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Open Meeting of The Emperor

Black Noise

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Apr 19, 2018
Konstantine stood aboard the bridge deck of the Star Destroyer, the Rising Order, and waited patiently for the last of his 'guests' to arrive. After taking Kessel by military force, and eliciting no response from the Hutts, he ordered Mira Albion to single handedly take over the world of Barab, where she was successful without incident. These two operations were beyond crucial for Konstantine, and for them both to go off, as Mira would say, 'without a hitch' was absolutely fantastic. Now, he could reap the first benefits of his hard labors.

Kessel was important as it was a major credit generating world for the Hutts, and to take it by military force with minimal losses showed that nothing less than a massive, organized, combined galactic military could resist successfully. It was the intimidation tactic to show the galaxy that The New Imperials were not an upstart Warlord group seeking power, but a true Empire waiting to be formed. The Hutt's lack of a response, or extreme reluctance, showed that even one of the oldest and strongest groups in the galaxy were hesitant to engage Konstantine's New Imperials.

Barab was important not as a military world, though the prowess of the Barabels in battle was not to be underestimated. Rather, it showcased the strength of his New Imperial Knights. He demonstrated that he too commanded an order of warriors who could wield the mysterious powers of the Force to become humanoid weapons of mass destruction. The Jedi would not pose a problem to Konstantine, nor would the Sith. And should anyone seek to betray him, they would end up as the separatist leads hundreds of years ago, annihilated by a single entity with great jurisprudence.

Now, he stationed a contingent consisting of a Resurgent Star Destroyer, a Secutor Carrier, and ten Raider Corvettes each in orbit around the worlds of Renatasia, Oseon, Gand, Tund, Aduba and Teth simultaneously. This display of force, unprecedented among these poor worlds who together could field no more than a single star destroyer and a handful of corvettes, presented an offer to the leaders of these worlds that they could not refuse. They could bend the knee, or they would suffer unto death.

The leaders were allowed to arrive in person with a single bodyguard each as a measure of good faith on Konstantine's part. That said, they were still on his Star Destroyer, and standing at his beck and call were no less than ten Imperial Knights in full red regalia lining the back of the room by the windows. A massive meeting table had been assembled on the bridge, allowing for their negotiations to take place against the backdrop of space behind them, and the ongoing repairs of a Super Star Destroyer that Konstantine had temporarily moved out of the Maw for this specific occasion.

It was a show of strength, a message that said 'Those who think to suffer long shall face destruction rather than emancipation.' As the last delegate arrived, a small Gand and his bodyguard, Konstantine greeted them.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Please, take your seats. Refreshments will be along shortly. While I hope you all fully grasp the gravity of your situations, know that I do not intend for our discuss to turn to thoughts of subjugation as in the days of the old Empire. Please, relax."


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Jul 11, 2019
Vekarr Nicabre had come to the meeting for one simple reason. Rumor had reached her ear from her subjects, of a person who wanted to be Emperor. Nothing new there, she'd killed a would-be tyrant herself a few years ago, and it seemed a new one cropped up every few years later. But the rumors were that this man, this Konstantine, seemed different then those who had come before.

Rumor had it, he was a Emperor seeking peace, not war. It had intrigued the Warlord of Renatasia, enough that she was willing to see what it was this would-be-emperor had planned. The deployment of war ships around Renatasia had seemed to suggest otherwise however, and Vikarr herself knew the planet had no capability to repel the invasion. Her people, a world of refugees and outcast who'd found a home, were being threatened by a man who claimed to seek peace.

The Ubese, dressed in her black and dark earthen tones of armor and robes, her hood drawn over her head and masks glowing blue eyes staring towards the human in an unblinking gaze, had come to see what this man wanted, and how long he planned to hang a proverbial sword over their heads. Her bodyguard, a human, had with him a beacon of simple construction. Should negotiations go wrong, he was to press the button. The signal was one not of war, but of survival. It would signal to the planet to issue a world-wide evacuation order.

Because Vikarr cared for her people, more so then she cared about her safety. Arriving here with her armor, and a lightsaber hidden on her person, Vikarr knew she'd likely die if fighting were to break out. But if this Konstantine truly favored peace, such an outcome would not occur. If he did not, well, perhaps she would get lucky, and wound the man before being struck down herself.