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Feb 26, 2018

Name: Díleas Nimbus
Age: 427
Species: Anzat
Homeworld: Anzat
Height: 5' 8
Weight: 156lbs
Blood Type: A+
Eye Color: White with Black Scelera
Hair Color: Raven Black
Sex: Female
Force Sensitive: Yes

Biography: Born on Anzat in 378 BBY, Díleas was much like the other Anzati of her homeworld. She trained and forged skills in many things, from hunting to hand to hand combat, for the first 100 years of her life before setting off into the wider galaxy to seek soup and nourishment from the most dangerous game: Man. She only grew as she entered the nebulous void, learning more intricate details about life, society, other cultures, as well as honing her other skills, such as learning more intricate details on piloting and ship repair, improving her aim with a Blaster, and blending in to her current environment.

She originally settled on Onderon, at the time in a state of civil war. Soldiers and commanders roamed aplenty, perfect sustenance and challenge for the young hunter. She stayed there for around 60 years, during which time she built a small cover for herself as a tailor shop owner under the name, Díleas Nimbus. In that time, she formed many attachments and relationships with other merchants, but also, to her surprise, began to weave friendships with some of her more frequent customers. One particular customer was a young woman by the name of Clairien, a violinist whom intrigued her for her connection to the city, or lack thereof. She was very much an outsider to Onderon society, not conforming to many subtle and overt ticks the community had, simply going her own way and doing as she pleased. The two had a rather friendly relationship in the beginning, but after a few weeks, it got a more luscious upgrade, the two finding intimate relations quite favorable.

Soon enough, Díleas began to grow obsessed with her, visiting every show that she had performed in, and even following her home on some occasions. Her raw artistic talent and enlightened mind compared to the other Onderonians presented a very enticing meal for her, but due to their steadily growing bond, Díleas found herself fighting the urge to feed on her, despite knowing that she would be satisfied for weeks, if not months, off the soup of this one beautiful and cultured lady. This hunger gnawed at her being for months on end as she spent time with this woman, even beginning to learn how to sing from her, and being tutored on the arts of showmanship and the true nature of reality. Whilst most Anzat believed other species to have childish concepts of the universe, what Clairien said to Tíleas was spoken with such ferocity and conviction that even she began to be swayed by her arguments, if not her passion alone.

Sadly though, their relationship was cut short when Tíleas slipped up, allowing a Loyalist soldier to see her feeding from a comrade. They razed her shop to the ground and buried the two inside as it was set alight, beating the Anzat badly enough with both fists and weapons that it managed to strain her healing factor, leaving her weakened. Oddly enough, it was Claire that fought them off, moving like lightning as she made mincemeat of many of them, and intimidating the rest into running. As the two were trapped beneath the rubble, Clairien actually implored Díleas to feed from her and gain the strength to escape, despite knowing what that meant for her. Given how ravenous her desire for the girl's essence had grown, Tíleas barely hesitated when the permission was given, feeding on her deeply, and with her strength restored, she easily ripped her way out of the wreckage.

As her essence melded with Tíleas, she felt so many things in the world now, and so much more vividly. She could feel colors and hear smells, wonders of universes she didn't know existed seemed to open to her, and throughout it all, she could feel her being grow all the stronger and more connected for it. After the fact though, a part of her felt shame and sadness that this beautiful woman had been snatched from the world by her own actions, and out of guilt, and anger, she slaughtered the Loyalists that burned her home with a ferocity she had never known. Seeing them all flee, begging for mercy, submitting themselves to her, doing anything to survive, it felt good, intoxicating even, but ti didn't save them. Afterward, she left Onderon, finding that absorbing Clairien had changed her, in more ways than one.

Conventional hunting no longer satisfied her, as did simply wandering as a drifter or disguising herself as a normal woman. Clairien was powerful, her own woman, she made no pretenses and hid no elements of her personality, so now, neither would Tíleas. Killing the soldiers also brought a change, awakened a different kind of hunger, one that stoked her inner Anzat as she began to dream of domination, over men, women, all forms of life imaginable. It made sense to her, she was an Anzat, Apex Predator, it was only just and fair that she control and rule over others, it was her duty. She found her way into the outer rim, where she joined with a ring of slavers, and ran a small, but profitable organization over the next 200 years. This lasted until the Reign of the Empire when the Imperials raided her base and destroyed her home.

Seeking revenge against the Empire, she opted to assault the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, but almost as soon as she arrived, she was surrounded and arrested, for the Emperor and the Empire left no loose ends. Díleas flew into a rage at having been caught and put to the sword so easily and, much to her surprise, she began to toss Stormtroopers around like ragdolls without her even touching them. It soon became apparent that the Anzat's abilities, and indeed, her good luck all these years, may have been enhanced with the Force, something she had been completely unaware of for most of her life. Incensed by this power, she was found once more by Palpatine after fleeing, but this time he extended a hand of friendship, offering her the chance to learn about her newfound power, to which she eagerly accepted.

