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Lady Mélisande


Nexus Writer
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Dec 13, 2018

Lady Mélisande


Real Name: Mélisande (of Asphodel)
Aliases: The Red Lady, The Sanguine. (Various fake names she gives other: Lilithe, Selene, Valaine, Thessalia, Iolanthe)
Age: Under 1 Century
Species: Higher Vampire (Altered)
Sex: Female
Occupation: Lady of Asphodel
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110lbs.
Iris Color: Violet-pink (Due to rare mutation) (Solid White when using abilities)
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Pale White
Main Form: Humanoid
Monster Form 1: [ x ], [ x ], [ x ], [ x ]
Final form: Unseen (Winged)
Realistic FC: Kate Beckinsale

Skills and Gear

Abilities & Skills:
  • Blood Manipulation/Control: Meli has the natural ability to control blood of not only herself but of others, able to shape it, pull it from others, feed from afar, and in extremes use it as weapons in the form of sharp blades, or defenses as pools of blood or walls.
  • Typical Higher Vampire abilities, though not as perfected as one with centuries of experience would be. INcludes, speed, agility, natural weapons in form of fangs and claws, Invisibility, form of a shadowy mist, a large bat, but also... a large wolf.
  • Uses magic (focuses more on shadows and blood) as well as skills with daggers and stealthy close combat.
  • Various languages of Higher Vampire and Human Common origin.
  • Vampire Oils
  • Igni
  • Massive amount of Damage (takes a long time to heal)

Biography and Personality

Meli was born in Asphodel, a half above ground / underground city of vampires that raised humans for cattles for centuries hidden by magic from detection. Born to the Lord and Lady of the city, both Higher Vampires, and youngest of the family that counts a high number of 36 offspring since they settled this city. Just shy of a century old at the start of this tale, Meli was the most recent HIgher Vampire child to be subjected to experimentation. The Lord and Lady seem to be entranced by perfecting their bloodline and species as a whole, letting magical and scientific curiosity control them as they put each child of theirs through rigorous and often nearly deadly experimentation to rid them of weaknesses. Their natural environment underground near sources of magical ley lines and mysterious glowing purple fungi, has cause their very beings to alter over time, as have many humans who stay underground permanently with their Vampire masters.

Seeing just how mad her parents had become and how little their children mattered to these two ancients, Meli took something quite important from her homeland and ran away from the dark city. Meli now roams the surface world, keeping this special item away from her father. Hunted, On the run, and not only from her own people, but from the wonders and horrors of the surface world.