandoned by a master slain in battle. She volunteered to take on the older Padawan, hoping for a friend. Her request was granted by the masters, hoping that a soul to train would center Kira and stabilize her.

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