Díleas was trained in the ways of the Dark Side for over 15 years, and she ended up becoming one of The Emperor's Royal Guard. She watched Palpatine and Vader do business and discuss things over many years, until the eventual time of their death. When the Empire began to fell, Díleas initially considered abandoning it, but with all the luxuries and pleasures it had afforded her, she knew fleeing would be giving up a lot of what she had earned, so she fell in with the ranks of the Imperial Remnants as they fled into new territory, joining the Sith Order when it was newly established, but also trying to keep one foot in the military as well, wishing to maintain good relations with both parties (just in case).

Personality: As a near immortal being, Díleas has watched friends and allies, loved ones and enemies, all die off, most from old age (even her enemies, she just waits them out normally). She has seen empires rise and fall, conflict after conflict arise, and has watched as the continuous cycle of life, death, and rebirth played out before her eyes. You might think this would cause a certain detachment or aloofness, but this was not the case. Rather, seeing how fragile and fleeting life was actually inspired her to form deep emotional attachments to people and places, and become an artist and free spirit after a century and a half of hunting the most dangerous game.

She spends most of her free time painting, singing, writing and screwing, though she had a thing for the last one before she became an artist. She prefers to paint and write more than singing though, as these also serve as a form of capturing a memory for her. As an Anzat, she has seen many grand and majestic sights, and also some very simplistic, but no less beautiful designs, and often she feels the need to paint them and write history books or adventure tales based around them, as a way of preserving the memory of the place so that it isn't forgotten. The singing and the sex are more simple pleasures that she has a joy in reveling in, as someone who enjoys putting people under their heel or hearing the sound of their own voice.

Make no mistake though, despite her artistic inclinations, Díleas is not a good person. As an immortal, especially an Anzat, she projects a sense of superiority over everyone she sees, believing that her life, measured in the infinite, is more valuable than those around her whom, while beautiful in their own way, are mere embers compared to her flame, easily snuffed out. This superiority is one of her more defining traits, as it evolved into a desire to always have at least one person on their knee before her, doing whatever she commanded and loving every second. Naturally, this led her to the Dark Side, and a proclivity to side with the Imperials and Sith due to the freedom from persecution they allow her.

She is not a diva though, she doesn't lose her cool whenever she doesn't get what she wants, she's too old to waste time like that, she simply figures out the best way to get what she wants and acts on it, whether it be negotiation or assassination. As someone whom is as 'superior' and sexually promiscuous as she is, she has a habit of freely flaunting herself to others, dressing in outrageous clothes or blatantly flirting with others just because she feels like it, having no shame or fear because she knows no one can take advantage of her.


- Expert Marksman and Hand to Hand Combatant
- Adept Pilot
- Master Tracker and Survivalist
- Adept in the use of the Force
- Sub par Swordsman
- Competent Strategic Knowledge
- Heavy Artistic Inclination

Belongings/Gear: Canine Blaster Pistol, 2 Stick Bombs, 1 Lightsaber (Dual Phase)
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Happy Panda

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Feb 26, 2018
"You know me, always of two minds..."

Jodie and Iris

Real Name: Jodie Macmillan (Let her sleep, she's grouchy).
Alter Name: Iris (I'm usually the one with the hand on the steering wheel).
Age: 32
Species: Human (Mutant and proud baby)
Sex: Female
Occupation: Janitor (It's a good job, don't judge me).
Homeworld: Earth (Loch Lomond, Scotland)
Height: 5' 3
Hair Color: White, formerly Blonde :(

I didn't always look like someone poured a sack of flour over me, once upon a time I used to have a nice lustrous set of blonde hair, full lips, flushed cheeks, the works ya know? The years have been cruel though, to say the least. I'm a little paler nowadays, and the white hair is kinda obvious, but don't get me wrong, I actually don't mind it that much. I used to always give my RPG characters white hair and cool looking but still pretty damn beautiful features so I kinda lucked out, in a way. Mind you, I'm not a big fan of the bags under the eyes, but I probably had those before my exile so I'm not too bothered.

If you're interested in my clothing choices, I guess I just kinda mix and match with a lotta stuff. Most of the time, it's hoodies, plaid shirts, denim shirts, dress shirts, lots of shirts in my wardrobe. I like suits though, I fracking love suits, and side note? Ellen Page rocks that kinda look, SO CUUUUTE. Color-wise, I'm fairly dark or neutral, but I really like blue, red, burgundy, brown, and black/white...just no yellow, that crap is sickening. Fair warning though, if I'm not wearing my white overcoat outside? Chances are I'm sleeping, and Jovie is running around, so you might wanna run.

Jodie almost exclusively dresses in sexy stuff, leather leggings, latex, gloves etc. Think a toned down dominatrix, but no, she doesn't just go around screwing people - she just likes the fashion of it, ya know?

