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Lt. Cmdr. T'Pris Zyndalia Zhaan


Nexus Writer
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Dec 13, 2018

Zyndalia Zhaan

Legal name: T'Pris Zyndalia Zhaan
Nickname: Zyn, T'Prude
Sex: Female
Species: Betazoid-Vulcan Hybrid
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Vulcan
Blood Type: T-Negative
Allegiance: Federation Starfleet
Rank: Lt. Cmdr.
Position: Ship Counselor
Career Path: Sciences - Medicine
Current Assignment: USS Dauntless
Special Talents:
Empath, Telepathy, Mind-Meld, Nerve Pinch
Career Focuses:
Diplomacy, Psychiatry, Negotiation, Xeno-Biology, Linguistics, Field Medic Training, Hand Phaser Training.
Appearance: Pointed ears, Solid black irises, Dark hair, and a light green-tinted Olive skin tone. 5'9", 120lbs.
Personal Interests: Mixology, Cooking, Botany, Fashion.


Joined Starfleet Academy in 2378 at age 16. Achieved high grades. Chose a career focused path for the Sciences into the Medical field focusing on Psychiatry and Mental Health. Redacted Incident. Finished 2nd in her class. Graduated in _. Assigned to her first starship USS Rigellus. Commendation for reporting senior staff and crew for attempted mutiny against Starfleet orders and Captain Stephen Moffat's severe mental imbalance. Promoted in rank. Reported to be a witness at Captain Moffat's trial. T'Pris cleared of all charges from Captain Moffat. Assigned to another ship, USS Voltaire. Attacked by Klingons, crash landed on an M Class planet. Ship destroyed, most crew dead. Commendations for helping injured crew. Saved the lives of a few dozen remaining crew from Klingon attacks through physical combat. Commendation and raise in rank rewarded for valiant efforts. Redacted information, Classified. Insufficient Rank to view. Currently assigned to USS Dauntless in 2389 at age 27 as Lt. Cmdr rank, Ship's Counselor.

Personal: Born on Vulcan in 2362 to Betazed Ambassador Amanti Zhaan and Vulcan Ambassador Saros. Attended Vulcan school. Redacted Incident. Was removed from Vulcan Schooling. Moved to Betazed at age 13. Underwent mental training for Empathy and Telepathy control. Inspired to join Starfleet due to witnessing the state of Betazed from the Dominion occupation.