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Lt. Cmdr. Lenard Rackham


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Feb 22, 2018

lenard Rackham

Allegiance: Federation Starfleet
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Nickname: Lenny

Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30

Born in 2359, on Earth in the city of London, Lenard Rackham had a fairly average childhood. Much of his freetime as a child was dedicated to model building and watching the comings and goings of the nearby starport. He attended primary and secondary school like many of his peers, and managed to earn exemplary grades in most subjects. Lenard also showed a natural affinity with mathematics and the sciences, particularly physics, which he excelled at above all other subjects. This high performance, combined with his childhood fascination with starships, led to him moving to San Francisco and enrolling in Starfleet Academy at age sixteen.

Over the course of his four years of study at the Academy, Lenard earned a reputation as a bright and knowledgeable student, following the Engineering track in his studies. While it was standard curriculum for students to have at least a passing knowledge of alien technology and its basic workings, Lenard took it upon himself to delve a little deeper into the matter, learning what he could about the differences between Federation vessels and those of the Klingons a Romulans. Graduating as an Ensign in 2379, Lenard was assigned to the engineering section of the newly commissioned USS Dauntless, a Sovereign-class vessel under the command of Captain Derek Sutter.

It was aboard the Dauntless that Lenard spent the next decade of his life, eventually becoming a Lieutenant not long after the growing tension with the Klingon Empire boiled over into outright war in 2386. With the war now in full swing, Lenard redoubled his efforts to learn as much as he could about Klingon tech, figuring that such knowledge may become useful should the ship ever come under attack. In an odd twist of fate, this assumption was proven correct when the Dauntless encountered a Klingon fleet above the colony world of Komaki. As one of the ship's most experienced engineering staff, and due in no small part to his knowledge, Lenard was chosen by Captain Sutter to accompany him on an away mission to the ship that seemingly lead the enemy fleet.

What followed was easily one of the most terrifying experiences of Lenard's life, as their plan to force the ship's crew into turning back fell apart. Captain Sutter was killed in the ensuing chaos, and the boastful Klingons revealed the true nature of their vessel; a suicide ship equipped with a devastating subspace weapon. Lenard and the other survivors of the team managed to rig said weapon to go off early, while the ship was still admist the bulk of the Klingon fleet. Thankfully, the Dauntless managed to beam them out before they were killed by the weapon's discharge. With the enemy fleet crippled, Lenard assisted the rest of the engineering crew in keeping the Dauntless in the fight long enough to finish off the stragglers, which they did handily enough.

In the wake of what has now been dubbed the "Miracle at Komaki", Lenard was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and appointed as the Dauntless' Chief Engineer after its previous Chief was killed during the battle. He has served in this capacity ever since, and while haunted by what he witnessed at Komaki, he continually strives to do stay positive and keep his ship running for as long as he is able.