Abilities & Skills: I have a few different tricks and toys up my sleeves:

- Faunamancy: You like that word, I kinda made it up, not sure if anyone ever actually coined it before me, probably. My mutant power allows me to influence the actions of animals, as well as get a sense of their wants, needs, and thoughts. Well, I call them thoughts, it's a little more complicated than that, it's more like...an instinct, every animal has their own brain patterns and ways of thinking and I can just kind pick it up as we meld together.

- Floramancy: Similar to animals, I can also influence and manipulate most forms of plant life and feel organic flora around me. It's not as useful, per se, as Faunamancy - I'm no Poison Ivy, I can't summon massive plant monsters. I can mainly just manipulate it in small ways, a plant growing here or a small telepathic link to a flower there. Like animals, plants don't think or feel the way we do, it's more like an instinct there too, as organic life, it does have a certain...I dunno, connection to me, though I can't quite explain what.

- Archaeology Degree: I did aspire to be more than a Janitor once upon a time, though even back then, my lecturers told me not to get my hopes up with Archaeology. I like History, and ancient places and knowing about those that came before us, so of course, I went for archaeology, it's the woman of action's version of History. Given the world we live in, there's probably a lot we can't see, and if I ever feel the call to it again, I might go looking for what people don't even know to exist.

- Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat: I'm not much of a fighter, whenever someone gets physical with me I prefer to just end the fight as quickly as I can without hurting them too much. I know some basic moves, and I cobbled together a lot from TV Shows and such, which I know isn't 100% accurate, but it's all I really have. I doubt Captain America or Iron Fist is just gonna drop out of the sky and teach em Kung Fu, and I can't really afford real lessons on a Janitor's salary. I mainly just use my size and speed to crawl around and over people like a little spider-monkey, throws them off, ya know?

- Survivalism: You don't survive on a desolate planet for 10 years without picking up a few things, and as hard as it was, I was taught a lot of valuable stuff when I was stranded there. I bet that I'd be better off in the wilderness now than I would have before I left the planet.

Weaknesses: Well, I could start with the juicy stuff and talk about my scarred and strange psyche, but I'll build to that. When it comes to my powers, as cool as they sound, they do have limits. My Faunamancy has a limited range, up to around 50 metres, and beyond that, I get nothing but static. In addition to that, the bigger and more complicated the brain of a particular animal is, the harder it is for us to meld with and influence them, the same goes if it's a small, but numerous type of animal. For example, 1 lion or several hundred ants would present the same challenge. Same goes for Floramancy with distance, around 50 metres is my limit for connecting with plants and flowers and such.

Now we're starting to build up a little. My powers are more than just influencing behavior and reading thoughts - I form a connection to these lives, however small, on a base level. I understand their needs, their requirements, their abilities as well as they do, and I feel what they feel as well. To that end, I also feel it when they are hurt or killed. If someone destroys a plant or kills an animal while we're connected to it, then we feel the pain of their death, all of it, kinda like psychic feedback from the connection being cut off.

These traits all stem from a larger problem that Jodie has had for most of her life though, the problem that actually brought me to life: Empathy. Jodie feels empathy on a scale I don't think a lot of people know, she can assume a lot of points of view, even those that scare or sicken her as an individual. She's been doing this since she was little, and while it's gift to be sure, it leaves her so vulnerable. When she was stranded on that planet, she unconsciously created me because she was afraid of what she was becoming, her empathy let her tap into something dark and primal within her that made her more feral, animalistic. Ironically, saving her mind also took away the thing that endangered it, my empathic talents aren't as powerful as hers, I can only assume the points of view of good people, good things, I see the good in everything, hence my name. Iris - eye, as in, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Sorry, I'm going off on a tangent, moving on.

Belongings/Gear: I don't have much in the way of stuff that means anything to me, but one of the first things I picked up when I got back to earth was a white trench coat that I really liked, so I've kept that with me ever since. As for gear, I don't have much besides a collapsible baton in my pocket and a Colt 45. 1911 in an underarm holster, but that's about it.

Biography: I feel it would be remiss to just talk about myself, especially since I'm just the alter, Jodie is the real person here so I figure you're better off knowing more about her before we get to me.

Jodie was born in Scotland, out by the sunny shores of Loch Lomond. Her Da was a scaffolder, and her Ma was a receptionist at a hotel not too far from their house. As you might imagine, it was kinda lonely for her growing up, apart from her sister, she didn't really have anyone. She was too far from school friends' houses to form proper connections with them and nobody really lived near them either. Most of the time, she'd be watching one of the many movies or playing one of the many video games that they owned, most of the time with her sister in tow. Kayla was pretty much the only one Jodie talked to when she was a kid, especially considering her parents. It wasn't that they were neglectful, they just had demanding jobs and needed to give them their all so they could keep their house.

