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Sila Surkova - Kestrel


Lewd Princess
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Feb 22, 2018

Sila Surkova

Real Name: Sila Roska Surkova

Superhero / Villain Name: Kestrel

Age: 28

Species: Metahuman

Sex: Female

Occupation: Mercenary/Ex-Soldier

Homeworld: Earth, Russia

Height: 6'6"

Hair Color: Deep Brown

Appearance: Sila is a towering woman, well-built, toned and with fair skin flecked with a few scars. She has dark brown hair that is kept rather short on the sides, grey eyes, and lovely features that she does very little to decorate. Besides her size and build, her right arm is a sleek-looking work of almost liquid-comprised metallic material. On her left forearm, she sports a black tattoo of a stylized eagle splaying its wings, with the talons reaching her wrist.

In terms of clothing, she frequently wears the same type of military get up when "at work" that she used in her days as a special operations agent. In public she almost always covers her right arm completely with gloves to separated sleeves. She wears a number of metallic rings on her forearms and fingers at most times to supplement her abilities.
Abilities & Skills:
  • Augmented Physiology - Sila's body was treated by Russian scientists using a process similar to the one used on the infamous metahuman mercenary known as Deathstroke. The experiment, while not a perfect copy, has augmented Sila's already formidable physiology with attributes well above the scope of human potential. She capable of operating for several days without succumbing to fatigue, able to outpace even the most skilled human runners, react fast enough to "dodge" bullets by tracing their trajectory with her senses, and exert strength in excess of nearly five tons. Her body is also durable enough to sustain itself under the duress of these features without harm.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor - Most prominently, Sila's augmentations allow her to rapidly recover from wounds that would be debilitating to most individuals. Bullet wounds, other piercing damage, environmental hazards, disease, and the like can all be recovered from rather rapidly, though over-utilization can prove tiring.
  • Magnetic Field Manipulation - During the augmentation process, Sila's brain was modified in subtle but powerful ways, giving her a limited form of psionic ability. This manifests as a latent power to manipulate the magnetic force around her body. She can funnel intense magnetic fields into the metal bands she wears, repelling them or causing them to pull in metal projectiles (i.e, bullets) in addition to being able to repel the bands quickly around other people's limbs, allowing her to manipulate her foes in martial combat if they are not careful.
  • Martial Training/Weapon Proficiency - Even before the bestowing of her superhuman abilities, she was trained and physically conditioned as an agent of the Russian government. She is an extremely skilled CQC fighter, as well as trained in the use of most conventional weaponry.

  • Field Generality - The magnetic fields Sila's abilities create are imprecise and prone to being generated as either too weak or too strong if she is not careful, complicating herself sometimes in hectic combat.
  • Acidic Compounds - As with many healing factors, Sila's regeneration can be kept at bay with acidic and high-temperature weaponry and attacks, causing her injuries to remain perpetual and prevent the full extent of her healing until they can be removed.

  • "Kogot", Promethium Alloy Augmented Prosthetic - An experimental design from the Russian military, the Kogot is a series of metal shell-like plates fitted within a base of liquid promethium alloy. Manipulated by Sila's magnetic-control abilities, as well as a specially designed seal that keeps it attacked to her body, the Kogot can be molded into a variety of shapes for her use; these are usually claws, blades, or used to give the former two additional reach using the length of the metal available.
  • Metal Bands - A personal tool in Sila's arsenal, she carries around a number of steel bands that are backed with a rubber compound. A nearly microscopic split in the metal allows it to bend when her magnetic abilities are applied, allowing her to "snap" the bands into straight bars or to reverse them around the limbs of enemies, which then put said limb at the mercy of her magnetic powers.
  • Conventional Weaponry - Supporting her lifestyle as a mercenary, she has a number of conventional assault weapons which she moves from hideout to hideout. She strays away from explosives much of the time, finding them far too noisy and unpredictable.

Personality: Despite her background, Sila displays herself as more than a polite professional; she is an affable, even friendly and relatively laid back woman, and uses her abilities as simply a means to do her job better than most others. While often times the morality of her work, at least where laws are concerned, are ambiguous at best, she does not partake or enjoy the suffering of civilians and innocents. She understands her limitations all too well, but doesn't shy away from presenting herself as the beast in combat she has been trained to be if it gets her point across, and can end a fight prematurely. Her familiarity with combat and violence lends her to being rather nonchalant when in fights, and many of her employers (and enemies) have regarded her as being "chatty" at strange times.

When she not engaged in a fight, or "on the clock" as she tends to describe it, Sila is a fan of relaxation and taking in the sights of whatever area she is in. While she is usually one to roll her eyes at the more affluent members of any given society, she is keen to work up to having the "finer things" that her career lets her afford. These times are also when she is most inclined to flirt, one of her most favorite activities, one she is not only good at, but delights in using to assert herself. In all, Sila is hardly "evil", and is not inclined to act in such a way, maintaining instead a kind of moral ambiguity that puts her below a superhero, but perhaps above most anti-heroes.


From her beginnings in Russia, as a young girl with the simple goal of proving herself to her extremely bitter and often solemn parents, Sila learned from an early age the power of sacrifice. In order to learn all she could, to improve in school, and to provide a better life for herself and her family, she sacrificed much in the way of friendship and laughter. She sacrificed the prospects she had of love, of discovering more of herself, resigning herself to this as simply "the way things had to be". Joining the military to this end, she strove, training and pushing herself harder and harder. The ingrained sense, not only of pride in her nation, but pride in her accomplishment, was a testament to her sacrifice, and one that she wore proudly as a Spetsnaz operator.

What changed her, though, in every way she could imagine, was dealing with the realization that those sacrifices had not been made for her. Dealing with an insurgency of anti-government radicals, people within her own nation fighting against her, the doubts she had suppressed her entire life washed over her in the wake of a bloody fight, one that left her right arm pinned under an overturned jeep. Sacrifices, once more, were made. Upon her return and debrief, it looked as though all of Sila's accomplishments had reached their peak, until a member of a strange, multinational team of scientists working under the Russian government approached her.

Her name was Doctor Anastasia Gauld, and her proposal was for a type of genetic experiment, in tandem with a new leap in cybernetics. The process was arduous and painful, but it was the only option Sila could see before her that offered a chance to not waste what she had given her entire life for. Treatment after treatment, eventually leading to the attachment of the Kogot prosthetic, and eventually the pain gave way to Sila's new and more powerful physique. With tests successful, there was a new world of possibility before her, that Sila was keen to tap into. Her superiors, though, had other plans. New missions that their fortuitous super-soldier could handle.

Sila expressed her concern for the outcome of these missions to Gauld, who had become something of a confidant to the soldier. The doctor provided the means for both of them to make a sort of exit. The escape was quick, within only a matter of days the two found themselves free of the restrictions once imposed on them. Sila asked nothing in terms of details, fearing the nonchalant manner in which Gauld assured her the situation was "handled" as they departed. Gauld assured Sila they would meet again, but that in the meantime Sila had an entire wealth of experiences, all her own, to look toward.

Thus began the ascent into the world of mercenary work. For the past three years, Sila has already made a considerable name for herself in the business, under the moniker of "Kestrel". Using her work as both funding and a rough map of places to visit, she has been enjoying her self-made life... satisfied, finally, with the sacrifices that she made.