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Galactic Republic Jedi Ruhk Edo


The Trash Pandas
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Jan 4, 2019

Ruhk Edo
Alter Ego:
Enth, the Force Hound.
Date of Birth
39 BBY
Place of Origin:
Faa, Kamino System
Ruhk Edo was a compliant youth when she was brought from the Kamino System to the Known Galaxy, on top of that she was a quick study. Though it seems her emotional suppression isn't due to her Jedi training, it was mainly due to the traumatic experiences of abandonment she had as a child, and doesn't share. She was believed to be a prodigy due to her natural understanding of the force and the philosophies and aspects standing behind it. When no one asked questions, she would be the one to ask them. Though compared to other's reactions to atrocities, to her it was simply like watching an action flick, she barely showed a reaction to a massacre. However the one thing that made it clear that it bothered her, was the fact that she didn't have a reaction nor commentary.

Intelligent, rash and yet extremely patient, Ruhk doesn't like getting involved in combat, though loves flying starships. Since she was a child she had an admiration for technology, let alone protocol droids. At some point she even pretended to be one, much to a Jedi teacher's consternation. Lo and behold, the moment she was capable of learning and experimenting with the force on her own, she immediately jumped into the controversial use of Mechu-Deru and Electronic Manipulation. This kind of admiration for machines seemed to come to an end however at the abrupt start of the Clone Wars, but would still use it as a means to get what she wants or needs to be done.

When she was granted the privilege to spar, she was quick and ruthless. Hardly did she ever allow her opponents windows, let alone time, to read her movements as her goal was always to quickly end a battle before it can be drawn out. Along with her various hobbies, after becoming a Knight she started out as an Artisan as she had a talent with creating lightsabers and creating decorative designs. Often wanting more than the Jedi Order provided, she would use her talents in art to gain galactic currency. Eventually however she chose to become an Archaeologist in order to further her force related studies and more historical works. That was when she found an item with an immense presence, a Force Saber, one which would change her forever.

After discovering the artifact, she would keep it for herself rather than report the findings to the Jedi Master in-charge of the Archaeological dig. Despite wanting monetary gain as an Artisan, this wasn't just greed which had effected her. Ever since her abandonment as a child, this is the first thing other than the Jedi which had called out to her. More than anything Ruhk is sentimental and wanting to be loved, which by many she had been denied. So it was easy for the object to take influence over her mind and make her act out a bit too rashly. During a training exercise however, instead of using her regular lightsaber, she used this one. Not only did she use a weapon by focusing her negative emotions through it, but the saber itself began to alter her mind to the point that two consciousnesses merged together by the end of the fight.

Ruhk Edo, now also Enth an ancient slave to the Infinite Empire, temporarily began losing their mind. They couldn't tell the difference between life and death, dream and reality. It wasn't until she focused on meditation and on her studies once again were the two merged personalities able to settle. The reason why the two came together was due to them wanting the same things, being able to relate heavily. The only difference was, Enth hated their former masters and above all, the Dark Sider Orders that plagued the Galaxy.
Force Sensitive Level:

Galactic Republic
Jedi Order

Occupation | Rank:
Jedi, Jedi Knight
Jedi Sentinel: Jedi Artisan > Jedi Archeologist > Jedi Shadow
Standard Attire:
Despite being a Jedi Knight, Ruhk does not wear the traditional attire as it stands out a bit too much in a crowd of people. Her preference is typically a black padded half-body jumpsuit with an energy resistant mesh which covers the thighs, central mass and arms. She typically wears a green turtleneck jacket-tunic which has a gold trim down the front and along the rims. Her choice of pants are usually cargo shorts or long pants made of nano-weave material and thigh high boots which are made of rancor leather. It isn't abnormal for her to wear a chest plate or armor pieces when planning to go into battle, which are usually black, green or white in color. Where ever she goes, she is always wearing gloves unless she is forced to do otherwise. When not wearing a cloak of some kind, she is usually wearing a scarf.
– Restored Force Saber, this weapon was created through the use of Force Alchemy, forged by a Force Hound during the reign of the Infinite Empire. This was the weapon of choice and was generally activated by focusing negative energy through it by using the force, hence its name. However this particular one was owned by the Force Hound simply known as Enth, who had used force alchemy as a way to cheat death. They altered the saber to integrate their consciousness with someone elses once they start using the weapon. Thus when Ruhk used it for the first time, Enth's consciousness was imprinted upon Ruhk's mind, though this act clearly lacked actual Enth's essence, which ruled it out from being a possession.
– Ruhk's Green Lightsabers are a pair of weapons which are typically used in unison. These weapons are specialized as they were made by Ruhk after she had become a Jedi Artisan. Built from energy and shock resistant material, the weapon is capable of functioning under water and has the ability to allow the user to change its frequency; thus being able to theoretically bypass the natural shorting of the lightsaber should it come in contact with refined cortosis. Later on both of these weapons were modified by Ruhk with Enth's ability of using Force Alchemy to imprint their personality upon the weapon, so whomever physically weilded the weapon, would supposedly become them. The focusing crystals are two green barab ingots which were both attuned to the force,

Signature Force Abilities:
Art of the Small
Detoxify Poison
Electronic Manipulation

Force Resistance
Force Sight

Childhood [ 0-12 ]:
Born on the Terrestrial planet of Faa within the Kamino System, she was shortly abandoned on the planet at four years old and was forced to survive for an entire year before being discovered by a traveling force sensitive. The Force sensitive was discovered to be a former Jedi and began her early lessons in the use and understanding of the force. Attachment was forming between the two of them, sentimental events ensued. It was as if the girl was imprinting upon the man, learning everything from what he did, what he said and his shared beliefs. It was like a chick and a hen, and every time she believed he had disappeared, she would always eventually find him by tracking him through the force. As a child she feared being abandoned again the most, she didn't want to be left alone at any time, anywhere. She traveled with the former Jedi for at most two years before being dropped off on the planet of Coruscant in front of the Jedi Temple.

As a youngling in the Jedi Temple, she was taught by Jedi Master Yoda and various other teachers. In almost each lesson she was rather adept and if she wasn't, she'd train during her free time. The reason why, was generally obvious. She wanted to see the man who had saved her from fate on the planet of Faa once again. She was still the little chick following a Hen, but for the time being accepted that she was lost. As her frustrations would surface, she was constantly confronted by her masters. She needed to control her emotions, or at least hide them. While she was already incapable of showing her emotions physically on her face due to her previous trauma with abandonment, she now had to hide them from those around her.

At some point she chose to pretend to be a protocol droid, emulating a false persona as comedic relief. It was a typical childish antic and while it confused or caught some Jedi off guard, it was relatively accepted until she was confronted by Master Yoda. The child had grown fond of his lectures, especially his way of speech. Even if it was a lecture of discipline, it seemed to always make her happy and let her guard down. It was like a soft spot for an old family member. As she continued to excel in her initiate trials, she was coming closer and closer to finishing them earlier than many other Jedi Younglings. At age twelve she would be sent to Almas Jedi Academy after becoming a Jedi Padawan. By this time, she had already forgotten the name and face of the person who had saved her after she was abandoned some time ago.
Teenage [ 13-17 ]:
Training and studying at the Jedi Academy was harsh for many students, but with her natural affinity for the force and the rate she had the capacity to learn at, she felt she was already conditioned enough to comfortably learn there. That was a mistake, she went through rigorous training in order to get through the testing and studying of the force and the use of the saber. No doubt was she capable of surviving on the academy's nontraditional curriculum, but it obviously wasn't easy. She had multiple run ins with problems she couldn't solve on her own, advice she needed from a master, or simply the occasional mental break. All of the training she received however within her first two years paid off, as by the time she was fourteen years old she had been given the rank of Knight after taking the unconventional trials of the Academy.