They really did love their kids, but it was probably a good thing that they didn't have much time for them. If they had, things might've been more, um...awkward, when Jodie collapsed one morning writhing in pain, the minds of hundreds of animals screaming into her brain. The day we got our powers, at the rip old age of 13, was probably one of the worst days and best days of our lives. For one thing, we had superpowers, that was awesome! On the other hand, the sheer force of all those minds overwhelmed us and we spent a good few hours in horrible pain until Kayla came home and helped us block the minds out. She was the only one Jodie told about her powers, and she was honestly indispensable in learning to manage our powers. Without her, it might have taken years, but within a few months, we had gained enough control to quiet our minds again, and a few months after that, she convinced Jodie to start experimenting on our Dog, Samus.

Samus was the best pupper, he was all too happy to meld with Jodie's thoughts and be a glorified guinea pig for her. That little girl's mood practically skyrocketed when she got a hardline to her owner's brain (the nagging for food was neverending, greedy bugger). Needless to say, Samus also showed her what happened when an animal died while connected to us, and that was the reason Jodie never bought a pet after Samus died of old age. She thought about it, a lot, but she just couldn't handle that empty feeling again. She mainly tried to distract herself with work and movies, and that was when she first watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade...ho boy, that dang movie. That trilogy singlehandedly propelled her from academic still waters to her Archaeology course, and indirectly, her impending exile.

About a month after graduating from the University of Glasgow, Jodie was contacted by her old tutor with an offer to join an exhibition to the Middle East. She accepted and, like a mouse to cheese, she practically shuffled there single-mindedly like a zombie, thinking only of how utterly exciting this was! Yes, I'm being slightly bitter here, but I shouldn't be here, and if she didn't go there, she would still be complete, I'm allowed to be a little snippy. Anyways, she arrived at the exhibition and, with the help of some scorpions, she helped uncover some ancient ruins beneath the sands in the Sahara Desert. Inside the ruins, they found something...wrong. In hindsight, it was probably alien, a recon post or something like that, but back then, it was like something out of a Lovecraftian nightmare, with rooms and structures at strange and vaguely nauseating angles.

During the excavation, some of the workers started to feel dizzy and get headaches, most of them decided to leave the place for a little while and take stock of the situation. Jodie agreed, but when she was sleeping, she felt something in her dreams. Even now, I can't place it, but it was almost as if the ruin was calling to her, booting her out of sleep and emanating some kind of aura that drew her in. When she returned to the ruin, something was different. The structures were humming, almost as if they were alive, and there was a slight shimmering in the center of the floor. When she investigated, she must have tripped something, because the shimmering turned into a hole, and the hole started sucking everything in.

Jodie was dragged through...and ended up on Fellora. To give some background, Fellora was a thriving community once upon a time. The people had been slowly developing space travel, their economy was in full swing, and their scientists had been unravelling mysteries previously unknown to them, such as cryostasis, teleportation, transmutation etc. While they were ahead in many areas, they were also behind in many others too, inequality was running rampant, tribes that were considered weak were wiped out completely, and their weaponry had just reached the nuclear stage. As you can imagine, that proved to be their undoing, and by the time Jodie arrived there, the entire planet was barely habitable. The entire planet was nothing but desert and glaciers, having been reduced to cinders and ruins by their own weaponry and constant scorched earth campaigns. Their atmosphere had been almost wrecked too, and their weather system had been riddled to extremes, with the day being unbearably hot and the night being blizzards and snowstorms.

If things were that bad, you might wonder how I know this, and that is answered by how we survived. Among the sands, Jodie found the wreck of a spaceship, a cruiser, and she hid in there for shelter. The ship, as she later found out, belonged to a crew of Shi'ar that was considering extending a hand of friendship to the Fellorians, but that plan was scrapped when their wars and weapons started to destroy one another. They would have left if one of those weapons didn't strike the ship and send it crashing down into a sandy grave. Lucky for her, the ship's computer was still operating, and the AI too, so she had some help in learning how to actually work the systems that still operated. The downside was that she had also attracted some...well...

The inhabitants of Fellora weren't destroyed, oh no. They survived and degenerated into something worse than what they already were, one might say a reflection of their true selves. We called them reavers, seems like the go-to word for cannibalistic humans so why not them. They had followed Jodie to the ship, and they attacked her, but she was able to drive two of them off. The third, she, um...she killed him, in self-defense. When they were dealt with, she looked everywhere she could for water, food, but there was nothing but desert and death. The water issue was solved pretty quickly, thankfully; every night the snowstorms would create ice and when the morning came, it would melt, providing water, so all she had to do was set out some buckets and containers. The food, well, that was another thing entirely, and it was the reason I came to be.

