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Approved Hero Sara Lance | Canary


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Dec 8, 2018

Real Name: Sara Lance
Superhero: Canary
Aliases: Ta-er al-Sahfer (Yellow Bird)
Age: 27 (21 years of age at the time Queen's Gambit sank)
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Adventurer, Bar Tender, Assassin
Affiliation: Team Arrow, League of Assassins
Base of Operations: Starling City
Homeworld: Earth
Height: 5' 7"
Hair Color: Blonde

((As a Civilian))
Growing up, Sara Lance, much like Oliver Queen, was a person who "couldn't stay out of trouble". As the younger of the two sisters, Sara was something of a "black sheep" to Laurel Lance's "golden child"; she made unwise, often selfish decisions, such as pursuing a boy with a girlfriend while in high school, provoking physical attacks from said girlfriend and her friends in retaliation. Sara was an outgoing, rebellious party girl and as a teenager, she got into some legal trouble, including one incident of shoplifting that her father Quentin made go away. Sara was an also embodied a somewhat petty and jealous nature; she had an affair with Laurel's boyfriend Oliver behind her sister's back, even willing to ditch school to go on the Queen's Gambit with him. Sara's justification for this was to get back at Laurel for apparently sabotaging her crush on Oliver before he started dating her.

However, after her near-death experience and time spent with Dr. Anthony Ivo once being rescued by him, Sara became more introverted, apathetic and cold, as well as savvy with technology and science. She even confessed to helping Ivo torture his test subjects, though only because she was secretly terrified of being the next subject. Despite Oliver being one of the reasons for her shipwreck, Sara still cared for him, to the point that when Oliver was brought aboard the Amazo, she everything to stop the crew from killing him in spite of her allegiance to Ivo. While Sara used Oliver to obtain Shado and Slade Wilson's location on Lian Yu, she became disillusioned with Ivo when he severely injured Slade and coldly murdered Shado. After spending time with Oliver and Slade, Sara soon regained her sense of trust and loyalty.

((As The Canary))
Soon after she was recruited into the League of Assassins and trained to become a warrior, Sara grew more independent, headstrong and confident. Despite this, she never forgot her identity and still remembered and loved her family. However, Sara was afraid to reveal to them that she was alive, fearing they would reject who she had become. Even over six years after the sinking of the Gambit, Sara still deeply loved for Oliver and they soon rekindled their relationship once Sara was released from the League. Even after leaving the League, Sara never stopped loving Nyssa al Ghul despite the violent cause she serves, to the point where she refused to kill Nyssa even when the latter kidnapped Sara's mother, Dinah. Upon returning to Starling City, Sara took in and cared for Sinlike a little sister, partially because of a promise she made to Sin's father before his death on the island. Upon becoming a member of Team Arrow, Sara grew very close with John Diggle, whom she called by his nickname "Dig", and Felicity Smoak. She was often amused by Felicity's socially-awkward babbles and bubbly nature, affectionately referring to her as "cute".
After Roy Harper went on a Mirakuru-inducted rage, injuring Sin and endangering Thea Queen, Sara was determined to kill him despite Oliver and Thea's protests. However, after Team Arrow worked to cure Roy instead, she came to regret her choice, as her reasons for wanting to Roy dead were not justified. Sara came to the conclusion a killer is what she is because the League made her to be one. As a result, she ended her relationship with Oliver, citing she cares about him too much to be with him. Sara felt that while Oliver still had a light inside him, she was lost in the shadows and couldn't come back from it, prompting her to leave Team Arrow and rejoin the League in exchange for their help in The Siege.

When Laurel discovered Sara's identity and called her a hero, Sara refuted her sister's claim, saying she was the farthest thing from a hero. However, when Laurel voiced that Sara couldn't be known by a name as beautiful as "The Canary" if she was so irredeemable, Sara was finally inspired to try and be something better. After saving a child from a burning building, Sara found comfort in that she was praised as a hero. Despite rejoining the League, Sara embodied a more hopeful nature, vowing not to get lost in the darkness again. She began adjusting to and accepting a new mindset in becoming a hero, joining Oliver in taking down Werner Zytle and preventing his bombing strike without killing or attempting to kill any enemies involved.

Upon being resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, Sara was separated from her soul and plagued with a feral aggression and bloodlust similar to a rabid animal. Sara immediately began trying to brutally kill Thea upon her revival since it was by the latter's unwitting hand that she died. Sara has also been shown to be aggressive towards Laurel, Quentin and Team Arrow despite their relationship, looking at them with strong hatred. All of these traits were because of the Lazarus Pit affecting her.

