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Approved Indie Canon Lucifer Morningstar


The Snake Formerly Known As Astrid
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Dec 11, 2018



Real Name: Samael Lucifer Morningstar | Age: Eternal, essentially | Species: "Angel" | Sex: But of course | Occupation: Bar/Club Owner | Homeworld: Hell| Height: 6'2" | Hair Color: Blonde Brunette |

Inventory: +Cars: One White 1957 Ferrari 250-GT, One Black 1967 Pontiac Firebird, One Red 1965 MGB Roadster | +Money: Plenty of it. | +Lux: A bar and nightclub, quite popular among rich Los Angeles socialites. | +Wings: For flying. |

Lucifer isn't much a fan of the stereotypes associated with being Satan, or the misconceptions people have about him. Titles like "The Father of Lies" don't suit him at all, because he insists on always telling the truth. "Prince of Darkness" does have a nice ring to it, but "Author of All Sins" is a completely misplaced attribution. He has nothing to do with whether people do bad things, and he certainly doesn't urge people to go out and murder each other. That would be wholly uncivilized. No, Lucifer simply believes that a person should be able to follow their passions without fearing his father's wrath. He merely encourages people to seek their desires, but what they do beyond that cannot possibly be his fault.


Lucifer Morningstar, originally Samael, rebelled against Heaven roughly three seconds after the creation of Earth. He's never had much patience. He was cast out of Heaven into his own realm, Hell, where he reigned for a really long time. It was boring, and Hell was a pretty terrible place to hang out. Holding dominion over millions of damned souls just wasn't the kind of nonstop party someone like Lucifer was looking for. Punishing evil humans was only fun for a couple of billions of years, and he'd been at it for roughly ten billion. He'd tried leading a war against Heaven, and turning the demons against each other to cause some exciting workplace drama, and even had a spat with Dream of the Endless. He'd created a little offspring, as the humans often did, but even that was unfulfilling. One day, not long after Dream showed up to criticize his Hell, Lucifer decided that enough was enough. He emptied Hell of all its souls, locked the gates, and handed the key over to Dream to do a new Hell if Dream thought there was a better way to do it. In the meantime, Lucifer would be on Earth, enjoying his vacation.
The first stop was Australia, which turned out to be very similar to Hell on Earth. Why his father designed spiders the size of dogs, if not to torture humanity, Lucifer did not know. Second try, he headed for Los Angeles, California. It seemed that most lovers of luxury resided there, and Lucifer felt that he deserved some pampering. Some of the humans even thought of him as "King of the Earth," so he thought that he ought to be suitably accommodated.
Shortly after his arrival, Lucifer picked out a lovely, decrepit building to make into his new home. He began hiring the homeless and hungry - those who wouldn't be missed - as more-or-less slaves to handle building his new home. Some time later, Lux sprang up. The local papers cried "gentrification," but Lucifer felt that his project was more in the name of beautification. The block that Lux was situated on, previously covered in trash and graffiti, was now cleaned up to pave a sparkling path to his club and home. The bottom two floors contained his nightclub, filled with the most modern and hip decor that human money could buy, while the top two were converted into his living space. The only living being that dared accompany Lucifer was his right-hand woman, Mazikeen, who lived at the apartment with him and kept her eyes and ears open for incoming celestials. Suffice it to say, they weren't happy that Lucifer had abdicated the throne of Hell.
Over the coming years, his brother Amenadiel proved to be his worst nemesis, mounting multiple attacks against Lucifer to try to force him out of his home. Lucifer wouldn't have it, and made a sport of besting his brother. During a particularly long break between skirmishes, Lucifer decided to change his face from the classic blonde rock star look to something a bit more subtle, just to lend himself a bit of disguise. And while he was comfortable, encouraging the humans to lose their inhibitions and gather for his great parties, Lucifer couldn't help but feel that Earth wasn't quite right for him. Perhaps, with all the power his father had let him retain, he would be able to create a little experiment not unlike Yahweh's. Quietly, Lucifer has begun to pry into the secrets of the fabric of existence. If he can gather the power, he might be able to carve out a little universe for him to mold as he sees fit.