There were no flora or fauna on that planet anymore, nothing she could consume to survive, she would die of starvation...but then the AI reminded her of what lay in the bowls of the ship. She ate the reaver, every bit of him minus the bones, and doing it? It felt like a little bit of our soul shriveled up doing it. She hated herself for doing that, especially after finding out what those things used to be, and as if her guilt wanted to make sure she never forgot what she did, a few weeks later, our hair and skin started to pale and whiten. According to the Medical Database, there was something in their bodies, an enzyme of some sort that killed the pigments in our hair and skin, made them white. She started to look for any way to lessen the guilt, and in doing that, she turned to the very things she ate. The mindset of a reaver was simple, instinctual, almost relaxingly so...the taste of flesh ripping through your teeth, the thrill of chasing your prey, the filling feeling of taking another life into yourself, becoming stronger from them.

The more she tried to ease her guilt, the more Jodie started to truly empathize with her prey, and that became a paradox. In time, she started to stop caring, and she even began to enjoy the chase, the taste, the desire to feed on others to survive. She started to lose herself, but in her ferocity, I think a part of her seemed to realize what she was becoming, and it scared her. 3 years after she arrived on Fellora, I was born - Iris came into being. I didn't do much back then, I just kind of slumbered in the back of her mind as she lost herself more and more. It was 10 years into her exile when I finally started to gain some kind of hold, and while Jodie slept, I wandered the ship, looking for some kind of way to get us away from here.

In time, I actually managed to start beaming out a distress signal, and soon enough, a passing trade ship found us both and carried us away from that place. When we were being taken back home, that was when Jodie started to fight back against me. I still remember her standing over the captain, teeth bared and nails sharpened into talons, reading to rip his throat out and savor the new taste his flesh would give her. I finally found myself that day, and I...I...I did what I had to do. To save Jodie, I had to subdue her, I sent her to sleep and took control for myself.

When I found myself back on Earth, I had no idea what to do. I saw a world that was rapidly starting to head toward the same destination as Fellora, and it made me weep and gave me nightmares. It made me wonder if I should get out there and try to fight back against the tide of apathy and greed and hatred instead of just sitting on the sidelines. It seemed so ridiculous at first, but now...

Now, I've made my decision.

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NAME: Kai Nimbus
AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 1.68m
WEIGHT: 59kg





My name is Kai. I'm 26 year old and I was born in the slums downtown. I worked for the Manticore Corporation and in my downtime, I like to go out on benders and read books and hunt homeless people.

I am a sociopath.

Most people are nowadays considering the kind of city, hell, society we live in. Growing up, I was surrounded by junkies and beggars and criminals and cyber-psychos. It was hell, and it was like living in a cage with lions, but it was home at the end of the day, and I got used to it pretty quick. Soon enough, I actually started to enjoy it, though being the only one not hopped up on drugs and being able to take control of my apartment block probably helped things there. I was 19 when I started working for the Manticore Corporation, wasn't that hard to get noticed, I just killed all my competition and used them for my garden fertilizer (number 6 gave me great tulips :) ). It was kinda like a dream come true for me, sitting up there with the giants, able to do pretty much whatever I wanted, allowed to kill people indiscriminately as long as I kept it discrete and occasionally killed someone they wanted me to.

It wasn't too long before I started to branch out though - life is all about new horizons isn't it? I started experimenting with chemistry a little bit, some memory retention implants helped with that, and eventually I had a pretty strong foundation for making drugs of my own. My little blend was called Bliss, it stimulated the pleasure centres of the brain and caused a massive release of endorphins and seratonin, it literally flushed all those tiny little problems out of your head and carried you to Nirvana like a leaf in the wind. Of course, there were the occasional souriees into trafficking as well, those were fun, I like having peoples lives in my hands, it made me feel powerful. Like most good things in life though, it didn't last...

I was betrayed.

My superiors in Manticore, or one of them anyway, Jason was his name. He didn't like my side business, saw me as competition to his own dirty deeds, done dirt cheap in comparison to his own. As such, I was to be removed from his battle plans, so he had me drugged and implanted with an inhibitor chip. Sitting here now, in the middle of a cell, barely able to move my hand or turn my head while my mind is in perfect condition, I feel like I'm in my own personal hell. Being imprisoned inside one's own body is a fate I would only wish upon my worst enemies, and when it comes down to it, that only means one person. Jason betrayed me, set me up and dragged me into one of the dark corners of the world where I couldn't be seen anymore, a vegetable strapped to a wheelchair to be poked and prodded for the rest of time. He's underestimated me though, I'll find a way out of this predicament, and when I do, I will have my revenge on him. If not though, should something happen to me, I leave this one message in my brain for anyone that would care to read it.

I did not break, I did not bow, and I will never bow my head if it is not my choice.

-- Excerpt from message recorded via personalized biochip.


I am not a street rat, despite my origins, and I refuse to be identified in such a manner. True, I was born into a poor family and poverty and sickness and death were a constant companion, but my survival depended on my ability to outsmart and outhink my opponents, so I learned. I read anything I could find and studied whatever I could, and as I moved up in the social heirarchy, I gained more resources to learn with. Most people would probably take me for a middle to upper class resident of an apartment block rather than a slum lady, a fact I take no small amount of pride in. I am polite to all I meet, some exceptions notwithstanding, and I always make it a point to be as hospitable as possible, especially to those I consider friends.