Her first choice of specialization was a Jedi Sentinel, her focus starting at as an Artisan, in which she would discard her original light saber and build two new ones out of energy and shock resistant materials. These materials were easily found or purchased within the system the Jedi Academy was situated in. She even sometimes went off world to acquire other goods for the Academy which allowed her to gain more materials such as the focusing crystals she decided to use. Barab Ingots were known for their semi-translucent fiery looking blades, in which she bought two green ones. The more she learned about lightsabers, the more she would modify them, starting with the ability to change the weapon's frequency and length, even attuning the focusing crystals to the force.

Through her studies in the force, and research into the unconventional as well as controversial uses of it, she began to discover various other abilities. The first few exotic abilities she learned between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. Researching An'ya Kuro, also known as the Dark Woman, she was able to theorize how her signature technique of Force Phase was able to work. She first tested this out by phasing her left pinky through a thin piece of scrapped durasteel and almost lost her finger when she was interrupted by a Jedi Master. The only good thing that came out of it, now she knew if she were to lose focus on what she was doing when using the technique, she'd become fused with whatever she was phasing through; as soon when her finger nail did so.

Having went to Kashyyyk at around the age of fifteen, she visited the Shadow Lands. Despite the fact that she survived the training at Almas Academy, she wanted to learn more stealthy approaches to reality. She wanted learned of a technique which was almost radical to the extreme, Art of the Small, which allowed her to shrink her presence to a microscopic size by manipulating her own molecules through the force. The only problem with this ability was that it also had other uses, or in other words side effects. Manipulating her own molecules she had various unintended effects upon her physiology as her age slowed down, though she wouldn't know this immediately, and her hair immediately turned white as her eyes became a different shade of green.

Following her childhood fascination of machines, she wanted to be able to assert her influence upon computerized machines as well as simple electronics. She always fantasized of being able to control a starfighter without ever having to actually lift a finger, or to be able to slice into a machine without having to actually hack into anything. That's when she began to study the art of Electronic Manipulation which subtly allowed her to lean towards the controversial power of Mechu-Deru which was used by dark siders to assert their influence over machines and easily understand machines. While she didn't necessarily use this often, she found that she didn't actually have to use her negative emotions to manipulate or strip down machines to understand them.

At seventeen she was known to be a follower of the Cosmic and Living aspects of the Force. She didn't believe in destiny or predestined events, but she did know that it could be used to easily manipulate others and hide things from those who didn't live in the present. Her dedication to study didn't go unnoticed and at some point she was brought to an Archeological dig site on some backwater world, which at this point she had become a Jedi Archeologist. This would have been when she first discovered an ancient weapon known as the Force Saber buried deep within the wall of an unknown temple of sorts. When she initially discovered the weapon, she hid it amongst her own belongings and kept it concealed from prying eyes. After leaving however, she began to try and use the weapon to no avail, only for it to be fueled by her frustration and activate in her hands after several tries.

The weapon after only the first use began to alter her mind, little by little. As a new consciousness was introducing itself over time as she used it more often, she began to become mentally unstable, She took hiatus from going to anymore archaeological digs across the galaxy and sought out answers. Briefly disappearing from the Jedi Order, she ventured off into what seemed to be self-imposed exile as she explored old hyperspace maps. Of course even during this time, she used the weapon and slowly she became stable once again as the two consciousnesses began to merge together. It wasn't until this was she able to realize that the weapon had altered her mind, but it felt entirely natural.
Adulthood [ 18+ ]:
Just prior to the Clone Wars she became a Jedi Shadow, hunting down dark side affiliated artifacts and destroying them, or bringing them back to the Jedi Temple(s) for study. However when the Clone Wars hit, she initially refused to get involved and returned to Almas Academy. She was welcomed with open arms as most of the individuals whom were at the Academy also refused to take part in the Clone Wars. From there on she remained at the academy and continued to study the force, following down a path similar to that of the practitioners of Potentium, due to trying to push the force techniques she knew and learned to their utmost limits. Despite this, she didn't appear satisfied and it wasn't until the Academy was attacked and Mace Windu was arrested for Treason, that she left the Academy and reported to the Jedi Council for duty.
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