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Operative Valentina Stepanova


Nexus Writer
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Jan 1, 2019
Operative Valentina Stepanova

34• Female• Heterosexual • Born: 06/24/2159​

Nickname(s): Val'a (Friends), Valechka (Pyotr), Ms. We're Going To Be In Trouble Again (Lieutenant Pavel Morozov), Val (fellow colonists)

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 128 lbs

Allegiance: UPP JAMI

Languages: English, Russian, French, German and Spanish.



  • Skilled in Trade and Fieldcraft: Her GRU training means that Valentina has considerable ability in both trade and fieldcraft, all the more reason she was held in such high regard by her superiors.
  • Hand to Hand Combat Expert: Russian Army and GRU training in hand to hand combat means that Valentina can go toe to toe with opponents physically stronger than her and potentially win.
  • Strong Belief System: She’s a very strong willed person and will refuse to budge on things she firmly believes in. As such, she’s not afraid to confront and/or correct anyone and everyone she feels is about to do something against what she believes in.
  • Talented Marksman: Valentina possess considerable natural marksmanship abilities in addition to the training she received from the GRU as well as the Russian Army.
  • Untrusting: Despite her facade, she inherently does not trust people, and though she may never show it, it’ll become apparent if she’s given the choice between risking her life for someone and not.
  • Just Above Average Strength: Valentina isn't particularly strong, and relies on her speed and agility to win or avoid fights.
  • Cold Taskmaster: Despite having a good friendship with the members of the unit that she used to work with, her job prevented her from trying to ensure they got the 'easier' jobs, and hence she has to maintain a cold attitude in this regard. This same attitude tends to leak into her daily dealings even now.
  • Manipulative: Valentina knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants, though is reluctant to manipulate those she cares about, she's not above it.
  • Personal Data Transmitter
  • Communications Jammer (20 meter range)
  • MindTree Electronics Systems Intrusion Device (mentioned in the UPP JSF post)
  • VP70Z w/ Micro Red Dot Sight
History: was born in a wealthy district of Moscow to two loving parents who wanted the best for their little girl. She was an enthusiastic young child who did well at school. She was by no means outstanding or a prodigy, but was in the top of the class. When she was young, her teachers began to note that Valentina had a tendency to be manipulative, and would sometimes put different groups she interacted with against each other for her own benefit. They raised this issue with her parents, who made an issue and it was dropped considering the standing they had.

Time moved on and Valentina grew up into a strangely mature young lady. Her teachers had stopped caring however. Valentina began dating a boy named Vasily Beloi and the two were quite close. Graduation came and they both graduated with good graces. However, that was when Vasily had his life changing experience that prompted him to join up with the Russian Army. Valentina was inspired by what he had told her about his experience outside a bar where an off duty VDV paratrooper saved him from behind mugged. The two signed up together, much to the chagrin of her parents who believed she was throwing her life away.

Valentina's recruiter suggested she go for the special reconnaissance and airborne track at Novosibirsk, since she showed potential for joining the GRU, or even a Spetsnaz reconnaissance unit. It was during training that she met Pyotr Valentin, a man who'd end up being a constant presence in her life. The two of them hit it off, and ended up in a relationship and maintained a tenuous, if on and off relationship after graduating. After graduating, Valentina was recruited by the GRU as a field reconnaissance operative, and she ended up on the trail of a local terrorist group. Her discoveries were always followed up by a tactical response unit form the SSO, and Valentina was quite amused when she found out who the unit's second in command is.

The situation with the terrorists turned out to be a symptom of something much worse. The Russian republic of Chechnya came under attack by a huge army of foreign jihadists and mercenaries. Later analysis proved that this was because of the actions and funding of several Arab nations. Her first deployment was to track Chechen Separatist movements. Valentina managed to follow them for several days, reporting their positions constantly and guiding in air strikes on several key targets along the way. However, things would go badly when she was startled by a young Shepherd. Naturally, him being a non-combatant and unarmed at that, she couldn't bring herself to kill him, and instead tried to convince him to stay silent. That didn't happen, and instead he attracted the attention of the men she was monitoring. A vicious but quick firefight broke out, and though Valentina managed to inflict two casualties and escape unscathed, the Shepherd boy was killed in the crossfire.