Of course, while I endeavor to be an affable enough person, I am still a monster at the end of the day. I like to indulge in my darker side, killing and stealing and violating the sacred rights of others appeals to me like a violin appeals to a virtuoso. Performing debaucherous and carnal acts tend to be my form of relaxation, and in my opinion, nothing is more relaxing that putting a worm in it's place and showing them how far below you they truly are.


1 Primitive Wheelchair
1 Motor Inhibitor Chip (installed and active)
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Terra Rothe Nimbus


Brighton, England



5' 3"; 1.61 meters

122 lbs


Dark Brown

Winona Ryder


My name is Terra Rothe Nimbus, and I am a Witch. Not in the whole "green skin and cackling mad" sense, though definitely in the "pointed hat and broomstick" sense. I was born in Brighton in 1917 and lived there most of my childhood, including my returns from Hogwarts. My family and I lived within the forest among nature, it was quite isolated, though still not too far from town, just enough so that we had privacy. My mother was a Witch, like her Mother and her Grandmother and her Great-Grandmother before her, and my Father was a Muggle. She dedicated her time toward raising me and providing a suitable education, and he spent most of his time at the bay, working as a deckhand for sailors and fishermen. As one might imagine, that meant I connected to a greater degree with my Mother than my Father, especially considering she also got the last word on my name.

My Mother always had a love for the Earth and it's natural beauty, and growing up, I think she was determined to pass that on to me. Most children would play football or run around with those strange metal rings, but we would often leave the house and go exploring, seeking out little nooks and crannies that we would fit ourselves into like dens. We would watch the animals and bugs and just talk all day about what they were, why they were there, how they contributed toward the earth and the circle of life. I believe she succeeded in ingraining that love for nature in me because I always look back on those days with fondness: the sudden gusts of wind blowing through my hair, the birds singing nearby in the morning, the grass peaking between my toes when we would run around and chase each other. She always said to me, "The Earth is our greatest God, our most favored patron. She gives us all life, and we only survive through her gifts. Respect her, treasure her, and never betray her grace." It's a little grandiose, I know, but the message within was fairly apparent in the end.

Of course, while there were days of exploration and imagination, I was also being tutored in the dual worlds I had inhabited from birth. My Mother would teach me about her world; Magic, Monsters, Witches and Wizards, and then she would teach me about my Father's world; Industrialism, Technology, Progress and...and...well, to be honest, my Father's world always seemed to be more harmful and droll than my Mother's. I don't know if that is a spoiled attitude, but I always gravitated more toward the Wizarding World. One of the best days of my life was when the Owl delivered my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts, I was positively brimming with energy and joy, to the point that I accidentally created a small shockwave that smashed our windows. Mother thought we were being attacked, you should have seen her, rushing in with her wand held aloft, like the Knights of yore ready to battle Dragons, only to see me holding a letter, surrounded by broken windows and china.

Despite my excitement, Hogwart was something of a difficult time for me because of my own personality. As a woman that was raised in relative isolation, making friends was something I found difficult, I was withdrawn and shy and longing in that immediate moment that Mother had raised me in a more populous area. Still, with a little effort and time, I was able to start coming out of my proverbial shell around the latter half of 1st Year. Funnily enough, it was when I started making friends that I began to realize how segregated my education truly was. My mother taught me almost exclusively of the Wizarding World in it's magical aspects, and the Muggle world in exclusively their own aspects, but it was getting to Hogwarts that made me realize how much the two worlds could blend together. I started to develop more mundane interests, like buying clothes, or reading the papers to see what was happening outside of my little sphere of the world, and I admit I started to develop something of a sweet tooth as well, as the hundreds of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans packets would attest to.

Several years later and, here I am in my final year. It's been an interesting road, to say the least, and compared to where I was in 1st year, I would say I'm definitely more well adjusted. I still don't forget my roots, it's what drew me to the more esoteric areas of magic like Potion Making, Ancient Runes, History, Herbology, Magical Creatures, and others. Of course, I still worked hard on my other subjects, but I enjoyed them the most, and I hope to use all that I have learned to one day change the world, hopefully for the better. All this talk of Grindlewald and war on the horizon does worry me though, especially given all the tension it's creating around Hogwarts. There are many so called 'sympathizers' among us that are endlessly picked on or made outcasts because of simple beliefs, it's not like they're out there helping Grindlewald, they just agree with some of his words...like me...

