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Approved Anti-Hero Sasha Arkyadvich

Black Noise

Join Date
Apr 19, 2018

: Sasha Arkyadvich

Age: 28


Mutant, Sasha possesses six arms of equal strength capable of moving independently of each other. In addition, she possesses enhanced, but not superhuman, strength. She is capable of benching up to 2,000 kilograms. In layman’s terms, she can lift and drag a car, but she cannot pick one up and throw it. This is not her strongest ability, however. Her true strength lies in her 'teleportation.' Or rather, her ability to completely remove herself from existence at any time and reappear wherever she pleases. This does not come without a risk, however, as 1 out of every 10 teleportations creates a 'second Sasha' whom 'original Sasha' must hunt down and kill. She may take people out of existence with her, but they cannot return to existence with Sasha.

Training: Sasha lived most of her youth in the circus, and as an older teen joined up with the Russian military. Quickly, Sasha’s unique mutation was recognized and she was placed within Russian Spetsnaz. This gives her a wide breadth of knowledge in subterfuge, marksmanship, hand to hand training, and other fields in that regard. She is an exceptional sniper, and considered ‘adequate’ in all other required fields.


Sasha, in addition to her six arms, possesses a few physical mutations better described as ‘deformities.’ The fingers on her lowest set of arms are fused together. Surgery has been successful at separating the index finger from the others, but the other three fingers have incomplete bone structure and could not be separated. Her middle set of arms also possessed this deformity, but surgery has been successful in separating all fingers on that pair of hands.

Her face is marred by a ‘forced smile’ that she received under her training(torture) in her past, and her lungs are scarred by mustard gas. This permanent damage to her lungs forces her to wear a powerful gas mask that filters out chemicals, bacteria, and all other foreign agents in order to keep Sasha as disease free as possible. She hates the mask, but realizes it is a necessity. As a result of the lung and esophagus scarring, Sasha’s voice is not only deeper than is normal, but it holds a certain mesmerizing quality when she speaks. Her last boyfriend described it as “The voice of a dark goddess come down to deliver wrath.”

Weapons: Sasha carries with her 2 combat knives and 2 FN Five-Seven pistols at all times. When on a job, she will carry anything she deems necessary, from an AK-12 to -her personal favorite- a Barrett .50(“Thermal scope, nothing else will do,” in her words.)


Sasha was born a weird child to a weird family in Romania. Her father was ‘The Amazing Russian Beast!’ Even though he was Georgian, and her mother was ‘The French Beauty!’ Even though she was Canadian. Sasha became ‘The Six Armed Acrobat!’ And a crowd favorite from a very young age. It wasn’t every day that people saw a real life freak show. As a child, she didn’t have many friends, not even among the other circus kids. Six arms scared them and, frankly, it gave her a really unfair advantage in almost all games. In addition, she would often come home covered in blood from eliminating "The Other Sasha."

Life was acceptable for a while, until Sasha turned 16. Having grown tired of the circus life, she left her family to join the military. Shortly afterward her entire family was killed in a hostage situation. During a tour in Russia, 30 terrorists encircled the circus and presented a list of demands to the government or they would kill the hostages. The Russian government, who do not negotiate with terrorists, open fired on the circus tents and killed the terrorists. In the firefight, most of the circus personnel were killed as well, though the hundreds of visitors were able to escape harm.

Sasha seems to have taken the loss of her family in stride, as if it wasn’t even a notable life event.

She excelled in marksmanship and hand to hand combat in the military, being recruited by Spetsnaz within a few months. While she was told it was due to her high marksmanship scores, Sasha knew her special mutation and strength was the real reason she was recruited. Shortly after completing training, she was taken to a lab an experimented on to see if her mutation could be replicated, it could not. Her blood type is considered a ‘toxic substance’ and ‘isn’t suitable for transfusion’ and ‘experimenting on humans with her dna is comparable to a war crime.’ Mumbo jumbo words that don’t mean anything.

At 18, though they believed her to be 20, Sasha was deployed as a sniper on the Georgian front to assist in quelling resistance and rebellions. She operated here for two years before being caught in a mustard gas explosion. Unable to escape the gases in time, she suffered permanent damage and was recalled from the front. After this, she received two years of additional training and was subsequently sent to infiltrate the Russian Mafia. There she has remained for the past six years. It is unknown if she is a deep cover agent still or has fully defected to the Mafia.