Abilities & Skills:
* Peak of human physical condition: As a former assassin turned vigilante, Sara is in top physical condition. Despite her small frame, she is strong enough to break Al-Owal's neck and lift her own body weight while using the salmon ladder. Sara is able to throw an arrow with enough force to incapacitate, if not kill, a medieval soldier. Sara has also demonstrated excellent reflexes, being able to catch an arrow from the air on multiple occasions, catch the Spear of Destiny when thrown towards her, and dodge attacks from several types of weapons such as bullets, lasers and flamethrowers.

* Acrobatics: Sara regularly includes acrobatics in her fighting style. She is capable of scaling buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop with ease and has been known to use a scarf to quickly descend from ceilings.

* Honed senses: Sara is able instantly notice danger in her environment.

* Master combatant/ Martial artist: Sara is an exceptional combatant due to her training with the League of Assassins, having gone through all the training that members of the League do. Sara has demonstrated the ability to defeat multiple enemies both armed and unarmed, take down a Russian mobster twice her size, and fight evenly with Vandal Savage, Damien Darhk, and Oliver Queen. Sara is also skilled with identifying and using improvised weapons such as part of a frame in the Queen Mansion to fight a League member. Sara's fighting style consists of wing chun, jeet kune do, mauy thai, sambo, krav maga, karate, boxing, and tae kwon do.

* Master stick-fighter: Sara's weapon of choice is a pair of extendable batons that combine to form into a bo-staff and she demonstrated great skill in stick fighting and bo-staff fighting. Using her staff, Sara has defeated multiple armed enemies in quick succession and has competed against other skilled combatants such as Vandal Savage, Damien Darhk and Oliver Queen.

* Master swordswoman: Sara was trained in the use of swords during her time with the League.

* Master knife wielder: Sara is an expert at using knives in combat, as she uses a small knife to disarm and defeat Blake, a trained swordsman. Sara is also an expert at knife-throwing, as she was able to throw a knife straight into an armed woman's chest from across the room before she could fire at her. Sara has also demonstrated the ability to throw several knives in quick succession.

* Skilled markswoman: Presumably taught by her father and later the League, Sara is skilled in the use of firearms, ranging from handguns to sniper rifles.

* Skilled archer: While rarely demonstrated, Sara has been shown to be a capable archer, as shown when she used Oliver's compound bow to shoot an arrow into the shoulder of one of Xavier Reed's goons.

* High-level intellect: Sara is a highly capable tactician, as she set a trap for Al-Owal and his men when they ambushed her.

* Expert driver: Sara is capable of driving multiple vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles.

* Medical knowledge: During her time with Anthony Ivo, Sara was trained in forensics, chemistry, and first aid. She is capable of treating injuries and performing minor surgeries.

* Toxicology: Due to her time in the League, Sara is familiar with poisons, specifically Tibetan pit viper venom.

* Multilingual: Sara is capable of fluently speaking English, Mandarin, Arabic and Tibetan.

* Indomitable will / High pain tolerance: Like most members of the League, Sara has shown an incredible tolerance to pain. Similarly, Sara has shown a very high tolerance for alcohol, having regularly out-drunk men who attempted to intoxicate her enough to have their way with her.

* Stealth / Infiltration / Escape artist: Sara is highly capable of entering and leaving buildings without being seen, regardless of their security. Sara is also able to conceal her weapons easily on her person, such as knives and batons.

(Former Weakness)
Bloodlust: After her resurrection by the Lazarus Pit, Sara was plagued with a bloodlust that compels her to kill, making her occasionally aggressive and violent. However, since John Constantine restored her soul, Sara not killing anyone does not deteriorate her physical condition, as her bloodlust is purely psychological. After rejoining the League for two years, she was able to gain full control over her bloodlust using herbs and meditation.

The Canary suit: Canary wears a black leather suit, the pants being reminiscent of fishnet stockings, while fighting crime as the Canary. Along with this, she wears a mask to hide her identity from enemies (and also from friends and family, at first).

Expandable Batons: As the Canary, she uses a pair of expandable batons to fight. They are able to combine into a bo-staff.

Sonic device: Sara uses a handheld non-lethal sonic weapon used to disable large groups of people. It overwhelmed the hearing of everyone in the immediate vicinity, and was also capable of shattering glass. It can also be use as an improvised explosion device; When the light on the device changes from light blue to light red, the device immediately explodes for the purpose of distraction or escape.

Voice Filter: Canary uses her voice filter when talking to those that didn't know her true identity, so she could successfully hide it.

Scarf: Canary uses a scarf to descend from ceilings in an acrobatic manner.