To this day, Valentina doesn't know who's gunfire killed him, but she blames herself for not noticing him earlier. However, her troubles didn't end there. She was pursued for days, with her pursuers swearing to catch her and do unspeakable things to her. Even when they weren't in view, the curses shouted in the distance were more than enough for her to know that she hadn't lost them. For days she requested an extraction, and she'd finally been instructed to rendezvous with a Spetsnaz GRU unit pulling out from the are as well.

Tired, and on the verge of collapse, Valentina stumbled into what was left of the upper floor of what looked like a bombed out house. Sitting down, she opened her ration pack so she could gain some of her strength back. She'd after all managed to avoid her pursuers for now. However, that was when she'd noticed that she was not alone. It was a young girl, no older than six, watching her carefully from the stairwell. Though startled at first, Valentina eventually decided that perhaps she could let her guard down.

She shared her chocolate rations with the girl, as well as her high energy fruit concentrate. The two spent time together, at first only single words and then moving on to sentences. Before Valentina or the little girl knew, it was the better part of an hour gone. That was when she looked up and saw the barrel of an AKM pointed straight at her. It didn't take her long to figure that out in the ensuing conversation between the girl and the man that he was her father.

What happened next was something that would haunt Valentina for the rest of her life, and it was her actions that would do so. The moment the girl's father was distracted by her running over to him and throwing her arms around his leg, Valentina drew her sidearms and put a single round into the man's forehead. She would never forget the look on the little girl's face as she ran for her life. The look of confusion, sadness and betrayal all in a face so young. In eyes that shouldn't have had to see the suffering that it did.

The efforts to find her were renewed, with more vigor. She continued fleeing through the bombed out city before she was taken ahold of by strong hands as she rounded the corner. Valentina prepared to fight for her life, rather than risk capture, but soon found herself looking into the eyes of then Lieutenant Vasily Beloi. Their reunion was cut short as she and Vasily made a break for the position the rest of the unit were holding, and with their support managed to make it there alive. It wasn't long before they were extracted. Her reunion with Vasily was cut short as not long after they'd landed, she was reassigned elsewhere.

As the Chechen conflict drew to a close, Valentina was withdrawn, and given the ability she'd shown in rooting out infiltrators she was dispatched to the UPP colony of New Bharat, where a local colonist uprising was a cause for no small amount of concern for the UPP. Valentina smelled a rat, and in this case, the rat turned out to be Three World Empire infiltrators. She requested reinforcements, specifically requesting Major Pyotr Valentin's unit, citing their record as the reason. Her request was approved, and she found herself fighting alongside Pyotr once more. Prior to their reassignment, they enjoyed a little down time together.

Now fully a JAMI operative, Valentina was dispatched to a United Americas colony, only this time she was dispatched along with tactical support. The objective here was to sabotage an atmosphere processing unit. Valentina insisted that they attempt this first her way, which was to use the cover identities provided for the both of them. Pyotr had a bad feeling about it, and rejected the notion at first, but eventually gave in. Unfortunately for them, the cover identities did not work, and the two got involved in a lengthy chase before they were both cornered and captured.

The Colonial Marines worked them over quite well, but they'd both been trained to resist this sort of thing. In any case, they didn't need to last long, as prior to being captured she'd activated her emergency beacon, sending the signal to Major Valentin's waiting commandos. They slipped in like wraiths, making short work of the Marines, who were caught completely unaware. Of course, the jokes were aplenty once they reached them, and she was sure neither she nor Pyotr would ever live them down. They worked on several other operations together, and several members of Pyotr's unit had surmised correctly that she'd been specifically requesting their assistance.

She was then assigned to infiltrate the colony of Hawking's Rest, which she did as a Agriculture Logistics Coordinator, a fancy way of saying she ensured that the produce was picked up on time and that it was packed and stored correctly. 'Maria Kiryanova' gets along with both the farmers and the administrative staff, and though the Weyland-Yutani mercs tend to be tight-lipped, she's friendly enough with them. When things got bad at the colony, and strange happenings started to occur, Valentina had a strange suspicion that this was what her superiors ordered her to be on the lookout for. When colonists started disappearing, she made sure to get a message out. Since then, she's just been trying to stay alive and hope that help comes in time. When things got bad enough, Valentina told herself that she'd take even Colonial Marines at that point, and wondered how in hell she was going to get one of these things alive and off the planet.