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Approved Hero Canon La'gann Marius


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Jan 19, 2019
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Real Name: La'gann Marius. He is unaware of his parentage.
Superhero / Villain Name: Tidal. Called himself 'Lagoon Boy' as a child.
Age: 17.
Species: Atlantean.
Sex: Male.
Occupation: Conservatory of Sorcery Dropout.
Homeworld: Earth, born outside the city of Poseidonis in the Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis.
Height: 6'2.
Hair Color: None.
Appearance: Born to a mother who hailed from outside the city of Poseidonis, La'gann bears almost no physical similarities to the upper class Atlanteans who appear identical to Humans. Covered in scales made up of various shades of green and white, and featuring several ridges and huge, pupilless red eyes, La'gann is seen as an abomination to Atlantean purists. His body is tall and lean, built to power through water with ease at great depths, and covered in several sharp black tattoos that he uses to center his magical power. His form once exposed to the Surface World is that of a handsome young man with pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes. His build is still similar and his body still bears his tattoos.

Personality: As a child, La'gann was hopeful and wide eyed, marveling at the world around him and fantasizing about one day being a great hero named 'Lagoon Boy'. He was fascinated by the Surface World, though he was too scared to go up to see it for himself as he believed that he would be ostracized for how he looked. After being allowed entrance into Poseidonis under the rule of King Orin and attending the Conservatory of Sorcery for seven years, La'gan has grown into a blunt young man, rough around his many edges. Years of harassment by the purists for his looks have hardened him to trusting people and given him a short temper.

That said, La'gann is fiercely loyal to those he loves, though impulsive and hard headed. His fascination with the Surface World has dimmed somewhat, though he has yet to actually visit it aside from the rare sighting from well off the shore. Years of Humanity polluting the Oceans and testing their nuclear weapons in the sea's has caused La'gann to be justifiably wary of the other species, and he is among the many who believe that the Atlanteans should be ready to defend themselves against the Humans if necessary. That said, he has a very strong moral compass, thanks to his mother, and would never engage in needless violence or slaughter regardless of the reasoning, unlike his father.

The successive loss of his friends, his mother and his dignity has left La'gann in a bit of a depressive rut. His temper is at an all time high and he is more likely to lash out at somebody rather than let them in. But at the end of the day, La'gann is deep down still the hopeful little boy with dreams of making something of himself, now something that would honor his late mother.

Abilities & Skills: As an Atlantean, La'gann is physically superior to Humans. He possesses strength, durability, speed, stamina and reflexes that are all considered Superhuman by comparison when on land, these attributes growing somewhat when he is submerged. La'ganns senses are also more acute than a Humans. He can naturally breathe underwater and is built to withstand the ridiculous pressure that comes with living deep under the surface of the Ocean. The average Atlantean can communicate telepathically with other Atlanteans and more intelligent sealife, something La'gann can do as well. He also possesses a series of abilities that the average Atlantean does not.

- Size Alteration: Much like his mother, La'gann can drastically increase his size like a puffer fish. This currently doubles his usual strength and durability, while seriously reducing his speed. He prefers not to use this ability, as he believes that it only makes him out to be more of a monster than people already see him as.
- Hydrokinesis: Thanks to seven years of education at the Conservatory of Sorcery, La'gann has been trained in the art of Hydrokinesis. While underwater, he can create a solid barrier around himself in a three meter radius or a reinforced one directly in front of him and he increase his swimming speed by manipulating the currents around himself to propel in any direction. On land, he can create swords by solidifying sources of water. He can also manipulate water around him to create barriers or projectiles, though they are far weaker than they would be under the surface.
- Marine Telepathy: Unlike most low level Atlanteans, La'gann possesses a higher form of telepathy that allows him to control Humpback Whales, although he currently can only do so for mere seconds and only with complete concentration on a single Humpback. His mother secretly believes this has something to do with La'ganns royal bloodline.
- Increased Surface Resistance: Due to his unknown royal bloodline, La'gann is capable of lasting much longer periods on the surface, weeks instead of hours. Due to the fact he has never really left the Ocean, La'gann is unaware of this.
- Physical Alteration: A passive ability, La'ganns Royal Atleantean heritage kicks in once he is exposed to the Surface World. He will change to a Human like form once he leaves the sea and will not change back unless his is significantly stressed out while on land or exposed to water for longer than a Human can bear.

