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Ricky "The Legend" Ravage


Big Poppa
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Feb 21, 2018

Ricky "The Legend" Ravage

Control: Player Only (PM me if you'd like to use him.)

Name: Ricky Ravage

Age: 38

Species: Human

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Height: 5'10

Weight: More to Love

Hair: Slick Brown Mullet

Sex: Addict

Force Sensitive: No

Appearance: Ricky Ravage is a portly man with a magnificent mullet. He is a former athlete so he is left with a surprisingly athletic disposition, his cardio being hilariously out classing his girth. Being a man after the finger things in life he often dresses in extravagant suits and often galivants how much money he has and how many schuttas he gets. Did I mention he had a magnificent mullet? Protecting Ricky's head from UV rays and blaster bolts is the most beautiful haircut known to mankind. Business in front, party in the back. Did I mention it's also permed? He has a permed mullet... And damn does he look fantastic.

  • Former Pit Fighter, can throw a mean punch.
  • Excellent Charisma, Possesses an obscene amount of charm.
  • Money (This is a skill, right?)

  • Has a massively inflated ego.
  • Lives in the past.
  • Has never known what it's like to be truly loved.
  • Loves prostitutes.
  • Loves Twi'leks... too much.
  • Loves money... too much.
  • Spends his money carelessly, often putting him in dangerous situations.
  • Doesn't know when to shut up.
  • Obnoxiously loud, both good and bad for when he's announcing fights.
  • Manipulative, doesn't trust anyone but money.
  • Drug addict, addicted to spice and alcohol.
  • Has a Mullet.
  • A Bad Back
  • Stupid Amounts of Money
  • Gold Plated Blasters
  • Bitches
Job: Fight Promoter / Game Show Host

Faction: Independent

Personality: Lol you'll see.

The story of Ricky Ravage is one not for the faint of heart. From aspiring fighter to crippled in a freak tauntaun riding accident, the tale of Ricky Ravage is one of triumph. One of defeat. One of dreams, both ones being fulfilled and others being crushed horrifically. Tales of pure ecstasy and ones of soul crushing depression. And, it's a love story. A love story between a man and his lust for fame, fortune and a gaggle of Twi'lek schuttas.

--- The Legend of Ricky Ravage ---
So you want to hear the legend that is me, Ricky Ravage, do you? Well, I can't say I blame you. I'm pretty kriffing awesome. From the slicked back, permed mullet to the mass I've been cultivating in a way that radiates wealth and excellence I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard about me yet. Yeah, I was a pretty big deal in my twenties when I was the pound for pound best Pit fighter on my home planet of Nar Shaddaa. I had everything, the strength, the speed, the women and most importantly the money. I didn't let the fame get to my head though, I truly believe it's important to stay humble. So that's why I titled this biography 'The Legend', after me, Ricky Ravage.

I was the best and I still am! I'm Ricky Kriffing Ravage, the Savage who kicked... I'm running out of rhymes. Fuck you. I guess all great legends like myself start at the beginning so let's start over. I'm Ricky Ravage and today you're going to be learning about me: the man, the myth, the legend.

It all started when I was a chunky kid at age 14. This legend doesn't start with my parents dying or me gaining super powers or any of that over the top edgy Jedi Sith lord crap. Nothing interesting happens when you're a kid if you're as awesome as me, you played video games and looked at hot babes all day on the holonet. Well, back then little Ricky Ravage wasn't so into his mass so he joined a boxing gym. Badass right? Right.

For once something clicked with me and before I knew it I was punching people's faces professionally. Now you're probably thinking to yourself... Ricky... with so much man and so much mullet how could you possibly fight the way you did? Pure. Unadulterated. Badassery. I was born to kick ass and be famous and I do both of those things like a fucking boss! I fought until my early thirties when... the accident happened.

It was the spring time on some resort planet. I was in shape, I had an 8 pack and a 6 pack of Twi'lek courtesans that were sucking my life, my wallet and me dry. I was on so many drugs they could have legally declared me awesome on the sheer fact that I was alive and still doing life up Ricky Ravage style. I was famous, I was hot, they were hot... And that's when I saw it...

Competitive... Tauntaun... Racing...

Now I know what you're thinking, no don't tell me. You're thinking that why is this such a big deal Ricky when EVERYTHING you touch is pure excellence? I'll tell you what... I'm a man of honor, morality and being an all around humble guy.... I will tell you right now that the minute I sat on that Tauntaun I was destined for greatness racing too... Unfortunately that was all the spice and the next thing I knew my back was broken and I couldn't feel my legs.

The worst part is it wasn't even my fault, it really wasn't. A Rogue tauntaun had escaped from the pin behind us and wanted some action on the female I was riding on before the race even began and the rest is history. I was trapped in the middle and well, bastard broke my back. Worse three way I ever had. Really memorable though.

So there I was, couldn't feel my toes or my junk. My life was over. If I couldn't box what was I good for? As I sat there in the hospital the smokin' hot nurses there turned on the game show channel for me and that was that. I spent months absorbing hundreds of hours of word games, money games, funny games, crappy games, old games, you name it I know it. If you have a 15 letter word and all the vowels are already bought baby I can guess it. As crazy as it sounds I started to love how cheesy this stuff was and then I had discovered yet another passion of mine that I was going to absolutely crush: being a game show host.

I had only been a pro fighter for about 10 years before I became crippled. Thankfully it wasn't permanent and a few years later I could feel my junk again, the toes and legs and all that crap came later but at that point I didn't really care. How did I get better? The force, magic, hell if I know. All I know is that the doctors got me better after I had rented out that hotel room to myself so I wouldn't have to go no where. Having a personal hot nurse staff on the pay roll is AWESOME. Would highly recommend. Anyways, I was now 34 and everyone had left me behind. I had just spent the better part of 5 years laid up in a bed, cultivating mass and watching crappy television. The women were gone, my training team was gone but luckily all my money was still there. Thank fuck I'm so awesome and made a nest egg for myself fighting so... I looked forward.

Now I own one of the biggest shock boxing companies in all of Nar Shaddaa with plans on branching out. I do pit fights, I do fist fights, I do cock fights. Just kidding on the last one... But I do it all! Combat sports is my bitch and I hold events all the time. If you're a fighter looking for inspiration from the Legend himself take it from me, train, get good you pussy and we'll make some money together.