Gun: Canary utilizes a handgun from time to time. Used mostly as a backup weapon.

Sara Lance's motorcycle:
Sara uses a motorcycle to get around Star City, when she is out on patrol as the Canary. It is unknown if this is her civilian motorbike.

Strength Level:
Canary possesses the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise. She can therefore press (lift) at least her own body weight.

Biography: Sara Lance is the daughter of Dinah Drake and former Starling City detective Quentin Lance. She is the younger sister of Laurel Lance. When Sara was 10 years old, her father bought her a pet canary which she loved, but it drove everyone else crazy. When she was little, Sara would play dress up with her sister. One time, they pretended to be all grown up as a doctor and police officer, respectively, which were their desired careers at the time. At some point, Sara met Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen. Sara was rebellious as a teenager, with her trouble making ways often getting her into tricky situations and putting her at odds with her father. During her high school years, Sara was being bullied by a classmate, Gwen, and the latter's two friends because she was making a move on Gwen's boyfriend. The frequent occurrences of harassment created behavioral issues in Sara and caused her grades to drop, worrying her parents. This eventually prompted Quentin to teach Sara and Laurel how to defend themselves. Afterwards, Sara and Laurel worked together to fend off Gwen and her friends. In her teens, Sara dated many delinquents, much to her father's chagrin, from whom she learned skills such as hot-wiring a car. Her dates also tried getting her drunk in hopes of coercing her into having sex. However, Sara proved to have an abnormally strong tolerance for alcohol and always drank the guys under the table. Sara developed a crush on Oliver and when she was 18, she snuck out of the house to go to a secret party Tommy held to see him, but was pulled in by the cops and grounded by her father. Sara later believed that Laurel called the cops to ruin her chances with Oliver since a month later, Laurel and Oliver started dating. In late 2007, Laurel wanted her and Oliver to move in together, which freaked Oliver out, and he began cheating on Laurel with Sara. Later, Sara returned home from college to spend time with her family during a three-day weekend but was secretly texting Oliver. Oliver had invited Sara to come with him on the Queen’s Gambit voyage, though she was initially hesitant. That night, Sara tried to talk to her sister about the possibility that Oliver might not be ready to settle down, given his reputation. However, an outraged Laurel took this as her sister being a “bitch”, upsetting Sara and spurring her into accepting Oliver’s offer to come on the Gambit with him.

On the day that Sara was to leave, her mother came home early and saw her put her Starling City Rockets baseball cap into a bag she was packing for the trip. Dinah initially objected to Sara going, telling her not to hurt Laurel, but Sara told her mother that she was in love and had to follow her heart and do what she felt was right. Dinah then let her go. During their sail at sea, Sara and Oliver were in bed together, though Sara was somewhat nervous about the storm and Laurel finding out of their affair, but Oliver assured her they would be fine. Suddenly, the yacht (which had been sabotaged by Malcolm Merlyn) sank and Sara was pulled under, causing Oliver to believe that she had drowned. However, Sara managed to swim to the surface on the other side of the wreck and was marooned on a piece of the ship for days. A few days after the Gambit sank, Sara was found by a ship called the Amazo, who took her on board but they imprisoned her in a cell. Later, the crew dragged Sara out of her cell and were going to take her away, but were stopped by a grey haired man who took Sara to his quarters instead. This man introduced himself as Dr. Anthony Ivo. He told Sara he was going to save the human race, and asked if she would join him.

Anthony explained to Sara that he was looking for a serum created by the Japanese in World War II called Mirakuru (Japanese for Miracle) which could increase muscle strength, enhance senses and regenerate cells, but the submarine sank somewhere in the chain of islands nearby. For the next year, Ivo protected Sara from the cruelty of his men and taught her many skills in the fields of biology, chemistry and technology. Sara assisted Anthony in torturing his prisoners, though only because she was secretly terrified she would be the next test subject. Still, Sara felt a sense of loyalty towards Ivo for saving her life, no matter how cruel he became.
A year later, Sara reunited with Oliver when he was brought aboard the Amazo. Confused, Oliver tried to talk to her but Sara was scared of Ivo and his men and wanted to protect Oliver, by not disclosing their friendship, so she kicked him in the stomach, acting tough and cold when she saw Ivo approaching. Later Sara helped Oliver whilst he was a prisoner on the Amazo. She tricked Ivo to think that she is helping him to find out if Oliver's friends Slade Wilson and Shado were still alive on Lian Yu, but this also was a way to get Oliver out of Amazo and re-unite him with his friends. When the ship captain tried to kill Oliver, Sara instead suggested keeping him alive to find the gravesite, which Anthony agreed to.

Sara Lance