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Species Armor Approved Nimbus N-4 Heavy Commando Armor

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Nimbus N-4 Heavy Commando Armor

Basic Information


N-4 Commando Armor
Medium to Heavy
Armor for Nimbus Commandos

Physical Information


25 kg
Medium or Heavy
▪ Armorweave Underlayer
▪ Plastoid-Alloy Composite Plates
▪ Durasteel Plates with Plastoid Coating (Heavy Only)


"Improvise. Adapt. Overcome."
________- Nimbus Commando Mantra

The Nimbus N-4 Commando Armor is the latest armor set for the legendary Nimbus Commandos. Designed to be altered to fit any combat situation, the N-4 officially comes with two different models, the Medium and the Heavy, but unofficially supports countless possible sets. The base N-4 Armor, also known as the N-4 Medium Commando Armor, is an armorweave underlayer with an armorweave overcoat that sports Plastoid-Alloy composite plates. The upgraded heavy variant replaces the base Plastoid-Alloy plates with true Durasteel plates that sport an ablative plastoid-alloy coating and thickens the armorweave overcoat by impregnating it with durasteel fibers.

Also, with the N-4, the protection is matched somewhat with the added mobility of Repulsorlift Skates to allow the Nimbus Commandos to traverse near-impassable terrain rapidly without the potential danger of jetpacks. The armor also comes standard with a special magnetized equipment pack equipped with a powerful communications unit while still having room to carry a good amount of extra equipment. These qualities tend to put the N-4 armor a cut above many of its contemporaries.

In addition to those features, the N-4 armor also possesses:

  • Advanced Air Filtration & Oxygen Supply System, with up to 30 minutes of oxygen.
  • Polarizable lenses.
  • Temperature Control Pressurized Body Suit
  • Annunciator to make speech more comprehensible.
  • Magnetic Soles & a Grav-Field Alternator to ensure stability.

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