I first became aware of Grindlewlald some time into 4th year, more in passing than anything. I was reading the Daily Prophet and he was headline news, but I just turned it over to another story because I was in my phase of refusing to read depressing news. It was only after some of the other students began talking about him and his beliefs that I took the time to go back to that front page. Doing some research, I found his beliefs and his goals to be...well, morbidly interesting. His goals were a world where Wizards didn't need to hide, where they could fight back against Muggles that aimed to destroy the world and oppress those that they deemed different. I admit, I resonated with it, my ancestors were some of the original Witch Burning victims, I knew through them what it was to be oppressed for being different, even if I wasn't there first hand. If my Great Great Grandmother had not been acquitted of her supposed crimes, then I would not be here, I would be another life lost among the senseless killing and rampant fearmongering that has dotted humanity's history for eons. So yes, I agree with Grindlewald's goal, I believe his cause is just. It's true, some sacrifices need to be made, but if the end result is a world where we don't need to feel hunted or lower than others, then I believe I can support him in secret, and help where I can.


I like my wand, it feels like me, and that's probably the entire point. It's made of Oak, 17.1 inches, with a Core of White River Monster Spine, one of the last in existence I'm told. It took me about an hour to find this wand, was just sitting there at the back of the shop, like it was waiting. Sadly, my wands doesn't tend to see much use beyond charms currently. Like I said, I prefer the areas of magic that are a little more specialized. I've always had a preference for Alchemical sciences, so Herbology and Potions have always been some of my favorite subjects, and Magical Creatures slowly drew me in from 2nd year onward. I'm also something of a History lover, so things like Ancient Runes and History of Magic caught my eye too.

If you're curious as to my actual competency, I am capable of holding my own in a fight or a classroom. I made it a point early on to learn charms, hexs, curses and other spells to an adequate level given the dangers the Wizarding World always seems to have lurking around the corner. I was always appreciative of aesthetics, and I think that can manifest in my wandcraft as most of my spells seem to have an elegance to them, if I do say so myself. Make no mistake though, they are as powerful as any other Witch's, so underestimate them at your own risk.

Apparition Status - Eligable and currently learning.

Patronus - Panda

Special Notes - Registered Animagus

Current Subjects (And OWLS)
  • Arithmancy - T
  • Ancient Ruins - O
  • Divination - A
  • Transfiguration - E
  • Potions - O
  • Charms - E
  • Herbology - O
  • Care for Magical Creatures - O
  • Astronomy - A
  • History of Magic - O
  • Muggle Studies - A
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - E
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Mr Roth
Weary Wanderer
Real Name: Thor Odinson | Alias: Mr Roth, God of Thunder | Age: Immortal | Species: Aesir | Sex: Thunderous | Occupation: Hobo | Homeworld: Asgard| Height: 1.8m | Hair Color: Ginger

"I have waded the branches of time to this very day, and in my life so far, I have seen the worst of humanity. People who take pleasure in the suffering of others, killers and sadists who find a perverse delight in giving hope or reprieve to their prey, only to rip it away and extinguish the spark in their souls before taking their lives for themselves. Despite this though, I will continue to fight as long as there is life in my breast, for I too have seen the best of humanity; heroes who risk life and limb for their fellow man, and lowly commoners who would do something as simple as sit down next a homeless man and talk to him while putting a coat around her shoulders." - Mr Roth


Let me tell you a story. Don't worry, it's a good one.

In the ancient days, when Gods still made their presence known to humanity, the world was considered a simpler place. Humans would sow the seeds of their lives, and the Gods across the world would reap the rewards of their dedication, returning their faith with good crops, good weather, blessings and protection, and all the other godly gifts. Wars were fought in their name, great monuments were erected, and sacrifices were plenty, and they lapped it all up like overeager boars itching for their slop.

One such God was different from the rest. He preferred to masquerade as one of them, a human, and although he knew he was not like them, he still valued them just as deeply as he did his own family. In his domain, all humans were warriors, waging war and fighting bloody battles in his name, and he would bless their weapons and bodies to cut deeper, slice faster, kill quicker. Those who fell in battle would be lifted up into the heavens, brought to hallowed halls where they could eat, drink, fight to their heart's content, all while trading stories with one another and basking in the glory of their king and his court. Despite his affinity for war, he also possessed great wisdom, guiding the humans toward greener pastures and greater gains so that they may grow and thrive bigger and better than ever before.

He seemed almost perfect...that just made it all the more painful when he fell.

No one can stand against the ravages of time, not even gods. As the times moved on and humans gradually began to forget gods, the king became fearful. He believed that being forgotten would mean fading from existence or becoming so weak as to make the difference irrelevant. Incensed by dread, he began to collect prophecies and knowledge, aiming to learn the secrets and futures of all humans within his sphere, and with those pieces of his puzzle, he began to weave his tapestry of lies and deception. He manipulated humans into returning to him with both temptation and tragedy, killing some humans and offering others salvation. In time, his followers returned, but problems arose in his own court. His son had been by his side for centuries defending his interests and serving him faithfully, but when he began his campaign of murder and sacrifice, this son found it increasingly difficult to stand by him in his actions. Eventually, he could no longer stand by and watch the unnecessary deaths of countless innocents and he took a stand against the king.

