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Oldie but a Newbie


The Snake Formerly Known As Astrid
Join Date
Dec 11, 2018
Hi all,

I go by Astrid. I've been role playing for probably around 10 years now, I've been around the internet (it would be super cool if I had met some of you guys elswhere before, haha) but I think in the age of Discord and Amino I'm a bit lost. I think my first role playing forum was on the IMVU forums way back in the day. I made my way around a few Proboards sites, made a home for myself in the Vampirefreaks role playing forums, and have been on a bit of a hiatus. All my old haunts are dead so I'm looking for a new forum with plenty of active users to role play with, and found a link to get here from Reddit. :) Maybe I'll join the Discord group as well.

Anyway, hi! Leave me a comment or something so I can meet some people. :)


Papa Bless
Join Date
Feb 21, 2018
Hi Astrid! Welcome to the nexus! I remember IMVU lmao, those were the days. We're most active on the discord so we'd love to have you on there.

Look forward to seeing you on the site! :D


New Members & Queso
Join Date
Feb 25, 2018
Hey there @Astrid its a pleasure to meet you!

I'm sure you got the new user welcome message, but allow me to greet you more personally and directly. I'm Slamdingo - obviously - and I'm the main admin in charge of the New Members team. Working with me are @Tristar, @Sly, and @Seth3828. You can recognize us as site staff by our blue names (Tri, Seth, and myself) or green names (Seth in this instance). The New Member team especially set aside time and energy to meet all you wonderful newcomers, but be assured that all staff run an open door policy.

At present we have quite a few RPs running and more being talked about on the Discord (I highly suggest you join!) and we're always finding room for other players. So if one of the existing ones suits your fancy then feel free to jump in, or if you have an idea of your own then ask around for players and we'll be happy to get it off the ground.

All that being said, its great to see you and I hope you have a great time here!


Big Poppa
Join Date
Feb 21, 2018
Welcome @Astrid! Glad you seen our ad, I've been posting them everywhere in hopes to get everyone in on the party haha.

Hope you enjoy your stay here!