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RP Rules

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PvP/Combat Rules

Where PvP breaks out in a thread, each participant has 72 hours to reply. If that is passed, they may simply be skipped. An order will be established at the start of each battle, ensuring that each 'side' of the battle posts together. Example:

Side 1 is attacking Side 2

  • Side 1 has Player A, B, and C
  • Side 2 has Player X, Y, and Z
  • A possible posting order would be A, B, C, X, Y, Z, but could also be B, C, A, Y, Z, X, so long as each side posts together.
In the event of an impasse, a PvP Panel will be created, consisting of 'battle judges'. Available battle judges can be found in this thread.

A panel is only created if two or more sides reach an impasse. The Panel is formed as follows:

1. Side A (the Defender) chooses a judge.
2. Side B (the Attacker) chooses a judge.
3. The Site Staff appoints a third judge (an owner or admin who is not involved in the fight will choose the final judge).
Note: None of the Judges chosen can be a direct participant in the PvP.

The chosen judge shouldn't automatically support the side they are chosen by. This is a measure to ensure both sides feel they are fairly represented, as they're able to choose representatives on the panel which decides on the matter.

The Panel Process:

  1. The PvPers in a thread are fighting and run into a dispute that they can't work out themselves.
  2. If this is the first impasse, the above method for creating a panel is implemented. If it is not the first impasse, one or more of the PvPers alert the PvP Panel & Staff to the issue. This may be done in an OOC Thread.
  3. The PvP Panel reviews the thread and has a private discussion via Discord regarding their thoughts on the thread.
  4. All three Judges attempt to form a joint-solution with the two Chosen Judges being the primary negotiators. The Staff-Appointed Judge is mainly there to act as a referee at this point. If a solution is reached and all of the Chosen Judges approve of it, the solution to the dispute is laid out the PvPers in a ruling from the Panel. If a joint-solution is NOT reached, continue to Step 5.
  5. The Staff-appointed Judge (or Staff Judge) will decide on a solution to the dispute. This solution will then be voted on by the Chosen Judges. A simple majority (with the Staff Judge serving as the tie-breaker) will carry the solution and it will be sent down to the players as a ruling from the Panel. If a majority vote cannot be reached, repeat Step 5. If Step 5 has already been repeated, then the dispute is officially escalated to the actual Site Staff to be ruled on.
If additional sides join the thread (making it larger than 1 side vs 1 side), additional battle judges are added to ensure that the number remains odd & each side is represented.


NPCs are basically the same as additional Players for all intents and purposes regarding the PvP Panel. The only thing to keep in mind is that an NPC will always be considered less powerful than a PC within reason (ex. an able-bodied NPC is probably going to be considered more agile physically than a PC missing every limb but their left leg).

Large Battles

There are two systems the players can use here: the Panel System and the Game System.


Simple enough. PvP thread = Creation of a PvP Panel. The players write their battle and try to work it out. Any disputes are handled by the PvP Panel. Naturally, this is going to end in more disputes than most, so there is a hard limit of three (3) disputes before the thread's battle system is switched to the Game System.


This will use a new official site dice-roller, which can be found on our discord server. Rolls will be made in the
#dice-rolling channel. In addition to a normal PvP Panel, the staff will also appoint a GM from the list of available judges.

After each post, the player will roll a d20 on the dice roller. The attacker goes first. The higher roll wins the round, with the defender winning in the event of a tie. The staff judge & GM will determine the outcome together, with casualties being relative to the difference in the winning & losing dice rolls (aka rolls of 20-to-10 would have a lot more casualties than rolls of 15-to-14). The WINNER of the Previous Rolls will then get to post their next move, roll, and then the LOSER of the Previous Rolls will post their next move and roll. Rinse and repeat.

The Battle Ends when:

  1. Attacker/Defender chooses to retreat.
  2. Attacker/Defender surrenders.
  3. Attacker/Defender wins 5 (or more) rolls with a 2-roll margin.

This does not mean that the writer's content doesn't matter in the overall outcome of the battle, using Game System. There are ways that a writer's content can still influence the battle's result:

  • For starters, the GM can decide at the start of the battle if one faction has advantage. This give sthat side a +2 bonus to each of their rolls.
  • If at any point the GM decrees that a faction has done something clever/horrible/heroic/cowardly which would change the battle, advantage can be awarded or stripped (depending on the action).
  • Finally, if the losses by one faction become too great to ignore, advantage may be awarded to the opposing faction.
These advantage bonuses can stack, but it is recommended that the GM consult with the rest of the PvP Panel before stacking advantage. Also, it is encouraged that the PvP Panel consult with the Battle GM if at any point certain decisions are questionable. Disputes within the PvP Panel in this way can be decided by official Site Staff intervention if necessary.

There are additional types of battles that need special rules to address them, such as sieges. These types of rules are being developed still, and will be released with time.
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General RP Rules & Rulings

These are the rules that arise out of rulings, or aren't so easy to categorize:

  • RP Situation Precedent:
    • The 'situation' of an RP is set by the first person to describe it. Example: Players A & B are in a thread together. A neglects to mention the weather in his opening post, and later B mentions that it's raining outside. Player A may not say that it's sunny outside, despite having created the thread. This rule can be stretched to apply to different scenarios: whether or not furniture is present in a room, the number of people present, whether or not a fleet is present, etc.
  • Preparations, Facilities, etc:
    • Preparations or facilities said to be present in RP may not solely be stated in discussion. Example: Player A mentions in #star-wars, on Discord, that Coruscant has a million man garrison. A month later, Player B makes a thread on Coruscant and Player A brings the aforementioned garrison into play without ever having mentioned it ICly, or in a writeup.
    • This does not apply for one-time situations, example: Player B wants to create a thread on Coruscant, and asks player A what the defenses for Coruscant are. Whatever preparations, facilities, or defenses Player A chooses to mention are applicable for Player B's thread. However, Player A may not later hold those facilities (or other preparations) against Player C at a later date, who may not have seen the message.
    • This does not include write-ups in this board, or things established ICly.
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