Father and Son fought valiantly against one another, their clash shaking the very foundations of their kingdom as God was tested against God in a battle that lasted three weeks. The battle finally came to an end amid the highest peak of their realm, their weapons having been shattered by one another, and their bodies worn and weathered, when the son broke his Father's neck. In truth, there was no victory that day, for the son knew in his heart that killing his father was no victory at all, instead, it left him alone, an outcast to his own kind. Deciding to distance himself from the corruption that had festered within his home, the son took the remains of his and his father's weapons and he fled to the realm of humans. From that day forward, he became just another human, blending into the shadows and only coming into the light when his talents were needed to protect others.

No one knows if he was real or not, in this day and age anything is possible. All that is known is that if he was real, he has not shown himself in a very long time, or at least, not to any humans that told that story. All I know aside from the story is that, should he be real, then we are perhaps very lucky to have him wandering and protecting us...

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Kheyri — “Beware the Light"


Fealty: House Lannister
Title (if any): None
Nickname/Sobriquet (if any): None

Sex: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Essosi
Culture: Braavos

Religion: Lord of Light
Age: 17, born 7869

Kheyri was born in Braavos, her first breath an anguished cry that was define her childhood. Unlike others, she was not born in the cozy confines of a warm bedroom, she was brought into this world on the streets, the third birth brought on by a lonely mother who sought carnal pleasure to escape the reality that permeated her every waking moment. Orphaned mere moments after her birth due to her Mother's frail constitution, Kheyri grew up thanks to the efforts of her two brothers, whom would often find small jobs here and there to get by, sometimes resorting to theft if times were hard. They instilled a great kindness in her, and she would take that kindness into her soul for the rest of her life, even if it was to become hardened by future events...

As a large and populated labyrinth of a city, Braavos was besieged by no small amount of corruption, political frolicking and general apathy. In Kheyri's neck of the woods, the homeless and destitute rallied under a Slum-Lord, a ruthless man who believed the area belonged to him and him alone. In his eyes, any business conducted without his permission was a treasonous offense, and even if just one random thief stepped out of line without his blessing, they would be cut down. Unfortunately for Kheyri, she didn't have just one brother, she had two. She was spared out of simple luck, having been away looking for water and scraps while her remaining family was butchered and left to rot in a gutter. When she returned home, she found them torn to shreds, and evidence that they had tried to bargain with their killers to no avail.

For the next few months, Kheyri wandered until she came across a Red Priest who found himself enamored with her. She went with him to sanctuary, and it was there that she found a purpose again, a reason to keep on living. She devoted herself to the Lord of Light, praying every night and learning every text, every written word, and coming to see the priests as akin to a second family. In secret, she was also tutored in the art of swordplay by one of the priests that took her in, an art that focused less on elegance and more on knowing your opponent and being able to end a fight in as few moves as possible. The kindness that she was imbued with was only hardened by their philosophies, teaching that kindness should be reserved for those who are good and that those who prey on others deserve nothing more than blood and death. Humans were flawed things, after all, they had such capacity of violence and hate, and Chaos would follow soon after. To serve the Lord of Light, order had to be maintained by any means necessary.

When Kheyri was 16, she finally left the Red Priests behind, fully devoted to the Lord of Light, and ready to incite order and blood on the chaotic masses. She first began with the very same slum lord that killed her brothers, having become even more powerful than that day. She cut his head from his body and left his burning carcass to rot as a message to anyone that would find it.

The Lord of Light will bring order to the world, by any means necessary.

Kheyri has a relatively black and white moral code when it comes to the world around her. She serves the Lord of Light, she has for most of her days, and she fully believes in Order vs Chaos, thoughshe infuses that with her Brother's teachings of Good and Evil respectively. She believes in Order, for in order, people are happy and content, there is peace and progress. Chaos, on the other hand, destroys all in it's wake, it spreads like a virus, with those who take pleasure in subverting the law and preying on others acting as the carriers, sweeping up everything and everyone unlucky enough to get in it's way and destroying them like nothing. Order breeds peace and light, Chaos brings fire, hatred, death, and darkness.

To that end, Kheyri is unyielding in her beliefs and methods. She uses fear and violence to keep the peace, but she is precise, she only visits her blade upon those that have sullied the order she holds dear. Occasionally, an innocent will need to be sacrificed for the sake of the whole, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, especially when all it takes for a wildfire is a single spark. Kheyri herself is extremely in control of herself, keeping a cool and calm outward demeanor at all times, save for the privacy of her room. She also has one particular vice that, while being slightly ashamed of, she does not deny, and that is the carnal pleasure of another woman's flesh. She keeps her sexuality hidden, only visiting those who she knows will keep her secret.

  • Finely Tailored Combat Garments, Braavosi and Red Priest inspired
  • 1 Valyrian Whip, used to tame dragons.
  • Solaire, Valyrian Steel
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