Weaknesses: Like all Atlanteans, being out of the water for long enough will cause La'gann to grow weaker, asphyxiate and die. This can clearly be sped up in environments such as a desert or if La'gann is tied up and hung over an open flame. He is also vulnerable to weapons that are above the average. For example, average bullets won't do much more than annoy him, but specialized or reinforced ones will. The same goes for blades. La'gann also can't take a rocket to the face in his normal form without being knocked out. La'gann is also only just above the average Atlantean in his normal form, a bit more than that in his larger form. He can be overpowered and is susceptible to blunt force trauma just like everybody else. Obviously, weapons possessed by Atlanteans can instantly harm La'gann, as that is the point. While on land, La'gann loses his ability to alter his size, communicate telepathically with marine life and his Hydrokinesis is slightly more difficult to perform.
Belongings/Gear: As a member of the lower class who was born with nothing, La'gann doesn't really own anything save for the clothes on his back and his fathers silver pendant.
Biography: La'gann is the result of a teenage Orm's one night stand with his 'exotic' mother. Completely unaware of his father (and vice versa), La'gann was raised by his mother in the slums outside of Poseidonis. Living a peaceful life among others who were just like him, La'gann rarely wanted for anything despite his unfortunate lot in life. A dreamer like all children, La'gann foresaw himself becoming a great Hero of the people called 'Lagoon Boy' and constantly thought about one day being allowed entry to Poseidonis to start his journey.

As fate would have it, Poseidonis opened it's doors to the lower class with the seating of King Orm on the throne. With it came offers of education in the mystical arts to any who wished for it at the Conservatory of Sorcery, in order to boost up Poseidonis' armed forces and give the lower class a way to elevate their lives. Eagerly, La'gann applied and began his education in the revered academy. Bullied by the upper class purists, La'gann slowly but surely closed himself off from the other students, focusing solely on his studies. Despite this, he eventually made two friends in the form of two older students also from the slums. One being Blubber, a humanoid whale and the other being Sheeva, a beautiful mermaid who was seen as lesser for her aquatic lower half. The three were inseparable during their time together at the Conservatory, sheltering one another from the relentless harassment of the purists and sharing their dreams, but eventually La'gann faded out of the friendship as romance bloomed between Blubber and Sheeva during their final year, with La'ganns blossoming feelings for the mermaid making things awkward. Once his friends graduated, the two of them left for Tritonis and La'gann was once more left alone. Forcing himself to carry on in order to use his education to bring his mother out of the slums, La'gann persevered.

At the start of his own senior year, La'ganns mother succumbed to a disease rapidly spreading among the lower class, giving La'gann a silver pendant that she'd taken from Orm all those years ago. In response to the outbreak, La'gann and the other slum students were brought to accommodations within the city to protect them. With his mother gone, La'gann found himself unable to force himself to continue to undergo the trial of being victimized by the purists and stopped going to his classes. It was then that La'gann, much like his mother before him, was approached by a handsome upper class Atlantean looking for a taste of the exotic. Their relationship was brief but passionate, ending after rumors reached La'ganns ears that the boy only wanted him to try and bed one of the slum savages. Coupled with gentle pushes from the Conservatory to move out of the accommodations for not attending the classes, La'gann made the decision to formally drop out of the academy. With his opinions of the crown city soured and tired from being attacked for seven years, La'gann began to drift to higher up waters, closer to the Surface World and far, far away from Poseidonis.

Additional: The concept of Royal Atlanteans being able to stay on the surface for far longer than the average Atlantean comes from the Aquaman (2018) movie. Also, it grants me way more opportunities to RP. Let me know if this isn't okay. Also, La'gann has never had a fleshed out backstory, so I hope what I've written is alright!
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